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The Root Cause Of Disease: How To Fix Your Gut Health For Overall Health & Longevity | Raja Dhir

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Raja Dhir is co-founder and co-CEO of Seed Health, a microbiome science company pioneering innovations in probiotics and living medicines to impact human and planetary health. With unique expertise in translating scientific research for product innovation, Raja guides the development of Seed Health’s platform to enable rapid, efficient advancement of microbial research from discovery to market. He also leads the company’s academic collaborations, working with institutions like MIT, Harvard University, Stanford University, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), and the National Institute of Health (NIH) to drive innovation across the fields of microbiology, genetics, immunology, and ecology. He co-chairs Seed’s Scientific Board –an interdisciplinary group of leading scientists, researchers, and clinicians–with Dr. Jacques Ravel.

Raja also oversees Seed's environmental endeavors under SeedLabs and directs LUCA Biologics, a venture targeting the vaginal microbiome for unmet needs in urogenital and reproductive health.

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In this episode we discuss (audio version / Apple Subscriber version):
The central role the gut plays in our overall health (4:50 / 3:04)
How the makeup of our gut microbiome comes to be (11:25 / 9:40)
Why fiber is critical to reaping the benefits of akkermansia (12:59 / 11:13)
The explosion of research on the gut microbiome (20:22 / 18:44)
Microbiome testing (29:09 / 25:15)
What are probiotics and should you take them? (33:41 / 29:47)
Selecting a probiotic (42:45 / 38:49)
Prebiotics, synbiotics and postbiotics (53:19 / 49:25)
How antibiotics affect the gut microbiome (58:38 / 54:44)
The future of microbiome data (1:14:34 / 1:10:40)

Learn more about Raja’s work at Seed:

Dave McKinnon

  • @lisacarden1309 says:

    Good Morning All ..
    hello Dr Hyman,
    I had to take antibiotics for a terrible sinus infection in October… my Tummy has been hurting and messed up since… I need to know how to fix it ….

  • @cinystarr4657 says:

    Oh so he’s with Seed . . I saw those advertised – these electrolytes & probiotics are so pricey I can’t even afford them these days – even pet food is outrageous (we have 3 dogs). Electrolytes alone for 2 ppl is around $80 per month! 😬. I might be able to buy these 1 time for `1 month bc I need serious help after months of bloat & constip > diar. back & forth from gluten & probable seed oils & SUGAR. I knew I was in huge trouble when I saw my usual dinner salad literally go right thru me into the commode. scary

    • @MzladyGrinn says:

      You can improve microbiome with fermented foods, along with kefir.
      The kefir “grains”, which are not really grains, in the sense as we understand, are available online.
      They reproduce, and eating the extras are a huge benefit also.
      The best ferments are cabbage, but any ferment has huge benifits to microbiome.
      Many tutorials here on yt, for what to do, and how to do it.
      Its good food, thats tasty also!
      Its amazing to me more drs dont talk about this.
      Its plenty cheap enough to do.
      Biggest investment is some glass jars, and fermenting caps.
      All reusable, and clean up easy!
      Good luck!

  • @andreahoke9740 says:

    What do we eat, practice to prevent a host of bad bugs down and vice versa?

  • @andreahoke9740 says:

    I’m fascinated by this information, question who what and where do we contact to help us map out our microbiomes?

  • @melodeeplath8002 says:

    I needed to hear this… I’m on a mission to get my gut in order. 😊

  • @bryanwalker614 says:

    Fighting sugar addiction
    But am winning

  • @carrielacroix187 says:

    I first want to say ALL of your videos teach me soooo much!!! However this interview is by far one of the best yet!!! I have just learned so much and I have just placed my Seed order. Thank you so much for all you do and all the information you give us in all of your videos😊❤

  • @fernandopimazoni449 says:

    Can I say something? Why don’t we go to Italy and enjoy their life, their food and wine, their museums, the incredibile beauty of their cities, and their meals with the family? Who cares about microbiome? Just eat real food and live real life, and see what happens….

  • @fernandopimazoni449 says:

    I am a Surgical Pathologist and for 50 years and put myself in good shape just by eating well and having an active life. Thank Dr Hyman for you very interesting videos.

  • @jefflarson1715 says:

    Ok mark im going to try this. I have had diarrhea and CDIF after intestinal surgery a year ago. They gave me lots of antibiotics then gave me more for cdif with no results. As a result I do not trust doctors ;no offense). I need help! I purchased the seed monthly subscription. Should I get a series of tests also?

  • @munkami says:

    So true, average physicians don’t know where to start with the microbiome yet it seems to be the central way to boost our health.

    I think we’re moving into the age of AI to support biomedical industries and it’s only through technology that we can begin to inspect the quality and health of the microbiome. I highly doubt any neurologist will start to take poo samples when they continue to use Nerve Conduction technology invented in the 18th Century.

    Only with the accepted use of AI to highlight the intuitions we have can we shift any needles and make the microbiome the centre of healthcare. And even then, there are so many holistic factors impacting the quality that a medic will find themselves unable to diagnose any medications that work.

    Alternative or ‘new healthcare’ is the future.

  • @susankelly3136 says:

    Are the seeds Okay if you have diviticular disease 🤔 I am currently going through an awful flare up feel so poorly with it, burning throat, burning in my left side going under my ribs through to my back 😭😭😭 feel like giving up 😞

  • @robmcghie5248 says:

    Eat widest range of probiotic foods to improve your microbiome. 30 varieties per month up to 30 varieties per week 😅

  • @margaretabendroth8658 says:


  • @davidkleinsmith3327 says:

    Please, do not use God’s name in vain. {“For C***** sake”)

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