The Real Reason Why You Are TIRED All the Time

Energy drinks aren’t fixing the root cause of your fatigue. Discover the best natural ways to boost your energy.



0:00 Introduction: Fatigue explained
1:10 What causes fatigue?
6:34 The best diet to boost energy
11:34 The best foods to increase energy
13:20 How to increase energy
15:35 Learn more about coenzyme Q10

Let’s talk about fatigue—the root cause and how to fix it.

It all starts with your mitochondria. The mitochondria are the energy factories deep inside your cells that make ATP. ATP is the energy of the body.

Certain foods contribute to the energy-making process of the body more than other foods. It’s almost impossible to extract energy from ultra-processed foods.

Important nutrients to support energy include:
• Vitamin B1
• Vitamin B2
• Vitamin B3
• Folic acid
• Vitamin B12
• Magnesium
• Manganese
• Selenium
• Vitamin C
• Coenzyme Q10

A healthy person makes a massive amount of ATP. You generate more ATP when you exercise, but ATP doesn’t get stored. Your body can either store sugar or fat as fuel. Fat is a much more efficient fuel source than sugar.

When you go on a low-carb diet and get into ketosis, you become fat-adapted. Once you’re fat-adapted, you can burn fat as fuel a lot easier. This is why the keto diet, with a lot of nutrient-dense foods, is the best diet to increase energy.

Exercise is the number one way to produce more mitochondria and boost your energy. This is just one more reason to exercise consistently.

Other things to add to increase your energy and get rid of fatigue:
• Intermittent fasting
• Cold therapy
• Phytonutrients

Things to avoid to help support healthy energy levels:
• Refined sugar and carbohydrates
• Stress
• Heavy metals
• Smoking
• Alcohol

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis and intermittent fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals®. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! Try these tips to boost your energy naturally. I’ll see you in the next video.

Dave McKinnon

  • @josepalacios1363 says:

    I believe mine is my sleep apnea. I’m taking a lot of your vitamins as well. Also doing intermitting fasting and keto lost 55 pounds.

    • @mysticflow467 says:

      I moved off my cpap and switched to mouth tape, it works as well as the machine did.
      I’m starting to try moving to sleeping on the floor now, I was on the floor for like 40 minutes 2 days ago trying to sleep and I felt both of my ears opened up while i was on my side, usually its just one ear, but now even the one in the air opened up. idk if that was my Eustachian tubes opening ( I have underdeveloped ones)

      cause i saw this vid 2 days ago ” Why I stop sleeping on beds and went to the floor instead”
      and now I searched “sleeping on floor mewing” and it seems its best for keeping the tongue on the roof of the mouth during sleep / sleeping posture.

    • @Barbara_Banks_1 says:

      @@mysticflow467That’s really interesting. I like trying simple changes that are relatively harmless. And if I find something doesn’t work well for me, I move onto something else, or taylor it to fit my needs. That’s why I love this channel and others like it; All of the kind people helping one another. Thank you, and God bless you. 😊❤️🙏🏼

    • @Oldnaturopathy says:

      sleep apnea is a lymph system issue , and mucus , to resolve it just fast with lemon or go carnivore for a while with no diary or eggs and if you eat eggs make sure they are free pastured and gluten free

    • @josepalacios1363 says:

      @@mysticflow467 Very interesting. I have a sleep number and I have it at like 90. And I started out with a mouthpiece as well. But that did not work very well for me. I’m a 185 pounds. And still have to use my seat bag. My doctor says that I probably had sleep bad news since I was a kid. What’s definitely seems like it cause. I’ve never had a good rest of sleep. I was an MMA fighter and had to retire. Because of it. Start it out with load testosterone. And it went on from there god bless you

    • @healthyketoexperiment7964 says:

      Wow 🤩 cool. Have you checked Dr Berg’s videos on sleep apnea? On breathing, ect?

  • @jennifergranati8096 says:

    Thanks Dr Berg .I love your explanation of the Krebs cycle. ❤

  • @C.N.1 says:

    😮 So.. I’m not foolhardy, “special” nor adhd after all.. for doing my job and the whole buildings job at the same time at work! I absolutely thank you, Dr. Berg! 🙌 Healthy Keto & O.M.A.D. is the truth! 💯

  • @stephenburnage7687 says:

    Just the video I needed. Thanks Dr. Berg!

  • @supagreatman2826 says:

    To whoever is reading this keep going,you’re doing fine! No matter how slow your progress each new week is filled with tiny steps forward. Be proud of yourself you got this!

  • @loveleah... says:

    Really learned a lot here. Thank you Dr Berg! 🌷

  • @jothompson8540 says:

    Thank you for the effort you put into explaining Mitochondria so well ❤

  • @EmperorKonstantine01 says:

    I’m surprised Dopamine wasn’t mentioned here. The No.01 thing that makes me or anyone else tired is the use of modern technology and screen time. Because it hard wires your brain and depletes your dopamine level. And dopamine is your energy driving force. It’s like the steering wheel form to rest of your engine

    • @kliersheed says:

      i can easily play 24 hours if i can sleep 8 hours afterwards (inbetween) for multiple days. in fact gaming keeps me awake. listening to stuff without acting myself, e.g. my prof at university though….:D makes me feel like i need to bite my tongue to stay awake.
      though i use darkmode in about anything, maybe that helps.

