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The Top Foods To Eat To Clear Out Your Arteries, Fight Cancer & Heal The Body | Dr. William Li

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Each bite of food we eat has the potential to modulate our genetics and impact every cell of the body—don’t you want those levers to be moving in the right direction? Eating for health is one thing, but eating to beat disease is an even more intentional step toward prevention and longevity. I was so excited to sit down with internationally renowned physician, scientist, and author Dr. William Li to discuss how we can leverage food to optimize every system of the body.

We dig into:

How Dr. Li got interested in “Food As Medicine” while developing cancer treatments

Why eating to beat disease is not the same as eating for health

What food would Dr. Li bring with him if he was going to be stuck on an island?

One thing Dr. Li knows everyone needs to do better

Is dairy good or bad?

What’s the deal with soy?

The 5 defense systems to support optimal health and Dr. Li’s 5 x 5 x 5 plan

We talk about this and so much more. I know you’ll love this conversation as much as I did!

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Dave McKinnon

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    It is 5:03 a.m in Keller Tx.
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  • @JanisJanus25 says:

    Sage tea

  • @chrispepper8811 says:

    8.23 pm in Australia make your food your medicine

    • @solomonsalsberg5961 says:

      Preventative medicine but like aspirin if we to much we build a tolerance when we need it..
      Veg is one thing but herbs to tinctures to me see to be use as needed vs a light dusting ..

  • @buttonenfuego says:

    Can I get the cliff notes?

  • @christinelafleur-pl3jk says:

    Love these two drs. Informing so much to so many. Listen and you shall learn.

  • @annemariefisher1559 says:

    Very knowledgeable man very good video, but I wouldn’t give mother nature one little tiny bit of credit. I would give our Lord and Savior God above.

  • @cherylthec says:

    Thank you Dr Hyman! I appreciate all your little nuggets of information ❤🙏🏽

  • @NormFields says:

    Is there a directory of Food As Medicine doctors? After having 3 stents placed in 2013, and two more placed in 2022, I see a cardiologist every six months. I could probably count on one hand how many times the subject of nutrition has even come up, much less been discussed. And I’ve never heard a cardiologist, or any of the doctors I’ve seen over the years, mention “gut health” or “microbiome” at all.

    • @annaeklund-cheong4414 says:

      Looking at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine might be a good place to start? Or, try The Institute for Functional Medicine?

    • @CreativeIntegrity says:

      Orthomolecular Medicine would be what you’re seeking. It’s nutrient based approach to healing and much more.

  • @tinacox9526 says:

    Awesome video enjoy eating healthy lifestyle thanks

  • @mathiselemental9940 says:

    let the guests talk at least 50%…prob 75%

  • @catrispoli2 says:

    On the contrary I love the collaboration and appreciate both Dr Li and Mark’s contributions. Mark has a wealth of knowledge to share and I’m here for it!

  • @paulsalvaterra7615 says:

    I agree, strict carnivore has done wonders for me.

  • @rondastephens5851 says:

    Packed with great Info

    You 2 could future collaboration

  • @lesann1896 says:

    So what are the items??? I feel like these podcasts are really long and don’t clearly state! So green tea and black coffee, tree nuts, edamame type soy, leafy greens, Legumes, broccolini, mushrooms, goat cheese??

  • @edwarddeleon6403 says:

    Hello Dr Hyman, what chewable probiotic does Dr Li take daily, he said it’s a children’s supplement? I am very interested for my grandchildren and myself. Thank you 🙏🏼 Love this amazing information. Grace

  • @workingtogether8804 says:

    Again you mention fruits and sugars. They cause insulin spiking????

  • @tammyscott9664 says:

    Hard to watch with the frequent interruptions and talking over the guest.

  • @carolinapaez5730 says:

    After mi kids, these two are my favorite people in the world..💕

  • @remsmith3233 says:

    Thank you Mark Hyman for the useful info you have provided me in your books I bought and now your YouTube presentations.

  • @workingtogether8804 says:

    Generally, cacao powder carries the highest concentration of heavy metals. It’s made by essentially concentrating the solids of the cacao bean and removing the oils (known as cacao butter). Our current average cadmium content in our Cacao Powder is 0.4mcg/g. For lead, it’s 0.01mcg/g. When cacao powder is combined with other ingredients—like cacao butter and sweeteners—to make chocolate bars and candies, the concentration of heavy metals per food serving decreases.

    Heavy metals are found in a long list of common food items like leafy greens, nuts, seeds, and many fruits. (NOTE HERE, is your body in optimum health, or are you one of the 75% of the population that is unhealthy??? Shown in the health journal.) THE HEALTHY BODY is adept at removing these metals through a complex and highly evolved detoxification system that sorts, tags, and eliminates heavy metals through our body’s waste pathways. We can support these processes by eating a diet rich in micronutrients and fiber, both of which are abundant in cacao.

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