The AMAZING Benefits of Black Seed Oil

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Black seed oil is a non-toxic, inexpensive, and potentially effective way to manage the symptoms of several different health concerns. Discover the many therapeutic uses of black seed oil.


0:00 Introduction: What is black seed oil?
0:48 Inflammation and black seed oil
1:43 Thymoquinone
2:58 Black seed oil and brain health
3:20 How to use black seed oil
3:45 DMSO and topical black seed oil
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Today, we’re going to talk about the many uses and benefits of black seed oil. Black seed oil is beneficial for the following:
•Skin inflammation
•Insulin resistance

Black seed oil supports the beta cells found in the pancreas that regulate insulin, which helps support a healthy weight. Black seed oil also supports healthy immune function, specifically protecting against autoimmune diseases.

T-regulatory cells work to dampen an overactive immune system, which helps prevent and decrease autoimmune responses. Black seed oil supports this function of the immune system.

Black seed oil helps regulate inflammation and helps increase interferon—an immune compound that interferes with the function of infections and viruses. It’s also rich in a compound known as thymoquinone.

Many different cultures have used black seed oil for several thousand years. It was even found in King Tut’s tomb!

Some people take black seed oil to support brain health because it can increase acetylcholine—a neurotransmitter that can help improve memory, the ability to learn, focus, and concentration. It’s also helpful for inflammatory conditions of the skin, like dermatitis.

Black seed oil can be taken orally or used topically. Try taking between one and three teaspoons of black seed oil per day, starting with half of a teaspoon and working your way up.

If you want to use black seed oil topically, try using it with DMSO. DMSO has unique properties and the ability to penetrate deep into the tissues. A 50/50 mixture of black seed oil and DMSO applied topically to an inflamed joint can provide even greater relief than using black seed oil alone.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this explains the many benefits and uses of black seed oil. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  • @C.N.1 says:

    People seem to think that just because something was Egyptian, it means it’s some extreme miracle. SMH. Thanks, Dr. Berg! Have a great day, everyone! 🙂

  • @AnisaKiss says:

    You are brilliant! Easy information and people friendly. Let’s work together ❤️

  • @MarlenesHomeandGarden says:

    Hi Dr Berg. Would that compound also be in thyme. Thanks.

  • @jon-lukeport4673 says:

    I recently began using black currant oil for my eczema. The results are impressive.

  • @apocalypse9347 says:

    Excellent information.
    I take bso every day.
    DMSO is the best anti inflammatory on this earth. And it’s cheap. 15 bucks at the local feed store.
    It is a miracle liquid.
    Everyone should have it in their home.
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge 🙏
    Peace love and blessings!

  • @manuwilson4695 says:

    Olive oil, coconut oil and ghee. Proven over thousands of years. 👍

  • @arijitpan says:

    I used to eat black sesame seed powder with hot water in the morning to fight corona . It helped a lot . It has zinc and Iron which helped in vertigo ( I felt during corona infection ). Please note the zync need Vitamin c for better absorption in the body.

  • @leveragecomics5067 says:

    Doctor Burg, thank you for this content, I have a very specific set of symptoms, I damaged the tip of my pancreas years ago and now I can only eat limited amounts of sugar or I get a terrible pain in my lower stomach, my liver levels are always elevated but my pancreas levels are fine, I am eating super well but doctors are stumped. Is there anything I can do?

  • @a.williams45 says:

    Wonderful information, Dr Berg. Love learning more about the amazing healing properties and health benefits from natural sources. I’d like to know from you as a professional more about Craneo Cervical Instability, causes and treatments if that’s possible. Your insightful content is always greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙏🏻💕

  • @robinsnestradio says:

    I Got Some Black Seed Oil Two Years Ago When I Visited Egypt. It Is My Go To For Everything! Good For Radiant Skin, Great Health! 👍🏽👍🏽

  • @itmaster3805 says:

    Black seed powder is a great spice to use on chicken and pork. Has a nice grilled or charcoal hint. Makes a blackened crust.

  • @phoenixjackson2847 says:

    Blackseed oil is extremely powerful. You give it a chance and over the period of time you will see major results. Thank you Dr. Berg. Happy health to everyone.

  • @erinnagy4556 says:

    I think a note needs made about it’s effects on thyroid disorders, depending on the problem.

  • @mikeince2929 says:

    This is why I like Dr Berg he is open to other ideas that will help and improve our bodies..yes known for nearly 2000 years but you guys need to get on board

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    Доктор Берг, желаю вам здоровья. Ждём с нетерпением следующие видео!!!!!!!!

  • @CandyC2178 says:

    De Berg, what is the best time to take black seed oil ? I’ve been using it in the evening before bed
    Thank you for all you do ! 🙏🙏🙏

  • @lovepiano4616 says:

    Thanks for this topic. As Chinese, we have used this oil for thousands of years. I use it for my Asian salads.

  • @kaywall699 says:

    I had dermatitis on my shins for 10 years or more. It drove me crazy. I attributed it to adding hot water while in the tub and considered giving up baths all together. After hearing Dr Berg talk about BCSO I began using it topically and saw results in 3 weeks. I warm a few drops in my hands and rub into affected area. My itching and rash is completely gone and my hands are ultra soft. Thank you Dr Berg- you’ve helped me again!

  • @bnatural0415 says:

    I’ve been taking black seed oil for over 10 years now and that has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Do all things natural and your body will thank you. Thanks Dr. Berg ❤❤❤❤

  • @donbethel7675 says:

    Been taking this for a while, I’m glad your adding that to your programing.

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