The Mind-Blowing Benefits of a Lemon


Did you know about these incredible benefits of lemons? Learn how consuming lemons can support your health, and try this delicious lemon drink!


0:00 Introduction: Health benefits of lemons
0:10 Well-known benefits of lemons
0:27 Flavonoids in lemons
0:44 The effects of flavonoids
0:55 Lesser-known lemon benefits
3:50 The best way to consume lemons
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Let’s talk about the interesting benefits of lemons that you may have never heard before.

Many people know fresh lemons contain citrates, which lower the risk of kidney stones. They may also know that lemons are rich in vitamin C. But another secret weapon lemons have is called flavonoids. Flavonoids have powerful, wide-ranging effects.

One specific flavonoid in lemons can help remove fat from the liver, balance lipids in the liver, and support healthy blood sugar levels. It also helps protect the integrity of the capillaries.

Other potential health benefits of lemons:
• They may help with bleeding gums
• They help support peripheral circulation
• They may help with hyperglycemia
• They may help improve HDL
• They may help lower LDL
• They may help lower the risk of chronic venous insufficiency
• They contain potent anti-inflammatory compounds and may help with arthritis, fibrosis, and clotting
• They may help decrease glycation
• They may help reduce insulin resistance
• They have a profound effect on diabetic cardiomyopathy
• They are neuroprotective
• They have antimicrobial properties

To maximize the benefits of consuming lemons, you can make a simple drink using the whole lemon rather than just lemon juice.

Try blending one whole lemon with 12 ounces of water and a few drops of stevia or my Electrolyte Powder for a delicious, healthy lemon drink. You can also add apple cider vinegar for additional benefits. For best results, enjoy this drink in the mornings.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps increase your awareness of the benefits of lemons. I’ll see you in the next video.

Dave McKinnon

  • Mary Folks says:

    I don’t have teeth because of a 10 yr opiate prescription addiction so I could be eating these lemons all the time!!! Thanks Dr Berg, you’re the best. Btw sober 5 yrs 6 months😊

    • Sabrina PIttsley says:

      Congratulations keep on keeping on 😊

    • di gi says:

      Wow! God bless you

    • Clayton Allison says:

      Congrats to that. Just celebrated five years sober 911
      I’m not seeing a post box to start a new threads so wondering. Utubes been wacky lately

    • Clayton Allison says:

      I want to comment about the lemon and can’t find a new text box
      I’ve been suffering from fatigue here and there and I was hoping that a half a lemon in water and ACV might help but not yet I’m going to try your full lemon idea. Also experimenting with ginseng cayenne and gotu kola

    • Biggiiful says:

      @claytonallisonallison8758. Make sure you’re not eating a lot of carbs and sugar, and also don’t have an infection of some kind. Candida or otherwise. Get you’re hormones checked and make sure you are sleeping enough and with good quality.

  • CN says:

    It’s so sad I have to close my doors, shut my windows etc.. when I learn from Dr. Berg sometimes. 😂 Grouchy folks can’t stand to see us in a great mood!! ❤ No wonder they try to bash Healthy Keto so much. SMH. Great day, Dr. Berg!

  • Winning Victory says:

    When life gives you lemons; watch and listen to Dr. Berg for some excellent health and wellness information!

  • F P says:

    I’ve been following your recipe of 16 oz spring water with 2 oz fresh lemon juice, 2 tbsp of acv with a few slices of organic (so I don’t have to peel it) ginger in 5he morning for 9 mths. Not only does it satiate me til break fast at 1pm but it’s sooo refreshing. Totally cured my intense heartburn and got me off proton inhibitors. Yay for the mighty lemon!

    Didn’t help with lowering my LDL though. That’s still on the rise. Dr. Berg, please do a deep dive into LDL cholesterol as I’m being pressured to take statins! Thanks see you over at rumble.

    • Cassis Brook says:

      Dr Ekberg has some interesting videos on LDL cholesterol that are worth watching.

    • F P says:

      @Cassis Brook oh I watch him. I’ll look that up. Thx

    • Deadbolthead says:

      Just my own experience, but if you’re eating healthy, your LDL doesn’t matter at all. Although your doctors think it does. The true cholesterol factor that matters is your HDL to Triglycerides ratio. If you can keep this number under 2 you’re good and under 1 you’re excellent. So if your HDL is 55 and triglycerides are 65, your ratio is 1.18 (triglycerides divided by HDL) you’d be doing great! LDL really Carrie’s very little weight in the scheme of health.

