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Deepak Chopra is a world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation and the founder of the Chopra Foundation and Chopra Global. Deepak is a clinical professor of family medicine and public health at the University of California, San Diego, and serves as a senior scientist with the Gallup Organization. He is the author of more than ninety books translated into forty-three languages, including numerous New York Times bestsellers.

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In this episode, we discuss (audio version / Apple Subscriber version):
The quantum field (6:13 / 4:30)
What is the quantum body and how is it different from your physical body? (13:06 / 11:23)
How our perception of time affects health and aging (15:52 / 14:09)
The qualia field and where our experiences come from (20:17 / 18:34)
The parasympathetic nervous system and the healing response activated by stimulating the vagus nerve (26:25 / 24:42)
Why disease can become optional (33:08 / 31:25)
Quantum metabolism and how information changes your metabolism (40:21 / 36:15)
How to shift the aging process (46:04 / 43:58)
How Deepak has overcome the fear of death (50:20 / 46:14)
The four intentions Deepak starts his day with (54:53 / 50:48)

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Dave McKinnon

  • @jovoorheescollinsmphbsnbch6245 says:

    I must be an expert at connecting because I don’t even have to close my eyes to experience these things….

  • @parisconstantinou8299 says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen Dr Deepak Chopra!!two great guys two great doctors at an interview together!!DR Chopra had come to Cyprus in 1987 and gave a great wonderful interview at the State Tv station CYBC!I Will post at youtube this rare interview in the future!wao…what an amazing interview.!

  • @suzanneschulz1905 says:

    This must be why I’m 61 and look 71.πŸ˜‚

    • @kryssyskloud says:


    • @BradRabe52 says:

      Junk food likely!

    • @shelleyhuskey1216 says:

      I’m 60 and because when I was in high school, I looked like I was 12 instead of 17, I was told you will look young later in life and I believed that to be true and I don’t THINK I look like the average 60 year old. In the last 10 years I have been eating more salads and focusing on eating more fruits/veggies!

  • @dontcomply2war says:

    I love Deepak Chopra! Priceless knowledge! I’ve read many of his books that became life changing for me. Can’t wait to purchase this one. Great interview!

  • @elsathal7359 says:

    Thank you for sharing βœŒοΈπŸ’žπŸ€Ÿ

  • @jeankarma says:

    I’ve experienced Infinite space during meditation multiple times, it’s like being outside of your body & everything is black and absolute silent. I remember the thought: Where did the music go? Afterwards I would come back, slowly hearing the volume of music increasing, as if I’ve been some where far far away… It’s beautiful…

  • @inthevortex-de1rh says:

    I love this interview. I am glad Dr Hyman has an open mind!

  • @jgoodwin977 says:

    Loved it! ❀

  • @bluephila1 says:

    I’m constantly thinking I wish I could pump the breaks on every day life and then hear him say if your internal dialogue is, I don’t have time, then your body will basically turn that into reality is some mind blowing stuff

  • @H0tChocolate69 says:

    What is your view on Heul pre made meals (korma, green curry) I have IBS and chronic back pain (nerve) and struggle to cook meals without being in a lot of pain so I need easy healthy meals with minimum effort

  • @lendayoussef3921 says:

    Thank you I love your videos

  • @barbaramanley1536 says:

    I was a RN Nurse Educator with Deepak for 9 years and agree completely with all that he shared. I am 82. Ageless and Timeless with Ayurveda. Meditation i Pranayama,
    And yoga Healthy

  • @BradRabe52 says:

    Life isn’t about how long you live!
    How much joy and fun you have is much more important!
    Learning to love is much more important than how many breaths you take, lol!

  • @charlottetown4422 says:

    This was one of most interesting episodes yet.

    Extremely enlightening.

  • @mariluzugastiterapeutaquan6646 says:

    Great podcast I love both doctors βš›οΈ

  • @vietnameseamericansocialpoliti says:


  • @peggykey5570 says:

    I listen to him on my fitbit. Very calming❀

  • @mareadelmar9848 says:

    Deepak Chopra, you clear my soul, I get more ligtn in my life. Your explanations finnally free my mind and body. You are rigth! Thanks to Mark for getting this interview!

  • @gerardsagliocca6292 says:

    Chopra should use a board to write down his lists he identified as malli.g changes.

    He admits it’s a lot of I information to give out. So his next podcast he should usey advise. Or have his list pre printed a it.

  • @gerardsagliocca6292 says:

    Chopra does it again where he reads a list from his book but never writes them down on a board or of equivalent format.

    He expects people to felber all that info.

    People need to hear it and see it written down too

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