The 3 Daily Supplements Everyone Should Be Taking For Longevity | Mark Hyman

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Our food supply is dramatically less nutrient rich than it has ever been, and it’s taking a toll on our health. A shocking 99 percent of Americans are nutrient deficient, including over 90 percent who are deficient in omega 3 fats and 50 percent who are deficient in magnesium.

In this episode of my Masterclass series, I am interviewed by my good friend and podcast host, Dhru Purohit, about the top supplements for longevity, especially NAD, which inhibits inflammation, increases metabolism, and increases insulin sensitivity. We also discuss how to critically evaluate supplement research and much more.

Dhru Purohit is a podcast host, serial entrepreneur, and investor in the health and wellness industry. His podcast, The Dhru Purohit Podcast, is a top 50 global health podcast with over 30 million unique downloads. His interviews focus on the inner workings of the brain and the body and feature the brightest minds in wellness, medicine, and mindset.

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Dave McKinnon

  • Sailing on a Summer Breeze says:

    I like Mark’s videos – Cliff’s note version: (15 min in) 1) Good quality Multi-vitamin 2) good quality fish oil – he mentions Dutch Harbor Omega 3) Vitamin D. Additional mentions: Magnesium and a Probiotic.

  • My Nona Life says:

    Shortened version:

    General supplements with a healthy diet/lifestyle as your base foundation, if you don’t have a healthy diet and lifestyle, supplements won’t do much:
    Start listening at 13:25-17:35
    1. A good high quality multivitamin
    2. A good high quality fish oil
    3. A good high quality of Omega-3
    4. Vitamin D3/Vitamin K2
    5. Magnesium
    6. Probiotic

    Top 3 Longevity supplements:
    Start listening at 22:55-30:58
    1. NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)
    2. HTB Rejuvenate (Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat)
    3. A Phyto Polyphenol blend

    BTW I actually love the long podcasts. I love hearing the science and how everything connects so I don’t mind the length. Very informative!

  • Scott Fredricey says:

    Thank you dr. Hyman for keeping it real and down-to-earth.

  • CuriousCat says:

    Dr. Hyman’s theme this year seems to be longevity but this discussion is also crucially important for chronic disease prevention! The title should be “Health and Longevity”.

  • sean griffiths says:

    As we get older the main things that decline with age in the body are: NAD+, Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, COQ10, and Collagen. NAD+ can be boosted with vitamin B3, Alpha Lipoic Acid will boost Alpha Lipoic Acid levels of course, but also will raise Glutathione levels. COQ10 can be taken as Ubiquinol/Ubiquinone, and Vitmain C taken every 3-4 hours orally will boost collagen.

    • sean griffiths says:

      Being in ketosis also boosts NAD+ and Glutathione. To catabolise Glucose into atp takes 4 molecules of NAD+, but to catabolise BHB into ATP only takes one NAD+ molecule, and therefore being in ketosis results is raised NAD+ levels

    • Barbie Kat says:

      🤗Thank you for your suggestions! What form of Vitamin C every 3-4 hours? How many mg?

    • sean griffiths says:

      @Barbie Kat Either Ascorbic Acid, or Sodium Ascorbate, as powder. And try starting off with about a third of a teaspoon every 3-4 hours. You got to listen to your body on how much you need. Any signs of loose bowels, and reduce it slightly; that’s it

    • Lyn Lawley says:

      So where did you see that

    • sean griffiths says:

      @Lyn Lawley I have about 40 books on health and nutrition; that’s where I get this information.

  • Richard Chassé says:

    Dr Hyman. It just doesn’t get any better than all the data and reasoning you give to us to help us live better. Thank you for this episode, in particular.

  • Karl says:

    There’s so much information in this one that I’m going to have to watch it again. Would have loved to hear a bit more about the target insulin levels at 1hr and 2hrs (and 3 hrs, like in my test). I know what a normal blood pressure is, or what doctors say your LDL and HDL should be, but I have no idea what the insulin levels in an OGTT test should be, so is a maximum of 10 high? low? Perhaps that could be the subject of another video. On another note, I think the promise of functional medicine is fantastic, but it seems like other than raising baseline health, to actually treat an autoimmune condition — to do the investigative work, etc. — is prohibitively expensive, and I hope it gets cheaper and gets covered by mainstream insurance in the future. I suppose we need more doctors to become interested in this way of thinking, too. So many hurdles. Glad you guys are doing what you do. Thanks!

