The Silent Signs of Dementia: Watch Out for These 10 Warning Signs

Check out these 10 warning signs of dementia and learn 11 ways to stop dementia in its tracks.


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The Silent Symptoms of Dementia: Watch Out for These 6 Warning Signs

0:00 Introduction: Signs of dementia
1:08 What is dementia?
1:53 The first sign of dementia
3:10 Other early signs of dementia
6:04 Causes of dementia
8:20 Polymorphism
9:48 How to combat and help prevent dementia
13:25 Learn more about the top symptoms of dementia

In this video, we’re going to look at some of the signs and causes of dementia and things you can do to combat dementia.

The first sign of dementia can occur as early as ten years before you have any cognitive changes. It takes many years for dementia to develop, and sensory changes that involve the loss of smell and vision often occur well before any other symptoms.

Here are 10 of the most common early signs of dementia:
1. Sensory problems (loss of smell)
2. Sensory problems (vision)
3. Sleeping problems
4. Agitation/Low tolerance to stress
5. Restlessness
6. Aggression
7. Memory issues
8. Emotional drop (depression, anxiety, lack of emotion)
9. Incontinence
10. Constipation

Memory issues can show up as an inability to recognize the time on a clock, mixing up words, lagging before answering questions, loss of spatial recognition, and lack of focus or concentration.

Chronic inflammation and insulin resistance are often seen in people who have dementia. Insulin resistance deprives the nerve cells of fuel, which is why Alzheimer's is commonly referred to as type 3 diabetes.

Chronic inflammation can be caused by poor diet and consuming refined sugars, refined starches, and refined oils. Head trauma, heavy metals, infection, and high blood pressure can also contribute to dementia.

So, what can you do? Here are 11 ways to effectively combat dementia:
1. Exercise
2. Have good sleep habits
3. Get on the Healthy Keto Diet
4. Do intermittent fasting and periodic prolonged fasting
5. Increase omega-3 fatty acids
6. Increase intake of B vitamins
7. Increase vitamin D
8. Try using a sauna
9. Take resveratrol and NAD
10. Consume probiotics
11. Try cold therapy

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you understand the early signs of dementia and what you can do to combat them. I’ll see you in the next video.

Dave McKinnon

  • @C.N.1 says:

    It never fails! I was just thinking about smell changing, watering eyes, yawning, anger, etc, as probable caused by opiate/opium, junk food, and other drug withdrawal symptoms being similar or mimicking serious health conditions! WOW! 🎉 Thank you for addressing the cause beyond symptoms, Dr. Berg! 🙌

  • @shelliallibhai2114 says:

    We are going through this in real time right now with my father in law. Poor man also has diabetes, cancer and just lost sight in his eye from an eye injection. He asks the same question 30 times. Had no idea why he was at the hospital 3 days ago even though he lost sight in his eye. The kindest man. I feel terrible for his wife. 😢 they have been married 55 years.

    • @jessemazzoccoli4018 says:


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    • @yolandasilva1921 says:

      Plz look into his diet , add blueberries,Mediterranean diet, carnivore diet, ketogenic diet, Also get him a rebounder for exercise , it’s a small Trampoline it’s great 10 minutes on this is like 40 min walk, God Bless

    • @nsudatta-roy8154 says:

      Also, consider intracellular glutathione therapy. The glutathione MUST be manufactured INSIDE the call. There is very solid science supporting this. Don’t discount an Activated B-complex. He may need some methylation support as well as additional oxygen to the brain that can be supported by the B-complex, as well.

    • @-What-are-your-thoughts says:

      Yes I’m curious what his diet is as well. Sugar and excess carbs seem to be a common thread in all these diseases. I wish you, your family and dad the very best.

  • @sharonknight8787 says:

    Dr. Berg I really appreciate you sharing this video about dementia! Valuable information! I lost my Dear sister in 2020 due to complications of dementia.

  • @anayah4375 says:

    Worry, stress and anger are the main cause of dementia! I work with so many people with dementia and it’s so sad that they’re still worry,angry and stress DONT LET YOUR MIND CONTROL YOU BUT BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR MIND

  • @denisehaddix6646 says:

    I am hyper sensitive to smells. Weird. My mother just passed away in December and she had to dementia for the last 3 years of her life. It was very difficult to deal with, and I hope I never developed this and burden my family.

  • @shelliallibhai2114 says:

    When I got my genetics tested it said there was very little chance of dementia but I always worried that things I was doing in my lifestyle would potentially bring it on. Thank you for this video. Just started taking cod liver oil and B1 and B complex because of you Doc. 💕
    Also said I have long telormeres (good idea for a video 😉 )

  • @a.williams45 says:

    This is insightful information, Dr. Berg. Thank you for providing relevant educational content concerning our health 🙏🏻

  • @bharetiedhorai4652 says:

    Thanks for the caution warning Dr. Berg 🙏.

