The 14 Foods You Should Avoid Eating After Watching This! | Dr. Mark Hyman

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Food is literally the most powerful medicine we have available to control our health. When we choose to eat quality foods, we gain a whole host of benefits. Our body gets the nutrients it actually needs to function well. We get more energy, our mood improves, we avoid a long list of adverse health effects, and we will overall just feel better. Yet, it can be surprisingly hard to know what to eat and what to avoid, especially with all of the overly processed, chemical-laden “food” in stores and restaurants.
In today’s episode of my series I’m calling Health Bites, I walk you through what foods and food ingredients are most damaging to your health.

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  • @maryrobison1984 says:

    I love this video! Plus he’s very likeable and honest. Lots of good information here. Thank you 👍

  • @gloriab.340 says:

    Try finding organic foods in the US! Everything is tained

  • @lesleyannthecarnivore says:

    eat only local meat….PERIOD. FROM LOCAL FARMER

  • @karencarden4994 says:

    Thank you for your educational vids so interesting Dr. Hyman

  • @proudchristian77 says:

    I got brownies fixing to expire, I got bananas & apple’s & forgot them , but it’s ok 👍 💝🚴‍♀️

  • @bobbylee2853 says:

    BHT is used as an additive in embalming fluid, no joke.😮

  • @K-top13 says:

    A quick google search reveals that McDonalds burgers are 100% beef, then some salt and pepper is added during cooking. I like your videos, but please exclude false claims. Also, you expose yourself to legal liability.

    • @shelleysmith6667 says:

      How are cows raised? Hormones? Antibiotics? What are they fed? My dad brought home McDonald’s burgers and the patties today are thin, look boiled, and teeny-weeny!!! Ugh
      Enriched flour buns, plastic cheese, sugary ketchup. Eat food closer to farm and garden…

    • @firstlast2034 says:

      Do you have a question? Are you an attorney ready to sue or maybe you are trying to stop good info from being shown??

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    I am a function health subscriber!!! I am very satisfied with it and grateful for the good price on the tests. It gives clinicians notes and dietary and supplements suggestions and what you need to discuss with your doctor. I printed my results out and gave the whole thing to my new doctor. She’s great and is studying some of the results she’s not familiar with, one of which I suspect is IPOb. Thank you for creating that company.

  • @firstlast2034 says:

    There is so much wrong with what is happening in our medical community today. Money and greed are paramount in most everything today. We the people are the ones that can take charge of this. The food industry and Medical communities together are killing everyone so demand a real change in our health!

  • @aija5810 says:

    Thank you for your best advice, information

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