The Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

We need magnesium for our cells to make energy, stabilize membranes, help muscles relax, and perform hundreds of other chemical reactions.

In today’s episode of The Doctors Farmacy, I give you a deep dive into magnesium: the causes of magnesium deficiency, how Functional Medicine treats magnesium deficiency, and how you can start addressing it today.

In this episode, I discuss
– Symptoms of magnesium deficiency
– Why is magnesium deficiency a problem?
– Testing magnesium levels
– How magnesium works in the body
– Why magnesium deficiency is so prevalent
– The Functional Medicine approach to measuring magnesium levels
– Root causes of and conditions related to magnesium deficiency
– Addressing magnesium deficiency

I co-founded @functionhealth to facilitate the process of in-depth testing, which includes testing for nutrients and minerals. If you’re interested in learning more about this, head to .

You can find the link here:

Dave McKinnon

  • @TeaRoseLover says:

    Which kind of magnesium do you recommend? Thank you.

  • @jtstew says:

    This is such a frustrating sweeping generalization

  • @claudiacorral4559 says:

    I am sorry but you look very sick, are you okay?

    • @myhouse5802 says:

      I had the same observation as soon as I saw him on this short video. Wishing him well…

    • @Tuber3748 says:

      You both lack tact! I’m sure that could’ve been worded better, or better yet how about NOT expressed at all. If the tables were turned you would be offended. It literally costs nothing to be kind. Absolutely no empathy or self-awareness per the sharpness of your words. He’s a handsome man. We all look a little tired from time to time. Do better! One thing about them tables, they always turn… Good luck with your age progression +25 yrs. Oh, and miss me with any BS rebuttal responses you’ve said enough! Your a** will be blocked unread!

      Dr. Thank you for your sage advice in helping us all live better, longer lives!

    • @lawrencehubbell9397 says:

      Could do with a shave

  • @doylepatterson3459 says:

    chlorophyll might protect healthy cells and bodily tissue is by increasing phase II biotransformation enzymes. These promote optimal liver health and therefore the body’s natural elimination of potentially harmful toxins.

  • @teribaggett1595 says:

    How do you test your magnesium level?

    • @RabbitWatchShop says:

      Your PCP can order labs for you. Your blood is drawn, sent to a lab, and tested. This is how I get my levels tested, along other things. You can also visit dedicated labs throughout your area, where they primarily focus on testing things such as cholesterol or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This doesn’t require a PCP referral.

  • @ElisabethBoelen says:

    Hey friend. You are one of the doctors that I know I can trust.
    One tip from me to you… when you talk to the camera by reading a text… use a teleprompter. It feels so much better when I can look you into the eyes. 🤗😍

  • @EmsLionheart says:

    Started taking LifeExtensions Magnesium approx a year ago and it helped dramatically (also cut all processed fried etc foods ) Spasms decreased greatly

  • @differentname2 says:

    Hi doc. What about hyper magnesium?
    I am recently diagnosed w/ magnesium 1.44 mmol/L
    (Ref values: 0.74 – 1.07)

  • @kymberlybade1480 says:

    And yet….. you dont mention how much the average person needs per day -or- what form of magnesium is most bioavailable -or- what the most magnesium rich foods are. Not a very helpful clip coming from a FM doctor.

    1 star.

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