Dave McKinnon

  • Lilibeth Nieto says:

    Thank you for this wonderful information to live and keep healthy.❤

  • KeepN ItReal says:

    *Thank you!* ❤

  • Aubrielle Morgan says:

    I have noticed a big difference since I started putting seeds in my smoothies. I used chia hemp and flax and feel so much better.

    • Judy Brown says:

      All of these and a couple more. I fix an egg and eat them thar wY. Turmeric and black pepper, hemp and ginger
      Honey garlic. Chia, honey.

  • Andrew Campbell-young says:

    Thanks sir 👍

  • Angel says:


  • Angel says:


  • Linda White says:

    Yeah but he has more knowledge than most doctors. They like too put you on very expensive medicines. Older people didn’t have all these expensive medicines we have today. Just think about it!!!They lived much longer life span than people today. I trust Dr.Mandel and love his videos. So many I’ve tried and they do work❤❤

  • sol says:

    Greatest informative doc on YouTube 👌..thx doc 👍

  • Susan Y says:

    Many thanks Dr for the reminder I have took some always with food sometimes and definitely going to keep it handy at the front of fridge😋🎉

  • cynthia caldwell says:

    so thankful i found your channel

  • Nadia Nasrawi says:

    Thank you thank you Dr Mandell

  • Adlih Kristopher says:

    Love flax seed in my yogurt and smoothies. ❤❤

  • JANNIE says:

    It’s great ground up to a flour to make bread with. I mix it with vital wheat gluten flour and oat flour . There’s a great & easy recipe on YouTube by Keto king .

  • DrUFO says:

    Thank you sir you are a gift to us all improving lives daily

  • Jharie J. says:

    Using ground organic golden flaxseed, is awesome.
    Stay healthy all.

  • Cat says:

    Flax seeds have anti cancer properties as well. Organic flax seeds, kept in the refrigerator, and ground as needed just before each use, are very yummy and healthy.

  • Health Advisor says:

    It’s also a natural estrogen for women in menopause 🙌🙏❤️

  • Naphtali Leemisa Ntai says:

    The world class Doctor, who is always commited to helping us to live better! God bless you Doctor

  • The Voice to the Nations says:

    Thank you, Dr. Mandell. Many blessings. 👏💕

  • Pescaterian says:

    To get the full benefits of the flax seeds, grind them just before you eat them: once ground, the seeds oxidise quickly which diminishes the benefits of eating them.

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