    Especially concerning the food processed in over and over reheated seed oil, it actually can be carcinogene too as you might know. I can taste it’s kind of old oil then, the frying process has gone wrong, so the food appears to be less safe.

    Next time I’ll check better😌. Or should the authorities be doing that? Perhaps things of this topic are different in the US, as for health / food regulations are for sure different over here in Europa, in general that is.

  • @CatsLilaSalem says:

    I think most of these symptons can also occur during an very unhealthy phase, like i do get most symptoms when getting really deep into sugar addiction. But they go away when eating healthy for some time

    • @sergiolandz6056 says:

      yeah or if you have sinus problems, they have the same onsets i find.. and i have sinus problems in winter because of the dry air and i lose my sense of smell and taste because of the swelling thats going on, and the sinus headaches.. oof….

  • @zzizahacallar says:

    Thank you Dr. Berg; my husband has high blood pressure and suffers all those symptoms you mentioned. Hopefully it won’t get worse.

    • @juliebarnett9812 says:

      It’s probably the drugs he’s taking for the blood pressure problem.

    • @nsudatta-roy8154 says:

      Consider intracellular glutathione therapy (glutathione must be manufactured in the cell); activated vit B-complex; cell tides for the gut; and nitric oxide support. There is very solid science on pubmed on the aforementioned.

  • @rinujoji2822 says:

    Dr.Berg you are my doc hero…. Now I’m facing an issue called fungal infection or yeast infection…. It comes frequently… And that is very uncomfortable and is the itching is very bad…. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting from the last two years…. It helps me in many ways…. But this issue is coming every six months or something…. Can you please make a video on the same…. I trust you very much… So please help me 😢

  • @GlockPeace says:

    I have all these and it started at 19 from antidepressants and b vitamin deficiency due to a polymorphism and my mother’s eating disordered “vegetarian” diet which was all carbs.

    • @gemsxjourneyx196 says:

      I’m sorry for what you’ve been though but a vegetarian diet is very healthy despite what people say in the comments here. What did you eat that was carbs that was bad ?

  • @metasamsara says:

    I really like when you share detail schematics of nerves and explain their physical interactions

  • @donnasunshine1561 says:

    Thank you Dr. Berg for continuing to bring us important information for our health. You are much loved and appreciated.

  • @sarahm3614 says:

    I had no sense of smell most of my life. I started paying attention to my immune health in 2020 ( go figure). I have taken zinc, along with other immune strengtheners, and I now have a sense of smell for a few years. I have also read that depression and loneliness in senior citizens can mimic dementia.

  • @chithragnanasundaram9490 says:

    Thank you Dr Berg for your conditional dedicated service to mankind 🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤ we just cant thank you enough🎉🎉

  • @lynny5510 says:

    My mother has had many chronic health problems for 14 yrs. She is now disabled and in a wheelchair and needs someone to get her up and put her on a potty chair, bathe her etc. She has a nurse and physical therapist to come in a couple times of week and they walk her around the kitchen. That is it. My mother never walks or gets up to do anything any other time of the week. My mothers blood pressure was extremely low yesterday and the nurse just laughed and said eat some cheetos. It has a lot of salt in it and that will help raise your blood pressure. She was serious. They talked about all the snacks she could eat that has a lot of salt in it. I just turned around and walked away. And my whole family constantly criticize me for never going to the doctor. I just say I can give myself bad advice for free. I don’t have to pay for it.

    • @nsudatta-roy8154 says:

      Thx for sharing! I would encourage you to get blood work done. You don’t need “their” advice. You have plenty of HPs here on YT whose advice you can follow. I advise my clients to get testing, both blood and geneSNP.

  • @JisooMelon says:

    0:07: ⚠️ Early signs of dementia are often subtle and can be mistaken for other factors like stress or sleep issues. Correcting and diagnosing others can be detrimental.
    2:48: ⚠️ Early signs of dementia include lack of smell, vision changes, sleeping problems, agitation, restlessness, and aggression.
    5:53: ⚠️ The connection between the brain and gut, chronic inflammation, and potential causes of inflammation.
    8:24: ⚠️ Genetic testing reveals potential dementia risk associated with apoe4 polymorphism and the importance of lifestyle in gene activation.
    11:07: 🧠 Key factors for brain health include omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and vitamin D. Sauna treatments and NAD may also reduce dementia risk.
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  • @MarieWilliams07369 says:

    Thank you so much for this, Dr Berg. The gut-brain connection is evident. Your continuous dedication providing high quality content throughly well explained and easy to understand is always greatly appreciated 🙏🏻🌷💕

  • @kenneikirk3656 says:

    1. Sensory change, smell
    2. Sensory change, vision
    3. Insomnia
    4. Agitation
    5. Restlessness
    6. Aggression
    7. Memory loss
    8. Low emotion, apathy
    9. Incontinence
    10. Constipation

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