The Shocking Truth About Ozempic & The Effects It Has On The Body | Calley Means & Tyna Moore

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Like most things in life, when it comes to optimizing metabolic health, a nuanced perspective can help. Rather than viewing it as a black-and-white issue, we can take into consideration the big-picture social context we’re facing that encourages ultra-processed foods, obesity, and lifelong medication as well as the micro-level of what people are experiencing as individuals and understanding how to help them when all else fails.

Today I’m thrilled to sit down with Dr. Tyna Moore and Calley Means for a grounded discussion that explores both sides of the spectrum, and everything in between.

In this episode, we discuss:
The controversial discussion of GLP-1 agonists like Ozempic, weighing the pros and cons of these new drugs in treating obesity and metabolic crises (3:34)
Challenging the notion of treating obesity with drugs like Ozempic (10:35)
An unsettling revelation about the push for using Ozempic in children (12:04)
Digging deeper into GLP-1 research and some of the benefits (32:51)
Why are children being born metabolically challenged? (41:11)
Dr. Moore’s approach to using peptides with her patients and for her own crippling pain, and what they’ve seen (45:19)
How our current healthcare system lacks policies and support for behavior change (1:27)

While there are always differing views, we know for sure that our food and drug policies aren’t serving the best interests of creating sustainable, empowered health for the masses. I hope you’ll tune in to hear more from this comprehensive and lively discussion.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @Hughf2 says:

    He could be so great as Surgeon General

  • @richardsonramble4166 says:

    I have no criticism, thank you for this podcast to bring awareness. I know by your profession, and what you have said that you are proactive with this subject. I appreciate your passion and knowledge on Ozempic. You are appreciated.

  • @cynthiasmith1457 says:

    Yes go Calley….he has this right!! Thank you for your transparency.

  • @anita.popovic says:

    Many thanks Dr Moore & Dr Hyman for the very useful information and your first hand insights that are empirically based! ♥ It is obvious that you both have great empathy with a big heart for all the people who are suffering in today’s industrial society because of all the circumstances that you mentioned. And thank you for pushing back to the other person who obviously have little empathy as well as limited medical knowledge.

    • @bcleeanderson says:

      The other person you’re referring to is Dr. Calley Means. He is as passionate and empathetic about the macro-metebolic crisis facing his own mother and the majority of people in this societies which is drugged by the pharmaceuticals.

  • @sek4amk729 says:

    I have not found good direction / helo from pharma/ or 90% of docs I’ve seen in the 20 years and I had great diagnostian docs 35 plus years ago. All the while watching myself get sucker and sicker, my husbands sudden unexplained death 7 years ago made me mad and changed my diet and my health immensly

  • @cynthiasmith1457 says:

    You ARE DEFENDING OXEMPIC lady! Lol…geeze

  • @notesfromleisa-land7893 says:

    Good health outcomes are a three legged stool: They depend on (1) access to healthcare; (2) Practitioners informed on best practices; and (3) engaged patients that comply with the care plan to include lifestyle changes. The difficulties are that their are failures across each.

    This discussion is a perfect demonstration of different points of view at play by participants who are informed, passionate about their work. Discussing, debating and deciding is not so much about engendering agreement, but rather in creating a venue/process to illuminate the topic.

  • @rinasadie5285 says:

    What I would’ve done to help my dad🥺 I had to see him suffer for years , and stand by him when he left this earth … I understand your urge to help your dad and even other extreme sick people to get healthy again, using peptides Dr Moore💜 I am also in tears while texting this message 🥹🌷💖 Some people don’t know what life feels like when you haven’t walked in their shoes…

  • @sgarrita2561 says:

    When Michelle Obama tried to focus on kids nutrition and schools, the right went after her. We are so broken 😢

    • @ccdub15 says:

      Big food manufacturers pushed back, so she caved since they were her husband’s donors.
      To be fair, those companies donate to both sides.

    • @kathya1956 says:

      She wanted kids to eat rabbit food. Give me a break.

    • @laurieryan-mcdonald3222 says:

      ​@kathya1956 wow, ugly spirit you got going there.

    • @lisaalbright1806 says:

      All she did was create more food waste. My kids were in middle school at that time. They said that none of the kids ate the food. All of the vegetables and most of the fruit were thrown away in the trash. They also complained about the small portion size 🤷‍♀️

  • @williamhenry3337 says:

    I am 75 years old and went for my first blood test of my life. My last physical was in 1969. The doctor asked if I smoked. That’s it. Didn’t ask what I ate, how I slept or if I exercise. I told her I fast and she said “Why would you fast?”. No paperwork for the blood test. Just a call saying my cholesterol and LDL are a bit high. It was a joke. Guess I’ll wait another 55 years for my next physical.

    • @DaveOriginallyfromBrooklyn says:

      Regular mds are utterly useless. Going for a yearly “ checkup” frankly is a total waste. They test almost nothing. Best to just get your own blood test the. Read it or hire a real knowledgeable person to read it. My wife gets a blood test with 200 markers read by a functional medicine doc. Md said he didn’t know 90% of what the tests meant. That said it all. Func doc caught stuff regular md never knew about.

  • @marycowan8188 says:

    Let the guests talk.

  • @dr.samierasadoonalhassani2669 says:

    Great job and great work by all involved in this great podcast.Amazing guest speakers and amazing host. Thanks 🙏👍🌹🌷👌.

  • @maritesamparado2378 says:

    Totally agree!it s all about money.

  • @kathya1956 says:

    I wonder if Hyman has novonordisk stock.

  • @richsamuel2922 says:

    50:19 Spiritual reset. Aka “Come to Jesus” moment.

  • @melaniephillips7825 says:

    This was very interesting! I wanted to hear all perspectives.

  • @1prosperbp says:

    I like the female doctor- she is on top of her game and refuse to let the 2nd speaker dominate the interview or dumb down her knowledge ❤

  • @2coryman says:

    Corruption has slowly gotten a grip on our government through special interest groups, it shouldn’t be allowed anymore, but I see we are turning around for the better with the truth awareness you spread,❤❤ thank you much

  • @proudchristian77 says:

    Gosh man , bring gym back in school , we had track & field , we got to run laps , it set me up to this day , i still ride a bike & no wt problem, 💝🚴‍♀️

  • @makellyjt says:

    Great conversation and all issues brought up were balanced, justified and current. Had never heard of low dose option – interesting. Thank you.

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