Dave McKinnon

  • @fridgeprotector4316 says:

    Half of my diet is canned tuna, store bought oj and bananas… I guess I’m cooked😂

    • @kathyphilmurphy5517 says:

      I always,drain and rinse canned vegetables to help get sodium off the contents.

    • @InjusticeJosh says:

      I try to get it in water or get the pouches. Plus if I do eat them on that day I try not to eat anything else that’s high in sodium or I don’t salt my foods that day. I don’t think it’s as harmful that way. I think what Dr Mandell and others say it’s bad is if you regularly eat high sodium foods.

  • @BillBaldwin-dt9uy says:

    You definitely deserve more recognition for this!

  • @marydyall8261 says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell.🙏

  • @obangmariano6702 says:

    👍thanks for teaching us to a better health😇God bless❤

  • @lilia6188 says:

    Thanks for all you do for us!❤🙏🙏 keeping us healthy

  • @ph22xx says:

    Oh no! I have all of what he mentioned.

  • @odettehokemeir4425 says:

    Good reminders

  • @user-mr9eb5dr1i says:

    Oh! My poor kidneys. I have to start doing better😊😊 I’m guilty.

  • @slimsilver2780 says:

    Wasn’t expecting bananas to be on the list. Good info. Thank you Dr.

  • @user-ds1yd2nj3w says:

    Thanks , I will remember. You are so caring Dr. Mandell ❤youGod bless

  • @IAMElsLife says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell. It’s a great day.❤🙏🏽

  • @juanitatzul7261 says:

    Thanks doctor mandell for telling us the five worse food for our kidneys I wrote the worse foods that you mention in my notebook and how it can affect us,, doctor mandell you really care for our health may God ❤ give you more strength to continue the work that you are doing ❤❤ Have a good night sleep with many blessings to you and your family ❤

  • @laveraharper9698 says:

    So good to know! Thank you, and bless you, Doctor Mandell ❤️

  • @guyrochefort9722 says:

    Thank you Dr Mandell God bless you ❤

  • @sunshinegirl4101 says:

    I am 81 and eat most of the foods you mention but in moderation and it’s working for me….

  • @user-jm3pc8tp1s says:

    You are the best! I need to be reminded of healthy habits. Thank you.

  • @user-wp8eo7js3b says:

    بارك الله فيك دكتورنا الغالي 🌹🤍

  • @user-is2to9uj1n says:

    🍃🤗 Doctor Mandell
    “Thank You”

  • @Lolabelle59 says:

    Thank you, Dr. Mandell. 😊

  • @khollingsworth35 says:

    Thank you Dr! Love Jesus and You!

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