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The 5 Amazing Food Hacks To Repair DNA, Burn Fat, Stay Young & Prevent Disease | Dr. William Li

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Dave McKinnon

  • @susantaylor4617 says:

    Disappointed to see a covid 19 ad below Dr Hyman’s video

    • @ktpuss says:

      I think that’s a YTube thing though rather than Dr H having any influence over their platform.

    • @allhimwithme5115 says:

      Dr. Hyman has no power over the ads on his site. That being said, he does have a video about his opinion regarding why America got more sick than the rest of the world from Covid-19. I didn’t watch it for the same reason you probably wouldn’t, but I still love Dr. Hyman and learn a lot from him.

    • @blackmcbain3145 says:

      You should probably try to understand the platform. This sounds like misplaced angst.

    • @Gaming-Shed says:

      Its actually good for him. Means they have integrated him into their system. Thats my take. Its no big deal. Bloody whiners.@@blackmcbain3145

    • @allhimwithme5115 says:

      @@blackmcbain3145 Agreed; the emotional damage/angst of the “opinion war” was greater than any virus could be. People would be healthier overall to let it go on both sides of the issue.

  • @nancycy9039 says:

    What is a ‘regenally’ raised cow?
    Will you please, please slow down a tiny bit and enunciate, for heaven’s sake.
    Your information, your message, Dr Hyman, is far too valuable to be lost in mumbling. If you are feeding yourself properly, your body and mind can do it!!
    Just another example: at 9:09 I cannot tell at all what you are saying and must rely on the context to make an assumption.

  • @proudchristian77 says:

    U know what, how potato’s r heavy , if u mash them up , dilute them with condiments we can stuff alot more in there like that , but their heavy ! hmmmmmmm 💝🥔

  • @Gaming-Shed says:

    Li is 57. He looks 40

  • @parisconstantinou8299 says:

    guys as a Naturopathic physician and one of the pioneers in the field of Natural Medicine ,in my country congratulations,and keep on the great work!!

  • @pegdusza1111 says:

    Click onto (more) in the description below the video. Then scroll down to (show transcript). You’ll be able to read what they are saying or stop the video to see what was said. Hope this helps. 🥰

  • @nesanesa9547 says:

    Sorry gentlemen this vid is far to long..can you break it up as then can listen on my commute….

  • @elizabethsoenen7393 says:

    Our skin healing is a miracle. Isn’t it great how God made our bodies this way? Born in a miracle

  • @keylanoslokj1806 says:

    So what are the 5 foods

  • @catzbarking says:

    This is wonderful and I tried to do this always as a Chef. Thank you!.!!

  • @CesarMartinez-bz4lk says:

    Love your show 🙏👋🧐. ✌🏼😃💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • @bjackblack says:

    This episode is so good ❤

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