Dave McKinnon

  • @handyman7119 says:

    I was borderline diabetic. Followed your advice. Nearly a year later, no more fatty liver, all my blood test levels are in normal range, and I’m feeling healthy. I can’t thank you enough, doc.

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  • @cheryllryan8440 says:

    Really good info in your videos.

  • @obangmariano6702 says:

    ❤really great video.hmmm am try to sleep much.I have to maintain my weight✌😊thanks for sharing😇❤😇God bless You😇

  • @xeropunt5749 says:

    The thing that gets me *moving* the most is getting my house in order, there’s always so much to do, like not letting vegetables rot in the back of the fridge, ha ha. You may seldom explode with energy, you have to drag yourself up & then you’ll start flowing in action!

  • @juliawah8674 says:

    I thinking of begin to eat some meat in small portion. And do stress release technique. Thats help. Having great time.
    Following your health guides I see the results in myself, controlling tasty junk foods still

  • @steveng1624 says:

    Thanks Dr. for all of your information on how to live a healthy life.. ❤

  • @mangographics225 says:

    The stress and cortisol levels I had from my 40-50’s really made me pack on the pounds. It also raised my blood pressure as i was going thru menopause – what a mess – it took me three years to change all my patterns and triggers. Thanks for the reminder ❣️☘️

  • @user-lv1jw2ci2j says:

    Great thoughts to use opening our health and review what we do on a daily base with food and exercise thanks again Dr Mandell

  • @michelleshirton3137 says:

    High cortisol is a killer!!! Im finally get my hormones regulated.

  • @laveraharper9698 says:

    Good advice, Doctor Mandell! Thank you ❤

  • @vickilang8005 says:

    Yes my insulin levels r high I’ve started walking and started drinking water it’s helping

  • @haderamohammed2344 says:

    Thanks so much Doctor Mandel you are simply the best ❤❤❤

  • @roksanaparvin6336 says:

    Wonderful— thank you very much

  • @fayet8877 says:

    Thank you Doc❣️😘🙏
    We Love You❣️😘🙏

  • @sophiaemamoke7202 says:

    You made me realise these facts earlier.
    Honestly, i have been feeling myself with great changes to my health status 🙌 🙏.
    Thank you, and God bless you, Dr. Mandell!

  • @adi1017 says:

    Buna dimineata SANATATE ! Sant sfaturi minunate,toate ne spun : aveti grija de voi ! Cu hormonii de orice fel se recomanda Atentie ! Dar prin disciplina in alimentatie, miscare!!!! se poate fara pastile,nu pentru toti dar unii reusesc!
    Ramaneti sanatosi! 🙏Multumim!

  • @normamorales1568 says:

    Thank you so much for reminding us blessing.

  • @delmariemostert5648 says:

    Thank you Dr Mandell. Invaluable information. Valued 🏅🏅🏅 Bless you more too.

  • @margaretk9351 says:

    Dr. Manuel, you explain topics so clearly and easily which helps a great deal. Thank you.

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