The Ultimate Natural Antibiotic Drink (Home Remedy Formula)

Try drinking this powerful, natural antibiotic drink at the first sign of a cold or illness.


The BEST Natural Antibiotic Drink:

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0:00 Introduction: Natural antibiotic drink
0:12 Antibiotics explained
0:35 Antibiotic resistance
1:24 Two types of antibiotics
5:12 How to make a natural antibiotic drink
8:30 Vitamin D3 and zinc
9:05 Learn about another great natural remedy!

In this video, I’m going to share a recipe for a powerful, natural antibiotic drink that you can make at home.

The overuse of antibiotics is a major issue in the United States. Overuse of antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance. This means that the microbes that are not killed by the antibiotics become stronger and resistant. When you take antibiotics again, they don’t work as well anymore.

Antibiotics do not kill yeast or viruses, but they do kill good microbes that keep the yeast at bay. This is why a common side effect of antibiotics is an overgrowth of candida or yeast.

Weaker antibiotics like penicillin and tetracycline work by slowing the growth of microbial reproduction. Stronger antibiotics like Cipro and Levaquin come with strong side effects and a black box warning.

If you have to take stronger antibiotics, always take magnesium, vitamin E, and probiotics along with them. After taking antibiotics, it could take weeks or even years to get your original microbes back. Because 80% of your immune system is your microbiome, this can have detrimental effects on your natural immunity.

Antibiotics naturally come from molds and other microorganisms found in the soil. These natural compounds have anti-inflammatory effects, antimicrobial effects, anti-diabetic effects, and anticancer effects.

Here is the recipe for a natural antibiotic drink that should be taken at the first sign of a cough or illness:
•3 cloves garlic
•90 drops Echinacea extract
•1 whole organic lemon (peel included)
•1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
•1 tablespoon raw honey
•16 ounces water

Blend all ingredients for about 45 seconds. Drink ⅓ of the mixture 3 times per day. If you’re in the middle of an infection, do this for the duration of the infection. You should notice a diminishing of symptoms, and you should sleep better.

Also, take 50,000 IUs of vitamin D3 and 100 to 150 mg of zinc to boost your immune system.

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Thanks for watching! I hope you’ll try this powerful antibiotic drink the next time you start to feel ill. I’ll see you in the next video.

Dave McKinnon

  • @Ultra_Marathoner says:

    Hey dr berg speaking of antibiotics, can you do a video on how superviruses will rise cause of antibiotic abuse

  • @earthzeroapothecary says:

    Have you considered taking courses in herbalism so you can incorporate the plants that grow around us perennially into your webcasts? I know different plants grow in different areas, but Nature knows what our body needs regularly and seasonally.

    • @michelehyde3991 says:

      He may be a little busy !
      Just saying ! !
      That would be awesome though ❤

    • @earthzeroapothecary says:

      @@michelehyde3991 I have no doubt he is!! Hahahahaha! It’s crazy though how many doctors don’t know about what Nature makes for us. Sure, we can grow things in a garden, but perennials that grow in our yard, commonly referred to as “weeds”, have medicinal and nutritional value. The plant medicines can help most people and they’re free.

      Even if he doesn’t have the time to take herbalism courses, he could hire someone who has and consult with them.

  • @teeburdtalks says:

    Yes 🙌🏾 definitely was looking for alternative natural antibiotics

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    Thank you so much
    Dr. Berg for this amazing Antibiotic Elixir drink!
    Humanitarian awesomeness!

  • @teeburdtalks says:

    3 cloves of garlic
    Echinacea-90 drops 💧
    Organic Lemon 🍋
    Apple cider vinegar
    1 tablespoon of raw honey 🍯
    16 oz of water 💦
    50,000 iu vitamin D3

  • @allison471 says:

    Hi Dr. Berg! I use Immuplex & Congaplex, natural antibiotic, builds up the thymus gland and nutritionally supports, so my body can fight off viruses, works like a charm 😊

  • @SpamMouse says:

    Your guidance has really helps so many people overcome the negative influence of bad-food guidance/choices over the years and strive to achieve health and well-being.
    But not only in terms a healthy body but also calm, more rational and less troubled state of mind, I think that’s the sugar at play.

    Especially at this time of year it’s personal goals that your mentorship will have such a positive impact globally.

    Thank you Dr Berg and support team. 👍

  • @45graham45 says:

    3 cloves of garlic, 90 drops echinachea, 1 whole lemon, 1 tsp ACV, 1 tbsp raw or Manuka honey, 16 Oz water. Blend for 45s. Drink 1/3 three times a day. Store in a fridge. Also have 50000iu vit D3 plus 150mg zinc.

  • @jackieow says:

    When you think any infection is over, take the antibiotic another two weeks to suppress resistant germ varieties from appearing.

  • @Jacqueline_Cobb says:

    Was sick for a couple of weeks this year already and this is similar to what I did to get better ( 100 mg of zinc with onions and garlic in chicken soup). My doctoral dissertation is on stress and the immune system, and I agree—opportunistic illnesses are real! I should know . . .

  • @carmenaraiza4009 says:

    Thank you Dr Berg, great remedy, like you I don’t like to take pills or antibiotics unless is extremely necessary. ❤

    • @stardustgirl2904 says:

      I watched my grandmother take tons of pills growing up and I can’t stand them! I never want to take pills!

  • @rudabegasschriner3653 says:

    Also, my go-to antibiotic that has always worked for me is hot peppers. I eat them in salsa and it has never failed me.

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    Thank you so much Dr Berg, I really appreciate you , and all your wisdom and information ~ many blessings and have a great weekend 😊✨

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    Dr. Berg, thank you for posting so many very useful and helpful videos! I have been learning all of them. Would you also make videos on the topics that how to help preteen kids grow taller?

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    Благодарю Вас Доктор 🙏🙏🙏 уже год пью Ваш рецепт👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • @katiek6811 says:

    Could you be able to make a video about vitamin combinations to avoid? Thanks.

  • @randall1959 says:

    My “go to” natural antibiotic is oil of oregano. I’ve seen that herb do some amazing things.

  • @reeleipark3753 says:

    Again. a very timely video fr Dr. Berg. I’ll be following this minus the echinachea bec i never heard of this here in Korea. Without this, i think the other ingredients which i always stock in my pantry , will do as well. . Again, thank you Dr Berg❤❤❤

  • @alu_bee says:

    Hi Dr Berg! I did the Bay leaves and cinnamon as one of your remedies videos and it worked great, by the next day my cold symptoms were almost gone and felt so much better. I’ll write this one down as well, thank you for this.

  • @siyoukilleryass8357 says:

    Awesome as always, My wife and I both got very serious condition of flu, My wife consulted her doctor since she have asthma and described her a very powerful antibiotic, And when she started taking it it only got worse beside the painful side effects of that antibiotic, After few day’s she went to the emergency because she wasn’t able to breath and i got really furious because that antibiotic caused all that, Not only this, she went to the emergency room a second time later after just few days,This time she had a serious pain on her stomach plus the diarrhea, The doctor told us that the combination of the antibiotic plus the medicine’s she took to treat the flu caused a serious issue on the stomach and she killed all the good bacteria on her stomach, And since I’m no medicine person and I don’t take any medication at all no matter what i stopped her from taking any medicine from that moment except the ones described to heal her stomach, Then i made a remedy of garlic,Figues,Olive oil,Honey all blended together and i force her to take one table spoon before bad every night since she doesn’t like the taste of it, Couple days later she got better and better until completely healed
    Then she swears to not take any antibiotics from now on.

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