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  • @juliawah8674 says:

    I drink water a lot. I cannot digest meat well since ever, I eat little bit of meat only. Your health advice has bring me to a healthy system and not only that, you also make me fly like a pheonix, a colourful pheonix indeed. Really help and thank you with deep love🙂

  • @obangmariano6702 says:

    ❤thanks for teaching us to become healthy❤😇God bless You😇

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    Thx, Dr M, I have learned much from you❤❤❤

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    Thanks Doc 😊❤

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    God bless you Dr. M!!!

  • @ankestiegeler1929 says:

    Viele Grüße aus Deutschland und ein großes Dankeschön an Sie, Dr.Mandel! 😊

  • @tulecreekspaandgift2941 says:

    Thank you!!

  • @litamangantilao4922 says:

    Yes .me too. Incredible you Dr. Mandell.

  • @miloandshadow4215 says:

    Thank you Doctor Mandell 😊

  • @shirleygentryministries9863 says:

    Thank you, blessed man of God Dr.Mandell, appreciate you

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    Thanks so much Doctor

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    Thank You Dr Mandell, thank you for sharing ‘how to keep healthy Naturally’
    I Love Gardening and I Love doing creative paintings on Flower pots etc.
    I am 64, I take only 1 supplement.
    I am from Borneo East Malaysia where the weather is forever summer😁

  • @user-ct6id9es5z says:

    Thanks Dr.Mandell for all the advice ❤

  • @godsgracenaka247 says:

    Thank you Dr. Allan 🙏🏾♥️

  • @user-ds1yd2nj3w says:

    This means a complete change – a new person ! Thank you superman ❤bless you

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    I Love you, Sir.. You are a BLESSING TO US…🥰👍🏼👍🏼

  • @sweetbe49 says:

    Thank you Doctor I am writing this down yesterday a oak tree gave me a very wise advice I was blown away now you said this which is align with this Universe.
    I looked at the oak tree and said you lived over a hundred year’s and looking beautiful as every it said that’s because I eat for the earth I dug myself deep within the earth drank water and nutrients from the earth.
    For the first time I understand what it means to eating more healthy.
    Sometimes I fall off the wagon I want too stopped fall off the wagon forever and I am working towards this. I have to , I walked 3 to 5 miles.
    Three weeks ago for 7 days my left arm it hurts. came and go . Finally I had enough of the pain . There’s was no back pain , no chest pain no swelling of my feet nothing , I thought it was gas pain because it started while eating dinner and hopefully it goes away I ended up calling my sister on the 7 day so I go to the ER well too make a long story short my middle artery was blocked 99.9 percent blockage I now have a stent in there no heart diseases in my Mom or dad .
    That’s my story now I will run with your advice I don’t drink sugar stuff but now and then I eat pastries and knows I like bread I grow up on carb’s in Belize.
    So now I’m eating fruits, vegetables, Salmon can I eat locks that’s smoked Wild Salmon I took cared off a 103 year old Jews man and he ate locks is that healthy.
    Thank you for all the great advice I appreciate you very much. ❤

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