The Energy Zapping Food to Avoid | Gundry MD

In this Gundry MD YouTube Short, we reveal the truth about fast food breakfast and why it's an energy zapping food to avoid. It might be quick and easy, but it's not worth the damage to your diet and gut! Learn about the hidden dangers of fast food breakfast and how to make healthier choices for more energy. Say goodbye to energy zapping foods and hello to a healthier, more energetic you!

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Dave McKinnon

  • @AdamKhan-db7lo says:

    What about eggs šŸ„š

  • @louiseugeniojr.3530 says:

    Thanks for the tip, Doc.

  • @JohnAlex-zx8jd says:

    There’s nothen like going thru maccas drive thru bacon egg mufin hotcakes and oj how convenientā¤

  • @peterlantos604 says:

    Buffet? More than 80 years old

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