The Anti-Plaque Delicious SMOOTHIE…Keeps Clogged Arteries Away | Dr. Mandell

This is my favorite and healthiest smoothie to drink for your breakfast or even dessert. This is extremely healthy for your blood sugar, insulin, heart and arteries, reducing inflammation, cholesterol, weight loss & satiety, digestion, microbiome, and so much more. Not only is it great for your health, it is absolutely delicious. Dr. Mandell

Large Frozen Banana
Handful of Frozen Strawberries
1 Tablespoon of Cacao
1 Tablespoon of Flaxseed
1 Tablespoon of Chia Seed
Handful of Almonds
1 Cup Almond Milk or Your Healthy Choice Milk

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    I am so obsessed with your videos👊👊👊

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    All those supplements wow!

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    That looks so good Doc!

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    Very informative and helpful to us to have a healthy body and live a long life…❤️

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    I’m going to try this today! 👍💕

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    Thanks Doc! Gotta try this!

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    Looks delicious and nutritious. I am off out to buy the ingredients right now. Thank you.🎉

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    Good morning, and thank you, Dr. Mandell. I’m going to start making this for me and my mother.

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    We love it! We rotate chia, flax, even pumpkin for us AND dogs on their raw species appropriate diet. Dry Kibble offers zero omegas. Great for their skin. Great video.

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    God bless you, Dr. Mandell, for your great contribution to the well-being of the human race!!

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    I absolutely love that everything you do is natural

  • @Elohims1 says:

    Aloha Doctor Mandell, I can’t wait to try your smoothie recipe!
    Sadly, I can only injest caffeine & sugars, like honey, by 11 am, as it will keep me awake until the middle of the night. This is why I was surprised to hear you say you add cacao (which, I believe has caffeine) in your evening smoothies!
    I do look forward to trying chia & flax seeds , & cacao in my next morning smoothie!
    Make it a great day & God bless you!
    Mahalos from Mi in Hawaii 🌺


      Almond to death food allergy that develops overnight overnight.

    • @PippiLong1 says:

      @Elohims I read …… Rich in magnesium, cacao can promote relaxation and ease tension, potentially aiding restful sleep.

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    A million thanks to you Dr. for your thoughtfulness in promoting good health.

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    Thank you Dr. Mandell for another great video!!

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    It’s almost like you read my mind I was looking for a good smoothie recipe and I also just got braces so my mouth hurts and I can’t really eat solid food so awesome thx Dr. Mandell.

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