Dave McKinnon

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    ❤thanks for sharing❤God bless😇

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    All natural Popsicles 🌝

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    Wow, that’s interesting, thanks Doc ❤ u.

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    A spon full of sugar helps the medicine go down….in the most delightful way! Mary Poppins already taught this!! Lol cool tho! Thanks doc

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    Thats the same for hot sauce/spicy things — if its too spicy, get some sugar 😊

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    Love ya Dr Mandel!❤

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    If this also goes for emotional pain then we have the answer why a lot of people are so addicted to candy donuts and other foods stuffed with refined sugar because it’s works as instant emotional pain relief.

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    ❤❤ thanks for your lessons learned ❤❤

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    Good Morning Dr. Thanks Grateful and Gratitude

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    This is absolutely genius my Dad taught me this when I was a kid you r the only other person I’ve heard talk about this

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    This is true. It really works but you have to do it right away. I actually taught my grandson about this little tip.

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    That’s good information to know! I don’t drink coffee or tea, but one day, I may use this information to help someone else ❤ Thank you, and God bless you, Doctor Mandell ❤ I appreciate your kindness ❤

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    Amazing to know!
    Thank you Dr.Mandell ❤😊

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    Interesting fact. Never knew sugar was considered good for this body for any purpose… actually. 🤔Thank you Doc.❗️😍🦋

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    Great information thank you for sharing ❤❤

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    Thanks Dr.Mandell GOD bless ❤

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    بارك الله فيك دكتورنا الغالي 🌹🤍

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    G.D. thank you 🙏

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