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The Shocking Truth About The Obesity Crisis, Ozempic, ADHD & Food Industry Lies | Calley Means

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Calley Means is the founder of TrueMed, a company that enables tax-free spending on food and exercise. He is also the co-author with his sister, Dr. Casey Means, of Good Energy: The Surprising Connection Between Metabolism and Limitless Health, which is coming out later this year and is now available for pre-order.

Earlier in his career, Calley was a consultant for food and pharma companies and is now exposing practices they use to weaponize our institutions of trust. In the past year, he's met with 50 members of Congress and presidential candidates advocating policies to combat the corruption of the pharma and food industries. He is a Graduate of Stanford and Harvard Business School.

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In this episode we discuss (audio version / Apple Subscriber version):
How the pharmaceutical industry is the largest funder of government, think tank organizations, academic research, and media outlets (7:44 / 5:59)
Why America is getting sicker, fatter, more depressed, and more infertile (11:19 / 9:34)
Corruption in industry and government that’s harming our health (20:02 / 18:18)
Ozempic as a treatment for obesity in kids (29:00 / 25:10)
How obesity is harming our national security (35:03 / 31:13)
Taking control of your own health (39:20 / 35:29)
Banning food and pharmaceutical ads on television (44:25 / 40:34)
Is Ozempic bad for mental health? (56:10 / 52:19)
How government subsidizes and recommends ultra-processed food (58:25 / 54:34)
The thing that can counteract the influence of money (1:15:08 / 1:11:17)

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Learn about Calley’s work at Trumed:

Dave McKinnon

  • @pavlosfteropetra777 says:

    Conflict of interest + agency capture, it’s all rotten to the core 🚩

  • @ToolsForLife1111 says:

    Dang!!! I suspected…but dang!!

  • @purepotentialityNow says:

    Thank You and Blessings 😊😊😊. Ripened by their Own Corruption. Like the Medlar Fruit they Tried to UnNaturalize.. Let them be Hoist on their Own Petard … curious to what they Dine on… Children

    • @proudchristian77 says:

      No baby, if it’s children they after u need to stop them , their hurting them like u can’t imagine, but we can ,! 💝

  • @margaretbarr7141 says:

    I wish we had a clone of Dr Hyman in every town in the UK. We so need to wake up to this. Nutrition is so fundamental to our health.

    • @keylanoslokj1806 says:

      Sick slaves= weak slaves= unrebelling slaves= easily controllable slaves. That tells you enough to understand how the corponations of the world (and the fraternities behind them) work.

  • @proudchristian77 says:

    Hey people’s, if your ears & hearts r tired ,quiet the noise mute & it won’t bug u ! & if u get thugs in life u won’t need a diet , u run & 🚴‍♀️ & just won’t need it ! head’s up , 💝

  • @marides1479 says:

    Why do they forbid cigarettes adv. and not food adv? I live in the Netherlands we do take programmes about healthy lifestyle out of the ether because food industry subsidies our TV stations.

    • @Ste743 says:

      People were already turning away from cigarettes, therefore, tax revenue. At that point The formula became going after tobacco for more revenue

  • @KH-vp4ni says:

    RFK is the only option for president

  • @Paul-th9vr says:

    Dr. Mark I am a big supporter of everything in moderation, and not taking things to the extreme. I worked for Coca Cola too, and I got at least two bottles a day from the warehouse vending machines available for the employees. I have loved Coca Cola since I was a child and it never really affected my health, except for my teeth. I am now 74 years old and I am 198 pounds or about 28 pounds overweight, which I attribute to one major factor, a sedentary lifestyle Mark. You talk about kids and how they are overweight now, but you don’t mention that in schools there are not as many hours spent in a week on physical education. When I went to school back in the Jurassic Period, we had at least 4 or 5 hours in a week of physical education courses. We would run a mile, play soccer, rugby, 100 yard dashes, gymnastics, basketball, baseball, even murder ball. At the end of the class you would usually be sweating and feeling great by the exertion during the class. You and your guest talk about regulatory capture, but that applies to the renewable energy agencies, the climate “science” industry, and EV vehicle manufacturing companies as well. Do you think that a wind farm sprawling over a beautiful countryside looks acceptable? Or land covered with thousands of solar panels that will eventually wear out and have to be disposed of safely, it looks grotesque to me. I think that eating nutritious food is the only option for a healthy lifestyle, but I know that there are some people and agencies that make their living from promoting their pet causes or products. To make one EV car battery requires 500,000 pounds of ground to be drug up and transported to the processing mill, according to physicist and engineer Mark Mills. The costs associated with producing an electric vehicle, and the environmental impact are not much less than a gas, or diesel powered vehicle.
    The insanity of promoting the ridiculous notion that cattle are a serious factor in climate change is ludicrous and lucrative for a Bill Gates who has invested in companies that make fake meat products, like Beyond Meat, and has invested in farm land to make the products needed for these alternative meat products.
    It is all about making money, whether it is a Vladimir Putin sending money to environmental groups against fossil fuel companies in the United States or groups in Canada who are against pipelines for our abundant natural gas reserves.
    I would never say that giving anyone large amounts of Coca Cola to drink is a healthy choice, or that consuming a lot of processed foods is a healthy choice. I also don’t believe we can end the use of petroleum products in ten or twenty years, it is just not feasible. Instead of lands and oceans being used for wind turbines and solar panels, nuclear energy is a far better option and environmentally sustainable alternative. Mark Mills has said that for the USA to store one day’s worth of electricity usage would take Elon Musk’s Gigafactory in Nevada five hundred years of production to make enough batteries to store the electricity. How many tons of earthen materials would have to be disturbed to make enough batteries to store enough electricity for one day?
    Nuclear energy is a much better option and less harmful to the environment. Have a one Coke a week Mark, it does taste great and it will not hurt your health.

