The REAL Reason You Should Drink Coffee

Coffee in moderation can do a lot more than wake you up! Discover the fascinating health benefits of drinking coffee.

0:00 Introduction: The benefits of coffee
0:40 Benefits of caffeine
1:34 More coffee benefits
5:02 Watch my video to learn how to neutralize the side effects of coffee!

In this video, we’re going to talk about some of the health benefits of drinking coffee. Remember, don’t drink coffee if it gives you anxiety, increases your heart rate, or prevents you from sleeping. Too much coffee can increase cortisol and adrenaline, so limit your daily coffee intake to one cup.

Caffeine is a phytochemical found in coffee and other plants. Caffeine keeps us awake by inhibiting a compound called adenosine. Coffee can give you mental acuity, help you focus, and improve your ability to learn. It speeds up the rate of metabolism and helps regulate blood sugar, especially if you add MCT oil or butter.

Research has shown that coffee may even help decrease your risk of dementia! Here are some of the other potential health benefits of coffee:
• Decreases symptoms related to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's
• Decreases risk of gallstones
• Increases the production and flow of bile
• Prevents kidney stones
• Has anti-cancer properties
• Has anti-inflammatory properties
• Has hepatoprotective properties
• Contains polyphenols to feed your microbiome
• Can help improve postural hypotension
• Improves exercise performance
• Increases cardiac output
• Delays muscle soreness
• Decreases symptoms experienced at high altitudes
• Increases mitochondrial biogenesis
• Increases stomach acid

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 59, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this increases your awareness about the numerous health benefits of coffee. I’ll see you in the next video.

Dave McKinnon

  • @takkubell says:

    Yes tell me more about coffee so I can justify my addiction 😂.

  • @RAJ._.WONDERZ says:

    💥🔥💥 Early Morning ☕Coffee… Evening 🫖Tea… 3PM 🌱Green Tea… is Good for Health‼️💯✅

  • @GarySchiltz says:

    You had me going there a second about smoking a cigarette and having a shot of whiskey.

  • @margarethutagalung5280 says:

    If it’s not making you broke and it’s not making you sick. We don’t call it addiction. We call it BLESSING. Amen!

    • @luminous6969 says:

      Spoken like a true addict 😜

    • @user-zn2gt6lf1z says:

      Amen and Amen❤

    • @verbalasswhooping says:

      Lmao…until it sneaks up on you when it’s too late. But hell, you only live once right (yolo)?😂

    • @SachelleCambria says:

      I agree. I can’t drink coffee but having a cup doesn’t make you an addict.

    • @luminous6969 says:

      @@SachelleCambria The test is to try to go one day without it and see what happens. The typical response is that they don’t need to cos they KNOW they’re not addicted, which ironically is exactly what an addict who’s in denial WOULD say haha.

  • @eldonelder7254 says:

    I LOVE coffee but I recently gave it up after drinking it for over 45 years. I started going to a naturopath and found I have a congested liver. One of the symptoms was belching and some pain. I’m detoxing and feel much better. I noticed I would start belching and feel bloated much of the time after consuming certain things. Coffee was one of them. I stopped drinking coffee and within a day the belching and bloated feeling went away. After 4 days I tried a cup of coffee in the morning as an experiment and 10 minutes after drinking it I started belching again. My naturopath thinks it may be the chemicals used in the growing and processing of coffee so I am going to buy some organic coffee and see if that affects me or not. I hope going organic works because I would hate to go without coffee for the rest of my life.

    • @mohammadali300 says:

      Hello wish you well on our recovery journey. Do share your progress.

    • @amyroessing4388 says:

      It could be the acid indigestion from coffee… try baking soda water before or after coffee…

    • @shotgunkawaii116 says:

      Someone here just told me he/she prefer takings caffeine pills instead of drinking coffee and he/she concerned about it… lol. I’m glad I’m educated.

    • @ryan6391 says:

      Love to hear the results. I’m going through the same process. I have organic decaf, noticed the milk caused Bloating so switched to coconut milk…it’s better. I’m also slowly moving to all decaf…thinking the caffeine may be an issue and I know the caffeine messes up my sleep even at 1 weak cup at 1 pm.

    • @eldonelder7254 says:

      @@amyroessing4388 …. I have low stomach acid and have to take a supplement to increase my acid. Otherwise I get acid reflux. It sounds counter-intuitive but it works. You need enough acid in your stomach to activate the valve at the top that keeps acid from flowing up and out of your stomach. Dr. Berg did a video about it.

  • @cbsharpe0824 says:

    Love coffee and there isn’t a better smell than to smell fresh coffee brewing in the pot first thing in the morning.

    • @SachelleCambria says:

      I completely agree.

