Thank you for your support in 2023!

A heartfelt thank you to each one of you who has donated to this year! Your support directly impacts our ability to continue empowering people to make healthier choices. Without you, we simply couldn’t produce our daily videos, blogs, and more—all without ads and sponsorships. Plus, our early donors unlocked this year’s generous matching gift of $150,000!

If you haven’t donated yet, please consider doing so in these final days of 2023 .

December is when we bring in the majority of our operating funds for the following year, so the contributions you make now truly keep us going for another year. And what a year it’ll be! We have very exciting plans for 2024. I’ll be hosting a four-week book club webinar series for How Not to Age (stay tuned for details!), heading out on my speaking tour, developing more juicy webinars on critical topics, and sending The How Not to Age Cookbook manuscript to the printer so you can get your copy and get into the kitchen, and much more.

So, please support our work with a year-end gift of any amount. Thank you.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @BananaTVofficial says:

    Congratulations Dr!

  • @dhanguru1 says:

    Congrats doco

  • @deborahgray2255 says:

    I’m glad we were able to donate this year first time ever 😊🥦

  • @dougbaker2755 says:

    My wife and I love your channel. Keep up the great work in the New Year!

  • @chriscardwell3495 says:

    I will buy your latest book in the New Year 🙂 Thank you for a single reference source

  • @loribonanno3167 says:

    We love you and are dedicated to a healthy vegan diet and lifestyle. We enjoyed your talks at Boston Vegfest for several years, have all your books….bought and gifted your books to our adult children and friends. You are an inspirational and amazing human being. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. ❤❤

  • @00bikeboy says:

    Thank you Dr. Greger!

  • @marcelom1686 says:

    We all are trully gratefull for your work

  • @TheRealDannAlexander says:

    This works changes lives. 🤘🌱💙

  • @NB-lx6gz says:

    One of my biggest goals for 2024 is to go plant based.

  • @Pjvenom1985 says:

    Well done good sir. Stay safe everyone.🌱❄️🌠🍀

  • @peggymccright1220 says:


  • @andrewpawley8883 says:

    I love this channel!

  • @JuliaJulia007 says:


  • @georgehadley7863 says:

    The biggest thank you goes to Dr. Michael Greger and his excellent work in bringing scientific based health information to the general public worldwide.

  • @Luka_Griffin says:

    Thank you dr. Greger and your team for the wealth of information you spread. I’ve been vegan for 4 months, and I’m feeling better than ever. Your channel has been extremely important to teach me about nutrition. All the best to you and everyone!

  • @TheLaly37 says:

    I bought your latest book. I have the other 2 and i have been cooking from them for years. The green smoothie is a weekly occurrence in our house, thank you doctor greger for preventing us to die early and allowing mz to diet thr right way. Ca’t wait to not age bit looking at my amount if wrinkles it seems they will be a lot of overlaps

  • @lyndeelou2 says:

    Thank you Doctor

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