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“This Is Decreasing Our Lifespan” – Key Cause Of Disease, Obesity & Mental Illness | Dr. Elisa Song

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Every parent wants to raise a healthy kid, but our modern world, industrialized diet, and increased stressors can make that goal feel confusing and difficult. The good news is that we can do so many things during a child’s life, and even before it starts, to give them the best possible chance to truly thrive in body and mind. I’m thrilled to share this in-depth conversation with pediatric Functional Medicine expert, and mom to 2 thriving children, Dr. Elisa Song.

In this episode, we discuss:

The disappearing act of Bifidobacterium infantis and why it matters

Why preconception support is so important for optimal epigenetic programming

The bloodwork Dr. Song runs when first assessing a child

One nutrient that might dramatically help your sensory-sensitive child

A grounded discussion around the controversial topic of vaccines

And so much more!

No matter how old your kids are, it’s never too late to upgrade their health with holistic approaches. I know you’ll love this episode as much as I did!

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Dave McKinnon

  • @arcadepiano says:

    my father doesn’t have lack of concentration, he simply doesn’t want to hear me. it is not a problem of the brain but a decission made with ego and cruelty. same with other people i met, who just don’t give a f

    • @user-qq5du7iv4t says:

      My folks are the exact same way. In their mid-70s, they grew up in the 50s and 60s and have been indoctrinated to believe that doctors walk on water, medicine is notmal, and the food pyramid looks the way that it was shown to them in grade school. Their doctors are all older and are not staying top of cutting edge science.

      You can lead a horse to water…..

    • @solomonsalsberg5961 says:

      It’s the combo of gov an doctors and news and what is served in a restaurant..

      They believed everything..

      I’m 56 and have followed lifestyle section in newspaper from late 1970s about new nutra info (also the comics in this section)

      But that whole cigarette nightmare they went through, they should have lived healthy till 100 but died in their late 80s

    • @leavethemkidsalone860 says:

      Love Dr. Song! She works for kids and root cause.

    • @carolynnmarkiewicz6015 says:

      Thus is very true.
      I studied Nutrition and anatomy and due nutritional counseling.
      People truely are their own worst enemy.

    • @carolynnmarkiewicz6015 says:

      Thus is very true.
      I studied Nutrition and anatomy and due nutritional counseling.
      People truely are their own worst enemy.

  • @user-chrisgou says:

  • @moosefox7799 says:

    I did the Feingold Diet with my hyperactive 3 year old son 43 years ago and it was like a miracle for him. Even in adulthood he could feel himself getting hyper with food that had food colors in it, especially red.

  • @lauramendoza8990 says:

    Wow! Dr. Song is a powerhouse! Her “Happy Belly Happy You” teaching should be explored to teach the masses. Children need to be educated if their parents won’t be.

  • @juliefitzgerald-frangos2211 says:

    Can someone name those brands of vitamins they said? I couldn’t hear what they said . Thank you !

    • @my_lady4891 says:

      butyrate supplement or foods Legumes (beans, peas, and soybeans), fruits, nuts, and whole grains, butter and cheese.

      bifidobacterium supplement or foods apples, dates, lentils, blueberries, and broccoli

  • @colleenhaithcock216 says:

    ❤thank you

  • @mayawidyasari6827 says:

    My mom (GP) wanted to give my baby antibiotics before he is 6 months old. And I fought her like crazy. That is the genesis of my trouble. She afraid her grandson will have earache and become deaf. And her solution is always antibiotics. I bring my son to a rational used of medicine peditrician btw, so he saved.

    • @breathnstop says:

      Thats because grandma remembers how many children died or got brain abcesses or meningitis before antibiotics. It’s a balance not either or. Don’t be so anti antibiotics you put your child in harms way.just be prudent.

    • @mayawidyasari6827 says:

      @@breathnstop Yes, my RUM pediatrician have a techniques to avoid earache. And true, high fever can cause brain damage and an earache could make u deaf and no available options before except given kids antibiotics. But antibiotics are overly prescribed by conventional medicine doctors. That is why I go to RUM doctors.

  • @mayawidyasari6827 says:

    My cigarettes have additives. I never think about it. Damn!

    • @les9058 says:

      It’s more than the additives, it’s what smoke does to your lungs! 😕

    • @mayawidyasari6827 says:

      @@les9058 Yeah, I know it is bad. But with this information it becomes double bad. Maybe I should finally decide to stop smoking.

  • @alseyb5198 says:

    Very interesting podcast. I had chemotherapy during second and third trimester of my pregnancy. My son turns 18 years old next month. We breastfed-at the time no one had info, I later learned I likely had chemo still stored/releasing during that time period. He also received antacids from month 6-18. Striving to have healthy habits for him going forward
    No behavior or other issues, minor seasonal allergies

  • @stellaborromeo1340 says:

    Are our food really that clean? The more the demand, the more farmers make the vegetation grow fast aka pesticides

    • @les9058 says:

      Grow your own!

    • @violetviolet888 says:

      @stellaborromeo1340: Always choose organic food over conventional food. Conventional food is full of synthetic pesticides that the human body is not capable of processing and is what chronically affecting people in countries where processed and ultra processed food is coming from Big Ag. Grow your own food, Go to your local farmers market and support organic farmers. Ask for organic produce at your groceries.

  • @karenstanislaw8912 says:

    From an emotional perspective, human and soulful – love listening to two kindly, conscious people, bright and impassioned about cutting- edge medical application/arsenal. Exciting way to treat the body, and live in one. Much respect, Mark.

  • @yesimgecer7771 says:

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤thank you

  • @wakuwaku- says:

    Important to address the damages caused by awful school lunches. Fast foods, cheap and processed food franchises everywhere in the USA. Hospital foods / nursing homes, daycare… all around s consistently making people sick. Kids taste buds get numbed earlier on… even through breast milk – moms unfortunately from generations of fast foods, junk, cheap, processed foods.

  • @erranandrews63 says:

    I think this next generation is going to be so knowledgeable on healthy foods and how to create a healthy biome that America is going to come out of the food health amnesia into a new era of longer living healthier humans on earth.

  • @judyjohnson9610 says:

    More on the microbiome! This is great. Didn’t Socrates say “the origin of illness is in the gut”? Or words to that effect. I am going to the library to find that book.

  • @johnlund2036 says:

    Very good information!

    What do you do about all of the vaccinations that are now being given to children?

    • @eileenwatt8283 says:

      Do you have any childhood diseases? I bet you don’t because you were vaccinated.

    • @les9058 says:

      Would you rather they got diseases unnecessarily, and dealt with the side effects, some serious stuff without have’n the protection of vaccinations? 🤫

  • @PTDoc says:

    I teach a homeschool co-op…. I am really interested in purchasing a copy of your “healthy belly happy you” curriculum!!! ❤❤

  • @joecool3332 says:

    We need to teach children how to make kim chee and tempeh, and how to grow gardens.

  • @KJSvitko says:

    It is just crazy that Doctors do not get nutrition training in Medical schools.
    Every doctor visit should include some nutrition discussion. The majority of the population is over weight or obese leading to high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. Schools and hospital cafeterias should be leading the way to good health by setting the example of what is a healthy meal and teaching people what to eat and why.. Every person in the hospital for heart disease should have a nutrition class before being checked out from the hospital with follow up education and training in nutrition. Medicare and Medicaid should require patient nutrition education as part of their standard of care. Nutrition information should be run on the hospital TV channel.

  • @susangieseking1547 says:

    Im genx, we took Flintstone vitamins, and I loved the purple ones, so i wouldn’t eat the other ones😅 i bet the dyes in the Flintstone vitamins were bad too.

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