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The Shocking Link Between Your Gut & Mental Health – Fix This For Longevity | Dr. Mark Hyman

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Our global mental health crisis is growing at an exponential rate, with over half a billion people suffering from depression and anxiety; it’s time we rethink our understanding of the underlying root causes of mental health challenges.

From treating thousands of patients, I’ve learned that depression is not in your head. It’s in your body. More specifically, your gut. When your gut is unhealthy and inflamed, your brain is unhealthy and inflamed. In Functional Medicine, we know that the gut and the brain are intimately connected and that the health of one directly influences the health of the other.
In today’s Health Bites episode, we’re diving into the gut-brain connection and sharing Functional Medicine tools to support your gut health and, as a result, your mood and mental health.

In this episode, I discuss:
Our global mental health crisis (2:45)
The gut-brain connection (4:18)
The story of Marks's broken brain (5:15)
Features of the gut-brain axis (8:57)
Gut hormones that send signals to your brain (10:06)
Role of the gut microbiota in mood and mental health (12:24)
How stress negatively impacts our gut microbiome (20:14)
The link between leaky gut and poor mental health (21:41)
The Functional Medicine approach to fixing the gut (25:56)
The 5R Program for fixing your gut health (30:09)

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Dave McKinnon

  • @mikerothe3700 says:

    Don’t miss parasites causing a lot of issues also. Mental and physical

    • @Anita-ji5hr says:

      Do you know a good natural treatment for parasites?

    • @allison471 says:

      ​@@Anita-ji5hrDr. Darren Schmidt here on YouTube is a pro at ridding parasites.

    • @psynurse says:

      I never have believed that parasites are that common in the USA but i still here people constantly talking about it. After spending my life working in multiple hospitals, doing ova and parasite studies I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone positive unless they were out of the country in unsanitary conditions…..or those who work a lot with animals/livestock

    • @allison471 says:

      @@psynurse are you kidding me?!

    • @ethimself5064 says:

      @@allison471 Good catch

  • @brendabrenner2891 says:

    Well stated.. need info on gut reset, sibo, gut dysbiosus.. western drschave no training in the gut, my PCP admitted this, long cov, long Lyme, mold injured, , it for info🙏❤️

  • @sancorn8032 says:

    What a coincidence. I have been taking Enterogermina probiotics for the last two days for stomach pain, chest pain when swallowing and “nervous stomach”. I feel like a different person! The stress is almost zero and my stomach is back to normal.

    • @sancorn8032 says:

      Thank you doctor| Excellent video and information.

    • @Debbie-Savings says:

      @@sancorn8032 that’s awesome! How did you find this particular probiotic and decide to try it to see if it would help you feel better? I’ve tried 2 different kinds of probiotics and they didn’t help me at all. 😢I’ve had bad stomach pain and nausea for over a year now. I stay sick more than I don’t. I would give anything to be able to eat the way I used to and feel normal again. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • @aahmonddelite690 says:

    So how can I help a young man with A.L.S. caused by blunt forced trauma?

    • @inquiringmind9595 says:

      Check out Dr. Terry Wahl’s protocol/book. She had MS,was in wheelchair.Started following Paleo. started modifying her diet.Dr.Hyman is awesome! Good luck.💖

  • @nouhadiab6775 says:



    had an OAT test come back positive for p-cresol from clostridium overgrowth and supressed dopamine beta hydroxylase due to toxins , as a result low norepinephrine … could you suggest a natural antibiotic that can be used instead of the suggested metrdiozole ?

  • @tonyabowles4854 says:

    Dr Mark.. I would love to hear a conversation interview with you and Dr Boz. Thank you for sharing your knowledge 🙂

  • @allison471 says:

    Hi Dr. Hyman, one of my local functional medicine Drs. that I send my daughter to & follow here on YouTube, says one of the biggest health crises they are seeing in office are all the “gut” issues in younger people due to toxic, poisoned food (Glyphosate) & lithium deficiencies are a huge problem with mental health right now!

  • @republiccooper says:

    Thanks, Dr. Hyman!

  • @MysticGuardian605 says:

    Read “Change Your Diet Change Your Mind” by Dr Georgia Ede

  • @sek4amk729 says:

    So very true

  • @Debbie-Savings says:

    Dr what exactly did you give the woman with OCD and the young girl you were talking about that healed them? That’s amazing! I wish you could cure my gut health issues. I’m so tired of my stomach hurting and being nauseated. 😞

    • @gwendawnseto2284 says:

      Hi Debbie, i think that drug bought about changes that you can cause by the recommendations made in the last few minutes of the video. Gut microbes then change every day until you are well if you are consistent in helping your gut heal. Hope your doctor has investigated your symptoms too. God bless you ❤

    • @Debbie-Savings says:

      @@gwendawnseto2284 thank you for responding to me. My Dr just put me on Linzess but I hate taking it bc it’s not what I really need. I need a Dr like this one to help me. I need my stomach healed and the thought of living like this the rest of my life is too much! Something has got to help me?

  • @gwendawnseto2284 says:

    Thank you Dr Hyman for your invaluable help to us all.
    I like delivery myself,
    but can i offer some help to anyone who thinks too fast ~ There are some dots top right and you can access settings and reduce speed by a quarter or even a half, you can even slow it down to a quarter speed if you want. I like it the way he does it myself. He’s such a good man giving us all this help and information for free. God bless him

  • @mygoogle1482 says:

    Huge issue in the modern day world, if you’re ill and feeling bad very very clearly it impacts your mood and behaviours. The largest body of research into the microbiome is being conducted by Tim spectre with Zoe. It seems v clear our modern diet designed by food and pharmacy research is killing us.

  • @mkm2737 says:

    Thank you Dr hyman

  • @ArRAyascent-PartiKEi says:

    MultiThankYou … you are awesome 🎉🎉🎉

  • @drnicolebeaumont7884 says:

    Magnificent 🎉Presentation thank you🎉

  • @jilldickson4352 says:

    I have been so neglected by the gastroenterologist in GB as I was told to return when I had an ulcer and cancer. And a cocolonics doctor told me to fix my anxiety and he would fix my gut. 😢 I am really suffering now.

  • @enosanderson203 says:

    Good day Dr. Hyman. What can I do to reign in my wayward Autoimmune system which is causing my Vitiligio?

  • @angiebee598 says:

    Do you lump actual corn and soy like tempeh, tofu, and edamame in with ultra processed substances that contain corn and soy?

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