The Root Cause Of Autoimmune Disease & How To Prevent It For Longevity | Dr. Sara Gottfried

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Functional Medicine offers patients many things, especially hope and understanding. Autoimmune disease is a prime example: Rather than condemning patients to a lifetime of symptom management through medication, functional practitioners dig to find the “why,” to address the underlying causes with individualized, multimodal support to create lasting improvement and systemic healing. My guest today, Dr. Sara Gottfried, is a physician, researcher, author, and educator passionate about changing the way we view and treat autoimmunity.

In this episode, we discuss:
What is a “trauma signature” and what is its role in autoimmunity? (5:55)
Hidden autoimmunity triggers you might be surprised to learn about (21:30)
The go-to test panel Sara runs on her patients (27:33)
Sara’s stack for reducing cortisol and why trauma has to be considered (39:00)
How Trauma biologically impacts you through the PINE system (41:40)
Psychedelic therapy and other healing states of consciousness, plus Sara’s personal experience using them (48:10)
What Sara wishes she told her 20-year-old self about life (1:15:45)

When we dig deeper, we always find out there is more going on below the surface. I know you’ll love this conversation as much as I did.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @magdasmith2888 says:

    Autoimmune starts in the gut, so probiotics would be a must

  • @AK-xj2di says:

    I have autoimmune I’ve realised some food triggers my flares. Esp coffee, bread, spice, & fried food, & sugar, lamb. Lentils, cheakpeas, peanuts, milk.

    • @jackjones1667 says:

      You sound like me I recently found out that I have a gene that can’t have folic acid in my diet

    • @ruthseitz520 says:

      You may want to explore over-histamine at Histamine Haven. Ellen Kittredge is a marvellous nutrition counsellor who has helped herself and hundreds others with this issue. She has an online food cleanse starting now.

    • @Joseph-wf4qg says:

      Spice is not a food. Spices are foods, like tomatoes and beef are foods. No one is triggered by “spice”

    • @violetviolet888 says:

      @@Joseph-wf4qg Don’t spread misinformation. Spice allergies occur in up to 2 percent of the population. The most problematic spices for allergy sufferers are celery, garlic, cinnamon, sesame, tumeric, onion, and mustard. Mustard allergy is the most common among the spice allergies. Black pepper and vanilla have also been reported to cause an allergic reaction.

    • @Joseph-wf4qg says:

      Sorry, I stand corrected. My bad. I do that sometimes


    Autoimmune diseases start from gastrointestinal tract. Today’s medical protocols would focus on gut health, instead of fighting symptoms only.

    • @adamkallin5160 says:

      There needs to be real recognition of how much damage antibiotics can do to the digestive tract. Obviously we need antibiotics, but they should be used with caution and probably combined with probiotics and antifungals.

  • @Jimimac73 says:

    I believe harbouring unforgiveness is a blockage to healing.

  • @paulettechernoff8216 says:

    Appreciate you both.. Last night I wanted answers & you appeared this morning in my thread. Your given me a place to start my journey

  • @meenawarhol8307 says:

    I think Dr. Hyman is the most honest, transparent, vulnerable doctor in this space. To come out and speak on your true pain so plainly shows a depth of character and bravery I didn’t anticipate. This content makes me enjoy him so much more.

  • @faithahora says:

    What is the probiotic Mark said he took to reverse his gut situation?

  • @BeBedabit says:

    Would like to watch but toooo long draggy. Can we have a list please, a summary??

  • @anl6744 says:

    LOVED this interview! Learned so much. Now, at age 65, my new bucket list includes Kripalu and Psilocybin. Healing is a lifelong process. Thank you so much for everything you give.

  • @cates_keto says:

    I had a very traumatic childhood. Filled with anger and uncertainty. No divorce. I achieved high academic results. It makes no difference. Revenge is a dish best served cold, so when they thought I was a real failure, I finally did what I wanted. I had a load of kids, married a great guy they thought was thick (but wasn’t!) and it was the sweetest moment of all!! The greatest middle finger. Now I have Keto too and the circle of happiness is complete. I was the same lovely girl I always was, but now I could say, “yep, that’s me!” And not look over my shoulder for approval. Great video!! 🎉❤😅😊❤

  • @taylorfausett177 says:

    Your thoughts change your body at a cellular level. 39:10

  • @SunraeSkatimunggr says:

    Trying to convince my PCP that most of my health issues at 68 having to do with my crappy childhood is like teaching English to a frog. Thanks to you, Dr. Hyman, my journey back to health started about three years back starting with your 10 day detox.

    • @Mike80528 says:

      Look into “The Myth of Normal”. He goes into how stress is the root of the vast majority of our illnesses. He doesn’t focus on childhood trauma, but society at-large, but the same principals apply. There are resources speak to how the nervous system remembers trauma and there appears to be links to the Vagus Nerve. Doctors treat the symptoms. You need to address the trauma through mental work. It is hard, but worth it. Best wishes…

  • @CatladyActionFigure says:

    This is mind-blowing! ❤❤❤

  • @doccox27 says:

    At 39.11 is a really important point about our cells ‘listening’ to our thoughts.

  • @chocolatesugar4434 says:

    I thank God for Mary Jane everyday. Got me through some of my toughest times in a gentle healing way. Not the new go stuff though, just the pure original plant 🌱 ❤

  • @JamieWilder-nm5of says:

    The 3 P’s… prebiotics, probiotics and polyphenols! I drink organic bone broth regularly and eat fermented food daily; sauerkraut, Kimchi etc.!!! So good for the gut!!

  • @dc9511 says:

    What an excellent topic! Thank you! Merci beaucoup! Grazie! Muchas gracias Doctores! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️❤

  • @Ressa9 says:

    Unfortunately America loves to keep us sick for profit. Pharmaceutical companies will not want to produce something that you only have to take once. I’m a therapist that uses a combination of talk and mind-body therapies. Interested in adding the ketamine assisted treatment as well. Thank you for this informative discussion

  • @jentbotbfa says:

    Somatic therapy and acupuncture were pivotal for getting me through a PTSD diagnosis.

  • @wmp3346 says:

    I live in the present, take responsibility and don’t try to blame others for your actions or problems

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