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The Dark Side of The Food Industry: How The Standard Diet Is Making Us Sick & Fat | Jason Karp

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Food has become a more complex part of our lives than ever before. Much of what we think is food is actually many ingredients disguised as food, with entirely different, often negative impacts on the human body. Sadly, this is a greater problem here in the US than in other parts of the world, thanks to the food industry, corrupt intentions, and broken policies. Today, I talk about all this and more with my guest Jason Karp, whose personal experience of nearly going blind due to a toxic lifestyle led him to discover a different way; he made it his mission to get “back to human.”

In this episode, we discuss:
Jason’s personal health journey and why that has prompted him to take on the campaign against Kellogg’s (7:53)
The unhealthy state of America’s food industry (22:42)
How Kellogg’s has one cereal formulation for Canada and another for the US that is full of chemicals (26:07)
The correlation between food dyes and ADHD, and the failure of Kellogg's pledge (29:04)
The political aspect of food regulation and dangers of unregulated food additives (32:55)
Why we are in a state of metacrisis and what that means for our future (37:18)
The bidirectional relationship between food and mental health (46:04)
The financial burden of healthcare on the US government due to unhealthy diets (53:52)
Supporting the Kellogg's Initiative: Sign the Petition (1:06:03)

We have a lot to do to shift our food system and eliminate harmful ingredients in the US, but there are ways to enact positive change starting today. We can all support a cleaner food industry and better health by voting with our dollar, purchasing real food, and getting involved in policy policy changes. I hope you’ll listen to this episode to learn more.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @MzladyGrinn says:

    I have been saying this since the start of the pandemic!!!
    I refuse to eat anything I do not cook myself!
    Result? Lost more than 55lbs.
    Hoping to continue my journey, towards a healthier body & lifestyle!
    Which includes intermittent fasting!

  • @BobHolyoake says:

    illnesses = It’s for customers

  • @stephaniemartin6898 says:

    The great American diet experiment.
    Maltodextrine is in food and drink. It is being used as a filler or thickener. Having an effect on glycemic changes.
    I would enjoy hearing what your thoughts are about having it in so many “health products ” ensure, boost, and other dietary supplements for elderly and infant formulas.

    • @3pmnrg says:

      There is 126 different names for sugar, so if the company can get away with sneaking it they will. Therefore those are not “healthy” products, but they are being sold to us as if they are. It’s criminal.

    • @dawnelder9046 says:

      They put it in so many sugar free products. Also Dextrose.
      One You Tuber did blood sugar tests after 4 different types of chocolate bars. The last, sugar free raised his bloodsugar higher than the high sugar milk chocolate choice at the beginning.
      Guess what was used to sweeten it? A combination of Maltodextrose and Dextrose.
      My dad was diabetic. Used Dextrose to raise bloodsugar fast if it went too low.

  • @lindah629 says:

    Ya, I stopped those dyed foods along time ago, POISONOUS!!!
    If you can even call them food. What a joke.
    Just think all of those cereals and junk food that people are buying and giving to their kids 😳

  • @geezlouise9658 says:

    The food and pharma companies work together.

    • @LA-wv7gf says:

      Exactly. RFK Jr. talks often about this. It all runs very deep. Even back in the early nitrate additive days, largest hot dog companies parent company was Phillip Morris which had deep pockets in Washington. Everyone involved knew nitrates had studied causing cancer.

    • @jakemelinko says:

      And control everything with tech

    • @Lourdes-id1oi says:

      Doctors keep us sick also.

  • @shoppemod9189 says:

    If you saw the food and treats the elderly people ate and the meds you would see it as a big business and you get nowhere if you request health food I know I fought for my mother and the company turned me off

    • @leavethemkidsalone860 says:

      It’s so horrid seeing how diabetic patients see fed in nursing homes. Tons of carbs. Tons.

  • @shoppemod9189 says:

    Schools do sell fruit loops and all kinds of cereal and parents wonder why their children act out.

  • @nickseccombe1357 says:

    Your guest did well to pick back up after each interruption ;). Great interviewee.

    • @juliefitzgerald-frangos2211 says:

      Honestly I felt the same. He cut him off and finished his sentences the entire time. I think it’s out of a good place, hymen is so passionate about this topic that I think he can’t help himself lol. But he does need to be more self aware while he interviews

    • @leavethemkidsalone860 says:

      ​@@juliefitzgerald-frangos2211 it was even more obvious on the interview with Dr. Suzanne Goh on autism. I want to hear more from her.

  • @colleenhaithcock216 says:

    The cereal industry in Michigan has more environmental impact. The paper box company in Kalamazoo creates air quality that is not safe. The water damage to Rivers and Lake Michigan where eating the fish may be dangerous to pregnant women etc. So lets work on the change we can make and also look at the bigger picture.

  • @jpl0202 says:

    Look at films from the 40s! Very few fat people in those films. Today, most people are fat. Damn, Crisco is unsafe to eat. I grew up with my mother cooking with that stuff.😢

    • @josephbailey4463 says:

      And white frosting on a bakery cake is just Crisco and sugar. Enjoy!

    • @leavethemkidsalone860 says:

      I think Crisco and margarine were one of the first efforts to damage us. Scarcity was created through the war effort, which was created from other “reasons”, yet still made many people increasingly disgustingly rich.

  • @LA-wv7gf says:

    41:30 this is so true. I’m Gen X and remember my older family eating pizza, burgers etc and they were within a healthy weight range.

    • @chiles75 says:

      I was thinking about this today too. My mom was a sugar addict and we drank Pepsi, had candy and went out for pizza and tacos etc but we were all a healthy weight growing up. We were pretty active but still, things have changed dramatically.

  • @forestforthetrees1111 says:

    I don’t eat anything Kellogg makes, so where can I find the petition?

  • @ParadoxalDream says:

    Canadian Pro Tip: Don’t eat Fruit Loops even if they’re slightly less worst than in the US.

  • @carolinapaez5730 says:

    It is practically impossible to find something that comes in a bag or box that does not have dangerous ingredients. How is that possible?? I prepare all my meals from scratch and I never go to restaurants. This country is bizarre.

  • @irenepalmer7597 says:

    The reality of what is going on in this country is that the government has been busy suing, small, farmers, that has been their choice of where the money is being spent. They sued an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania, who was providing people with healthy food to eat and many of them Actually were healthier because of what they were buying from him but yet the government went after him. Many other small farmers, who are regenerative in this country are being sought after and the rules they are being given to run their farms is putting them out of business. They want the big outfits who make all this bad food stay in business, whereas the small farmers are being sued and that’s the true reality of what is actually going on. I don’t want the crappy cereal from Kellogg’s and will never eat it again in my life because I know what it does for one’s body.

  • @maryhyson9783 says:

    Please look at the ingredients in baby formula. This starts the babies out at a disadvantage healthwise. Please parents read the labels!

  • @robshell5367 says:

    Most cereals are corn chips that taste like desserts.

  • @reasonably.responsible says:

    What a powerful episode Doctor!!!!! Where’s the petition available for signature? I love your show!!!! Thank you so much!!!

  • @gray923 says:

    It’s not just the food, the meds that are formulated for other countries have less unnecessary chemicals in them. Japan is the cleanest.

  • @rosalindolson8688 says:

    The problem is not just food dyes. Kellogg’s “food” is just bad. Whether it’s cookies or crackers or cereal… Removing the food dye is a tiny change. I applaud you for your efforts, but I will not buy kellog’s food or any other big manufacturers’ “food” regardless of the changes that they make.

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