    • @cbsharpe0824 says:

      @@SachelleCambria Side note: I also like sniffing the coffee beans while they’re in the bag. It’s so intoxicating! LOL!

    • @homesteadgmad8223 says:

      That and fresh baked cinnamon rolls!! 😍

      No. I don’t eat those delicious carbs anymore…I’m on a Carnivore Diet right now…But, the aroma of coffee and rolls are quite memorable!! 😋

    • @cbsharpe0824 says:

      @@homesteadgmad8223 Agreed! Fresh, hot cinnamon rolls smells good alongside coffee. I too, don’t indulge in sweets that much but when I do on occasion, it’s usually either a donut (from a bakery and not that Dunkin Donuts nonsense) OR a cinnamon roll.

    • @homesteadgmad8223 says:

      @@cbsharpe0824 What’s your absolute FAVORITE donut? I agree with your DD comment!

      My favorite is chocolate (REAL chocolate) old-fashioned donuts fresh out of the oven or, like you, a cinnamon roll…Of course, apple fritters fresh and hot…OMG!! I better STOP thinking about this!! 😂

      Have a delightful day!! 🤩

  • @hineserout7379 says:

    My story. Was drinking 3-4 cups every morning and then hitting the gym. Past year had bad knee joint pain. As last resort quit coffee cold turkey. After 2 weeks all pain went away as well the joint inflammation. I believe I developed cortisol resistance from coffee and exercise. Reset it by quitting coffee. But coffee is awesome in the morning so back to 1-2 cups, so far so good.

  • @silviageorge7600 says:

    I prefer Arabica coffee (beans)
    With cardamom.❤

    • @flamingpieherman9822 says:

      You know the two coffees I enjoy the most are Kona coffee (Hawaiian coffee) And actually 8 oclock coffee…

      I have a wide variety of coffees at work and I have several at home but those are my two favorites…

      And I like mine with half and half and sometimes a little cinnamon… But I want to try it now with allspice and nutmeg…

    • @danidelyon7093 says:

      Cardamom? I’ll need to give that a try.

  • @amyroessing4388 says:

    Coffee enhances my mood in a positive way! I could feel a bit down, drink a cup, and life looks better!😉

  • @firepatriot42 says:

    1 cup in the morning. Sometimes a second late afternoon, that’s it. Used to be a massive drinker 4-5 cups a a day. I now drink a higher caffeine brand to make it usually one cup a day. 😊

  • @jacksonsahayaraj4032 says:

    Coffee with cinnamon and honey made my day

  • @Woman_in_the_Wilderness says:

    Quit coffee and caffeine recently. Goodbye anxiety! 😊

    • @Dane35 says:

      It’s all in your head

    • @flamingpieherman9822 says:

      You probably have overworked adrenals that’s why you couldn’t handle the coffee. You should try looking at an adrenal complex… To restore your adrenals

    • @joannetrickett6014 says:

      What kind of adrenal complex do you recommend please?

    • @oophelia46 says:

      That’s real!

    • @SachelleCambria says:

      @@Dane35No it’s not. Drink Starbucks coffee and find out. I had so much anxiety, once I quit, it went away. Just because you’re not affected doesn’t mean others aren’t. You don’t speak for others.

  • @websterdoris3014 says:

    Organic arabica coffee with butter heavy cream salt and Cheyenne pepper
    I love it ❤

  • @nancyaloupis3974 says:

    I drink coffee for the joy and happiness it brings me🥰

  • @jimkofron8638 says:

    My coffee pot is my alarm clock. The sound and wonderful aroma of it brewing wakes me up. I only drink one cup, with cinnamon and sometimes raw honey.

  • @vinaykumar-tu5nr says:

    Wow what a unique insight I used to do lots of coffee few years ago but then I realized it’s causing me wake up at 2 AM so I reduced it to just one time a day that too only in the mornings and then it’s very nice to have Thanks DrBerg

  • @flamingpieherman9822 says:

    Coffee is great for your liver and kidneys! Of course you don’t want to add a lot of sugars because that sort of negates the positive properties…

    But there are so many positive aspects of coffee!

    Ironically The Europeans have figured out that coffee must be had before noon… That having coffee after lunch time because of your body rhythms does not give you the host of benefits it does in the morning.

  • @mrjoshmtz97 says:

    I am actually drinking coffee right now. Also this is very informative and useful video.

  • @Queeniej53054_notmyDOB says:

    2:10 so much for that, I have drank coffee for decades and I have had gallstones that caused a fistula and inflamed gallbladder. And the biggest problem with coffee is the Acidity and the attacks that is indescribable. 2:21 and got these as well.

  • @NoName88837 says:

    Damn, I paused this when I started to smoke and use the Water of Life (Whisky) to take my pain killers just as I came back to click play. It just seemed right to me coming from Scotland

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