THIS or THAT? Which Foods are Better for Your GUT Health? | Gundry MD

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Join Dr. Gundry as he compares popular foods and reveals which ones are better for your overall health. From Mango vs Coconut to Avocado Oil vs Olive Oil, and Beef vs Lentils – we've got it all covered. Watch and learn as we dive into the world of nutrition. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more health insights from Gundry MD!
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Dave McKinnon

  • @aija5810 says:

    Thank you 👍 for your best advice 👍

  • @ladoublel7 says:

    Excellent! I always enjoy your videos Dr Gundry!!❤

  • @lindarosenthal6646 says:

    Helpful video. Thanks.

  • @ethimself5064 says:

    I thought lectins were destroyed when appropriately Pressure cooked such as in Pasteurised in cans at a store for resale? Also greatly reduced by soaking foods with lectins over night and changing the water 3-4 times? This is from memory. Thanks

  • @ouassimbenmakhlouf2842 says:

    I always appreciate your hard work on the lectin free program. It has worked for me and just like in everything in life theres always a price. But often , the higher the price the better what you are getting is. While my first week without gluten was a living nightmare, the results helped me remaining motivated because they were not only real, but also ‘ visible ‘ and ‘ growing ‘.
    Also, if you have that some recommendations are too ‘ strict ‘, there are no federal laws requiring you to force yourself into any lectin free diets out there not a gun pointed at the back of your head.

  • @NoToYellowpigs says:

    MCT is the best…thanks doc

  • @stephenhodges1048 says:

    Always love your videos Dr. G! Do you have an opinion on sea moss?

  • @joeyalfano7800 says:

    Best video yet why are eggs not in the list it’s loaded in omega 3S

  • @ianwilsongardendesign2236 says:

    Great video and agree with all of those recommendations /advice – Thanks clear and concise video

  • @sagaradhikari5185 says:

    Very much in conlict of choosing right food having its adverse effect….why is this so

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