The Hidden Harm of Drinking COLD WATER! Dr. Mandell

Are you drinking ice water with your meals? I will discuss the facts how this may be affecting your digestive system.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @BrendaAntwep says:

    3:48 *Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the time and work he put into this video?* *It’s amazing, and I think they deserve way more than that* ❀

  • @brahimatifi9383 says:

    For a while now, I have not liked drinking cold water or drinking soft drinks.

  • @nancysonnier6605 says:

    Thank you for the useful information!
    Many ignore info when there is no β€˜why’. I really appreciate you! Make it a great day brother!.

  • @Staysafeouthere says:

    Thank you doctor for your information, my personal doctor told me this long time due to my digestion issues I have . I always eat warm food first before cold salads and just water without ice . Have a amazing day everyone.

  • @christinehoughton8591 says:

    I drink hot water I find it comforting. Now I know why. Thank you for the info. Very interesting.❀

  • @reddog6415 says:

    Dr Mandell I want you to know that the bananas helping me sleep and I drink room temperature water and I drink a lot of it. Thank you Dr Mandell for sharing your gift of knowledge. You have helped me quite a bit. I will always appreciate you sir much love from Tennessee God bless all.

  • @jodihartsfield says:

    My father-in-law was a ranch foreman. He and my mother-in-law lived out on the ranch. No matter how hot it was outside, he would come in the kitchen a couple of times a day and drink a glass of very warm water. πŸ’œ

  • @susannay.3437 says:

    The older I’ve become, the warmer I like my water. I always thought it was an age thing. But I remember while living in Taiwan, room temperature water was more popular.

  • @martita1216 says:

    Your uploads are consistently amazing! Mad respect for your dedication Keep up the awesome work, it’s incredible

  • @lauraquigley6403 says:

    Thank you Dr for all the great information you give to us! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™Blessing’s

  • @jlea9793 says:

    I’ve been drinking lukewarm water for a few years “just because”. I’m glad it’s been beneficial to me. What about cold foods, I wonder?

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    Room temperature water πŸ’¦ is my to go drinking water πŸ’¦ thank you Dr Mandell for sharing valuable information with us to help us live a naturally healthier life God bless you

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    Thank you Jesus for waking us up so we can learn from Dr Mandell daily videos have a great day everyone ❀

  • @rebeccal.672 says:

    I have found for ME that drinking warmer water or anything else warm during that monthly time really helps with NOT having cramps.

  • @BarbaraWiltGerber says:

    I’m 74 and haven’t even learned to correctly drink water. I’ll have to tell my 95 year old mother that she’s also doing it wrong.

  • @user-sakulnuhateg says:

    Dr. Mandell, Loved it, loved it, just yesterday I was talking to my daughter to lose her weight to avoid drinking a cold water during her meal or any other given time. I shared your video with her and definitely it would help her to release that extra weight. Thank you for your great information.

  • @hmongmethodistcal-nevcaucu7092 says:

    Our people believe in drinking hot water and only consume warm food, especially after giving birth (for 30 days). We believe doing so has health benefits towards old age. I only drink hot water, even in the summer months. Thank you for a great video

  • @billh.5360 says:

    A friend of mine, who’s from Malaysia, always orders hot water when she and her husband are at a restaurant. I can see where that makes sense. Personally I still like water at room temperature, and I’m going to start asking for water without ice when I eat out. Thank you Dr. Mandell.

  • @mikerepairsstuff says:

    An important message and thank you for stating it so eloquently.

  • @June_Shuga says:

    God bless you doctor for this honest information. Drinking Cold water has part of my lifestyle especially here in Nigeria where the climate is hot even in winter I still drink ice cold water. But since after childbirth I told myself that I need to put an end to it and do myself good. Watching this video is more like a reminder and reassurance that I’m on the right track. Thank you so much ❀! Juliet from Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

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