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“This Is Decreasing Our Lifespan!” – Dark Side of Food Industry Nobody Talks About | Casey Means

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One of the many reasons I was drawn to Functional Medicine is that it’s the medicine of asking “why?” and looking beyond the status quo to reimagine health. When we use this practice to assess the metabolic diseases we see today, we can see we’re in an energy crisis. We’re wrapped up in a web of physiologic root causes, but also a web of policies, industries, and economic incentives impacting our health from the ground up. I loved discussing all this and more on this episode of the podcast with Dr. Casey Means.

We take a deep dive into:

Why we need to reimagine the healthcare system and how to use Functional Medicine as a framework for asking “why?”

Using metabolic health as a barometer for our challenges as a society

A stark reality: Every institution related to our health makes money off of sickness

Combining advanced technology with our own awareness to take back control of our health

Five affordable biomarkers of metabolic syndrome to start with

And so much more!

I hope you’ll tune in to learn how to dramatically improve your metabolic health and support foundational societal shifts, all at once.

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Dave McKinnon

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  • @wendyrunion3035 says:

    The Whys….both a blessing and a curse, for sure

  • @skincraftorganicsllc8537 says:

    EXCELLENT conversation – you both ROCK!! Hahaha- Layne Norton cringed when you mentioned HCRT!! 😀

  • @frankarcobello3149 says:

    You keep telling it Casy, go girl go. love it.

  • @paulettechernoff8216 says:

    Please Mark.. could you post every time at the top of the comments the name of your guests name of their book or contact information. This will make it so much easier for your followers.

  • @rosanneseiler3825 says:

    Another great video Mark!! however, might I suggest a basic biology video with diagrams at some point? I fell like maybe more of all of this science might make more sense if people can understand (visualy) what ATP looks like and how the energy works within the cells and how they are distrubuted throughout the body and their jobs?? just a suggestion. Thanks! Also, I think it’s more than just big pharma, and processed food companies…. do we really have enough food in the US to be able to feed our growing poputlation, good healty food, from meat to vegies?? even our oceans are in trouble… so sad!

    • @bcleeanderson says:

      Totally agree with your suggestion and concerns! Unfortunately, these doctors with TRUE voices about our very sick health and ecosystem need so much help from the mass to change the system! The microplastic in everyone’s body is a testimony that our oceans and the whole health system is in real trouble!

    • @tulipohare12 says:

      the vegetables are poisoned with oxalates and other antinutrients

  • @lareinadelanoche1 says:

    As a medical student, currently in 5th year, this conversation brings tears of hope and joy to my soul! 🙏🏽I have understood this profound issue for a long time, and I wish to see more people (especially doctors) waking up to the reality, so that maybe one day we can change this system❤ blessing to you all🙌🏽

    • @ethereal369 says:

      Thank you for not kowtowing to the deeply inaccurate thinking of the Western medical system. We need more medical students and medical professionals to start thinking in much more holistic terms to get to root causes. Not simply treating symptoms with more & more drugs for the sake of profits.

    • @petercyr3508 says:

      Stop trying to listen to this stuff or you will have trouble completing your studies. Not kidding.
      If you insist, two things you need to understand:
      1. The human liver makes all the glucose we need and all the ramifications of that.
      2. Our large brain requires ketones along with glucose to develop and be fueled properly from birth and all the ramifications of that.
      I am a 66 yo aerospace engineer.

    • @lynlawley8903 says:

      So explain that to me as a basic human ….please

    • @terrieanndiehl58 says:

      We will need to stop big Pharma from funding medical education and change the way we Farm our food completely before we can address the core fundamental foundational issues at hand

    • @les9058 says:

      Bless your journey, you sound like what we Need! 🙏🌸

  • @ruthhorowitz7625 says:

    The best way to stay healthy is est real food, exercise, and stay away from doctors.

  • @robertlaslo8951 says:

    Dr. Means is telling us the truth about achieving good health. Unfortunately, we have to educate ourselves and ignore the “experts”. Good food is good medicine.

  • @gene4094 says:

    The factory farms that produces all of our produce has mineral depleted soil.

    • @lynlawley8903 says:

      That’s mainly a problem.? The animal manure has hardly any good food so our manure is weak and too much ,chemical top up on our land and not natural so soil is depleted

    • @lynlawley8903 says:

      So our food is weak this leave s us ! depleated our bodies are missing main nutrients

    • @terrieanndiehl58 says:

      And this is easily fixed within 1 to 2 years of putting the live back into soil creating alive again thousands of years ago we didn’t have these problems because we didn’t have these poisons looking for a quicker faster way to grow more when we had the best way to grow more faster all you have to do is look at how nature grows her own self all by herself and follow her lead she will show you how interplanting companion planting and having soil that is alive nature balances itself just fine we just have to learn from her how to do it with her rather than fighting her and dismissing her wisdom nothing is wrong with nature except for what humans are doing to it

    • @-What-are-your-thoughts says:

      We need to get back to regenerative farming. While Biden and Trump are talking about themselves, RFK JR is talking about this very topic.

  • @TobieJohnson says:

    I think the both of them are INCREDIBLY KIND about their opinion of these “doctors “ are all trying to do good… I really have to question that

  • @TobieJohnson says:

    News flash, think for yourself and do your own research. God made us perfect . We have the ability to heal if we just get the junk out

  • @lindamurray6247 says:

    Wow! My son just sent me your book yesterday, and I haven’t been able to put it down! Then went into YouTube, and there you are! Amazing! Thanks to you both for all your wisdom and better understanding of our own bodies!

  • @frankwhite1816 says:

    You all figured it out!! Good stuff. Now, if you want the WHOLE enchilada see ‘The Metacrisis’ and Daniel Schmachtenberger. That should complete the picture for you. Thank you for all that you do. Love your work. Mahalo!! 👍🤙

  • @ethereal369 says:

    LOVE seeing medical doctors in actual acknowledgement that maintaining optimal health through excellent NUTRITION is the best way to prevent and treat our bodies and our minds.

  • @sojourning7 says:

    Leave the sugar and medical doctors alone, and you’ll be fine.

  • @TobieJohnson says:

    You NEED to be your own advocate. No one is coming to save you

  • @sandramorton5510 says:

    Due to my age I have seen a decline in doctors and have been talking about it for years, many others do as well. When your doctor comes in the room with a rolling laptop table, looking at the laptop the entire visit the connection is gone. I disagree doctors are good people who care, looks like a money making assembly line. I fought with my doctor to get the basic tests, now what?

  • @ethimself5064 says:

    I started taking a Multi back in 77 and have learned much starting in 81. I’m a firm believer that a quality Multi ensures the basics anyway.

  • @danieljackson1938 says:

    Brilliant Conversation. Thanks so much to you both. Everyone needs to watch this, and Understand it!!.,,. Great work,.,.,.

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