    • @healthyketoexperiment7964 says:

      In my case, it was carbs, high carbs. Including sweet fruits, potatoes 🥔 low stomach acid, false data on saturated fats, ect. Didn’t have much contact with modern tech, beside the very basic.

  • @1999TransAmWS6 says:

    Great video. I’m 47 and have been exercising (weightlifting and cardio) plus eating a healthy diet for almost 29 years. I rarely eat processed food, mainly on vacation. My daily energy is off the charts. I wake up instantly like hitting a light switch and never crash. Zero stress, anxiety, and perfect health stats. If you put in the time, it does pay off in the end.

    I always find it amusing when people think my brother who is 4 years younger is the older brother. They think I’m in my 30s and he’s in his 50s. He has a high stress job, ex wife, kids, never worked out a day in his life, and eats a terrible diet.

  • @ENFPerspectives says:

    The only “cold therapy” I can tolerate: A hot tub soak, coming out to 20 degree air. I feel really amazing afterward.

  • @freelyfarmexploits8854 says:

    I have had this lately, I have been poor at keeping up with my Keto regime, too many invites to friends for dinner, it was amazing how easy it was to get out of my keto routine. I gained 3 kg. So I am very annoyed with myself. I’m back on one meal a day, 24 hour fast, plenty of meat, salads and eggs, I felt great when i was down to around 76/77 kg, lots of energy and more motivated too. Definitely those carbs and in particular sugar is really bad news, avoid at all costs!

    • @SpamMouse says:

      Don’t be angry just consider it a reminder.

    • @healthyketoexperiment7964 says:

      Not easy to be surrounded by “friends” lol. You may want to bring some Dr Berg’s recipes next time, so much so that their tables won’t have space for their own foods…😊😊

  • @Shri_Karan says:

    🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:00 🛌 *Understanding the root cause of fatigue involves the mitochondria, the energy factory inside cells, responsible for producing ATP, the body’s energy source.*
    01:53 🥦 *Food quality matters for energy production; nutrient-dense foods supply essential vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B12, etc.) crucial for the assembly line in making ATP.*
    04:39 🔄 *ATP, the body’s energy currency, is continuously generated on demand and isn’t stored, relying on processes like the Krebs cycle for its production.*
    06:27 ⚡️ *The ketogenic diet promotes better energy generation from ketones and fat reserves, beneficial for sustained energy levels.*
    08:02 🧠 *70% of ATP is used by the brain; insufficient ATP can lead to various brain-related issues like mood disorders and cognitive decline.*
    09:26 💊 *Statin drugs inhibit Coenzyme Q10 production, vital for ATP generation, leading to muscle issues and decreased energy levels.*
    11:46 🍔 *Nutrient-dense foods like red meat provide essential energy-generating factors crucial for sustaining energy levels.*
    13:34 🏃 *Regular exercise is key to producing more mitochondria, crucial for enhancing energy levels and countering mitochondrial damage-related diseases.*
    14:00 ⏳ *Intermittent fasting triggers autophagy, recycling damaged proteins and mitochondria, aiding in creating new and functional mitochondria for increased energy.*

  • @allencarson6115 says:

    This to me, this is one of the most important videos that Dr Berg has shown. I’m a 59 year old from the UK, still learning, but all I can say is, God bless Dr Berg who freely gives via YouTube, his knowledge.
    Once again, many thanks for keeping ordinary people like me informed 🙏🏻😊

  • @blueseasbluesky says:

    Wow! Best video! I started fasting and not even on a full KETO , with light exercising, and I feel and am healthier, lost 33 pounds in 4 months, got off metformin. Many thanks for the help Dr. Berg! From your videos I have more understanding and knowledge on how the body functions and what I can do to become healthier.

  • @SheilaMcDonaldbeingme says:

    This was a good one for me. I have been tired all of my adult life. Also type 1 diabetes for 54 years. A few years ago I started taking glutathione and it saved me from having to retire early and go on disability. But now I’m still tired. I think a lot of our fatigue is caused by depression, being too busy in life, bad diets, and lack of exercise. Guilty!!!

    • @masonmurphy4978 says:

      Depression isnt real, its all in your head

    • @SheilaMcDonaldbeingme says:

      @@masonmurphy4978 really? Yes it’s in your head – specifically in your mind – and it’s really there. I don’t want to be depressed but it just doesn’t go away

  • @paulinetuymelaar4790 says:

    This makes a whole lot of sence, I’m on fysical therapy now, focusing on building muscles, I’m also getting back to intermittent fasting, lowering my carbs. I’m finally getting all the information and education I need to truly getting well again. Thank you

  • @trindakajans165 says:

    Hi Dr. Berg, all of your videos are appreciated. Blessings!

  • @Hamza_Vlogs-HM says:

    I am working on your advices like taking the lemon water 30 min before the breakfast and doing intermittent fasting of 7 to 8 hours believe me I feel more energetic and focused now
    Thanks for helping me ❤

  • @yelenabykova4742 says:

    I really needed to see this video today, it helped me understand more in depth and detail how to get my energy back. I am so grateful for all the health information you share with us, thank you Dr. Berg.

  • @gaitreeferguson3012 says:

    Thanks dr. Berg for breaking down these medical terms so simple. I have a better understanding . Love what you are saying.

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