    • Celeste M says:

      Check follow the transcript

    • mrnt1257 says:

      Doctors are taught to prescribe medications because Big Pharma provides the curriculum in med school. Learned this from my functional doctor. Also, the incentives doctors get for prescribing those medications.

    • Cla22ic says:

      Awesome video great info 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Cindy from California ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • will cook says:

      If you’re trying to treat autoimmune issues you’ll find great help by long fasting (subject to other medical conditions but thankfully not a large percentage is affected by this) then I.F and then a carnivore diet. You might find that hard to believe but, if you see the litany of people being healed (their words) and having conditions alleviated and vastly improved, you’ll become an advocate, too..

  • Claudette Sechler says:

    Just such a great subject. I have stayed on course with nutrition since the early 70’s..and boy has it evolved from fruitarian to macrobiotic, paleo, keto and with great information like this, it keeps me on that great path! Thanks so much!

    • Janetlynn Paschall says:

      ❤me too”Fascinating 7:24

    • Janetlynn Paschall says:

      Love this info🙏💦

    • L M says:

      Don’t forget carnivore now

    • James Everett says:

      At some point in our search for what’s good for you, EVERYTHING is bad for you. Just when you finally learn what’s REALLY best for your diet, the next “expert” explains why it’s the worst thing you can eat. And it takes over an hour to tell us what 3 daily supplements we need are. Well of course it does, because a another youtuber needs another video topic with a “MUST SEE” title. Just look to your right. and see all the videos on what you need to avoid. And if you can possibly enjoy eating it, it must be bad for you.

  • samir salih says:

    I read many of his books long time. The way he uses Functional medicine is the right treatment and helps to avoid a lot of medications not treating the debase but the underlying cause to stop it. Wonderful and real videos. Thanks dr Hyman.

  • Andrea Vanda says:

    Dr. Hyman is an iconoclast and a healer in every sense of the word. He is a medical pioneer who is unafraid to go against established rules and norms to bring true healing to humanity.

  • Trade with Britain says:

    Dr Hyman is up there with the best in giving good lifestyle advice. Been following him for years and his advice. I have always been a fitness health fanatic and work on having a balanced lifestyle. Am often told I look 20 years younger than my age. I swim workout every day too.

  • Doc Brown says:

    This was gold took me years learning this stuff and he explains everything in one interview

  • Lee Mendoza says:

    Thanks a lot, Mark, for sharing this very important information that every person should watch. Thanks also to your special guest who gave very useful advice and suggestions about health & wellness, and LONGEVITY. God richly bless you all more and more as you continue to educate people.🙏🥳🥰💖💖💖💖💖

  • Sara Panzarella says:

    I’m commenting now a year after this is published but I appreciate the attention given to genetics affecting production of enzymes. I have 2 sets of variants that have really affected my life. Now I figured out what I needed before finding out my genetics but it was just a “lightbulb” moment to see why I needed certain extra nutrients and why I had to avoid msg and aspartame while others weren’t affected negatively. One set is my GAD genetics which affect the enzyme that converts glutamate to gaba. The other is in my FAD genetics and that requires extra b2 for me.

  • Fabian Newsome says:

    This is very touching man… I too have gone through a stage in my life were my doctor told me i was near deaths door and the very same light switch hit me to change the way i was living and eating and its true parents were not to clued up on what a healthy lifestyle was but i totally agree that this message needs to be spread to the people because we all been lied to and this can not be sugar coated at all…

  • James Lewis says:

    I clicked. Reading the paper. Strict carnivore since 1/2023. Off BP meds, Humira Shots, Metformin. I have lost 75lbs. Will never leave the Carnivore diet. Thank you for all you do.

  • Mil Soberon Realtor says:

    We’re are finally getting to the nitty gritty. 🎉 30 yrs ago in Calif i became vegetarian for 15 yrs, so skinny no muscle. We knew abt the chemicals, processed foods but not exactly that a healthy Microbiome was “the Tower” of the body balancing what we eat to send nutrients to the brain, heart, etc. at least I had no idea😇

  • Sophie Amirian says:


  • suehelenxo says:

    I love that you mentioned mothers after birth!!! I appreciate the acknowledgment about how much nutrients we lose creating life!!! I love that there is wenatal!

  • Good Grandma says:

    I’ve always thought that it’s really important to eat a variety of non-processed foods like the Mediterranean diet on Keto would be ideal to balance out your nutrition. The hard part is fixing the foods, and shopping for your whole family.

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