Dave McKinnon

  • Rob S. says:

    I always liked those green 🍏 s better than the red ones anyways, and yeah I could taste the higher level of sweetness in the red ones

  • Melissa Copeland says:

    First to comment 😊….I love eating granny smith apples ….and peanut butter 💯😊…… Thanks Dr Mandell ❤️❤️❤️

  • 1catmac says:

    I gotta have my apples with caramel and peanuts 🤣

  • Florence Florence says:

    thank you , Dr Mandell

  • ravenevar says:

    My breakfast every day: oatmeal, apples, peanut butter and cinnamon. I look forward to it every morning!

    • Fahiym Muhammad says:

      :oatmeal, Granny Smith apples, dried apricots (no sulfur), blueberries (frozen at this time), sunflower butter (no added salt nor sugar), Ceylon cinnamon.

  • A Ashraf says:

    If it starts with the number 4 it has a high glysophate index as well. I.e Pesticide Spray = horomones disrupter

  • Jeane says:

    Thank u.i never even thought of this.

  • Roberto Governara says:

    ❤❤Thank you Doctor. The World needs more good Souls like You. God bless you,family and friends.❤❤

  • sharon vizcarrondo says:

    Thanks doc you have the greatest advice.

  • BellaBella09 says:

    Thank you Doc for giving us safe advise that mainstream doctors don’t do. I’ve eaten an apple a day for years. ☺️
    You forgot to mention this:

    Eating one medium apple a day may help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation all of which support a healthy heart. Eat the peel when you can as the fiber and polyphenols found in the peel benefit heart health. Apples can strengthen your lungs. ❤

  • Shuhun Baloch says:

    I love this guy! He’s starting to look like a robot.. no aging at all! Love u doc..keep it coming baby!

  • Cardiogirl says:

    Yay!!!!! This is my favorite apple of all time. This will work for me excellently as I’m pre diabetic with fatty liver no gallbladder and this will work wonderfully.

  • Not Me But You says:

    Thanks, doc. The Granny Smith apples are the ones I buy most often for that very reason!

  • King George says:

    My favorite doctor y’all!!! Great advice!!! God bless you and your mom!!!

  • Sylvia Acuvera says:

    God bless you Dr Mandel for the healthful tips on how we can have a healthful body 🙏🏻💗🙂

  • Crystal McKinney says:

    Love eating grannies with green yogurt and sunflower seeds.

  • Rhonda R says:

    Thank you, Dr. Mandell!❤
    Always buy fruit and vegetables starting with plu code 9.

  • Vinzi Isaac says:

    Many thanks, doctor.

  • Zenaida Tuscano says:

    I need that Dr. Mendel thank you I will try that 🙏

  • Adlih Kristopher says:

    An Apple 🍏 a day please don’t keep Dr Mandell away from us ❤❤

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