    • A Teachable Heart says:

      mine got lowered with CoEnzyme Q10 and garlic.

  • Stacy Althen says:

    It’s so cool that I’m watching this. I woke up on Wednesday feeling under the weather. I cut a lemon in half and sprinkled salt over it. I ate the entire lemon, including peel and seeds. I ate half in the morning and the other half later that evening. The next morning I had a ton of energy, my sore throat was gone. My runny nose, sneezing and coughing disappeared. I was able to tend to my garden yesterday.

  • Lily Rose says:

    I’ve always loved the taste of lemons and drinking/eating them. We grow a few different types of lemons. Dr. Berg, this is another wonderful video from you !
    This is truly one of the very best channels on Y.T. Your channel is a Blessing and so are you! Thank you for persevering with Y.T. and yes, it’s a good idea to be on Rum/ble. 😀

  • Lennie Watson says:

    Thank you Dr. Berg for helping me discover a new way to like lemonade. I cut up a whole lemon stuck it in my Blendjet2 with about 16 oz of water, 4 or 5 ice cubes and no sweetener. It was tart but I discovered I liked it better that way than with the stevia! Keep on sending the knowledge our way because it is much, much appreciated!! 🥰🥰

  • Mazel Paiva says:

    Thanks Dr Berg! I just confirmed with your video on the benefits of citrus that limes are also as good as lemons, so i will be taking limes, as they are more common where im from 🇵🇬

    I was also hoping you’d do a video on Butterfly Pea Flower tea. Hope you see this comment. Blessing to you and yours😊

  • Redeemed says:

    Thank you Dr. Eric, Lemons🍋 and all citrus fruits are some of God’s best gifts to mankind.!

  • Kasper Lindvig says:

    I have a citrus fruit almost once a day and it makes a big difference in overall health and energy.

  • VoodooRanger94 says:

    Hey I love the content. Thanks for the real, factual health and nutrition advice. Ive been getting really into foraging wild edibles and medicinals, its insane how medicinal some of these are, especially the medicinal mushrooms like reishi, turkey tail, chaga, dryads saddle, maitake, shiitake (all cancer prevention/treatment level strength) and alot of great herbs (including “weeds”) like dandelion, stinging nettle or goldenseal which can kick almost any common sickness out of you or prevent them in the first place. Alot of them aren’t super well studied but you should look into some of them Dr. Berg!👍🏼

  • Celeste Inman says:

    Stay strong Dr Berg. Stay in the game you have oodles and oodles of supporters and followers. Today is national smile day. So smile at those fools trying to Block you. You’ve saved my life and have shown me how to live a better quality of life. You have given me the tools I need.

  • The Ghost Painter says:

    Lemons have made a huge, positive difference in my life. Vitamin C is just the tip of their benefits. Many thanks Dr Berg.

  • Saint Sataniko says:

    I was drinking one glass of lemon water every day up until the end of July when I stopped in part because I was worried about my teeth. Then at the end of September I got a bad cold for the first time in years and could barely function for a week. I feel certain I would have never gotten it if I still had all that Vitamin C and flavonoids flowing through my system. Back to the lemon water ASAP!

  • Alpha Beta says:

    0:55 Antioxidants; fat removal
    2:50 Flavenoids; neuroprotective
    3:50 How to consume

  • Chad H says:

    Dr. Berg you helped me go from 240 pounds in january down to 165 pounds today.. Thanks for all the information you have truly changed my life for the better.

  • Annie Holbis says:

    I drink lemon water all day and find it helps with my heartburn. Also, I had read about studies done re the hesperidine contained in all acidic fruits as being beneficial against the disease which cannot be named. Will be following you on Rumble.

  • Joe K says:

    I threw my ph off having daily lemon water. Within a few weeks I started having gerd symptoms. I immediately stopped and symptoms went away. Listen to your body is my message. Sometimes we are healthier than we think.

  • Cachi - says:

    I’ve been doing exactly this for over three months now. I suffer from venous insufficiency, spider veins and all that good stuff. Hard to say if this is helping or not. Exercise is the most beneficial for me, hands down.

  • Corn Dog says:

    My general health condition has vastly improved from just this one tip from you. I’ve been drinking this every day for about two months now, and wow. I removed that banana I used to use and replaced it with blueberries. I also throw in apple cider vinegar, fresh kale, moringa leaf powder, and wheatgrass powder. I hope none of those things counteract each other!

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