    • @hermitonthelake says:

      “Everything in moderation” is a terrible mantra. Yes, if you are already healthy, you can eat more bad things with less consequences. But a “moderate” amount of sugar or processed oils are still bad for you.

    • @BettyBooppp says:

      Excellent post minus the Coca Cola. You made very good points especially on the Green New Deal scam. Coke depletes your body of vitamins and minerals so I only have maybe six glasses a year at the most if I’m at a party.

  • @juliehinkel608 says:

    I know it can feel overwhelming, but if even every two weeks you remove one highly processed/high sugar item and replace it with a healthier option within a year you will have made an important impact on your health. Baby steps are still steps.

  • @denisemichaels9545 says:

    ‘Trust the science’, what a joke. Good he emphasized how people on these positions of power, including anyone in law-making part government, are not that bright. How can anyone trust s doctor? It’s not enough in this day and age to say I don’t know. Thank you for educating Congress!

  • @evianx1 says:

    I stopped eating processed food 5 years ago and I no longer have a problem with diabetes, chronic inflammation, high blood pressure,
    Chronic fatigue, bad teeth and gums, infections , sickness. Haven’t been sick in over six years.
    I just weight train , get good sleep.
    And eat meat, eggs, fish and fat: butter, olive , avocado, coconut oils

  • @jenniferreinbrecht7125 says:

    Thank you for your endless efforts in this.

  • @truthgiant6487 says:

    Wow, they are killing off the Mesi tribe to take the land. GENOCIDE BY COKE.

  • @awaitingSaint777 says:

    Forcing my kids to sit on the couch and watch this with me later. They’re always whining that I won’t buy the junk. I keep telling them it’s because I don’t poison people I love.

  • @spittfyre365 says:

    This podcast episode should be mandatory for EVERYONE involved. Sheeesh..

  • @Ste743 says:

    We need a non profit against Boutique Science to counter the science and message of pharma, ag and sugar. “ Americans against BS.”

  • @KJSvitko says:

    Health care costs are out of control. Going WFPB vegan can save money, pain and suffering from disease.
    Lower your chance of high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer by going vegan. Hospitals, doctors offices and schools should be places where good nutrition is taught and provided not places that contribute to disease and obesity. It is crazy the hospitals are feeding people the very food that caused the heart disease, high blood pressure or cancer that they are treating. Every person in the hospital should receive some nutrition education before being released. Every doctor visit should be an opportunity to educate patients about how food choices impacts their health outcomes. The fact that doctors do not get nutrition training as part of their training makes no sense. Medicare and Medicaid should require nutrition education as part of patient care. Focus should be on food choices, stress reduction, improving sleep and daily exercise.

  • @KJSvitko says:

    Sure seems like Health Insurance Companies and Medicare would be receptive to a WFPB vegan message.
    It would save them money on health care costs. This could off set the lobbying by food manufacturers.
    Maybe educating health Insurance Companies and Medicare administrators should be a priority.
    Health Insurance companies might even push doctors to take nutrition more seriously by paying for nutrition counseling of patients.

  • @denisemichaels9545 says:

    I like the approach of using HSA/FSA dollars, BUT we’re paying how much for health insurance? How much of our tax dollars go to Medicaid?

  • @joecool3332 says:

    Having support among the American people makes no difference. We arent a democracy, we are an oligarchy.
    The state wont allow local gov to pass laws regulating agriculture. The oligarchs own the top dogs. Its back to the roaring twenties.

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