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  • Typhani Wharry says:

    Awesome ❀

  • Belinda says:

    Thank you 😊

  • NMSUnity says:

    Yes sir very well explained πŸ‘

  • Don H says:

    Thanks Dr. Mandell. It would also be helpful to tighten the sides too.

  • Gail Perkins says:

    Thank you ❀❀❀

  • Hindrenaline says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell, I’ll try this, I have a very weak core.

  • Daimion Hollins says:

    It’s going to take me a good while for me to get my abs back to the way they were πŸ˜…
    But I’m game 🎯 😊

  • Lori says:

    I’m not sure if your team reads these for you but let him know how great he is That these simple little moves are for everyoneπŸ’«

  • Kathleen says:

    Thank You Doc πŸ™πŸ’—

  • Susan Y says:

    Thank You Dr I can do this just leaning forward and back no handsπŸ™β€οΈ

  • Natural Health and Home Remedies says:

    If you are really weak, just do what you can and work on doing a little more each day or weak. Over time, even if it is six months or twelve, you will notice the difference. Just have to get started and continue to the goal. If you miss a few days or a week, start again and go from there.

  • Carla Hatcher says:

    Doc yer killin me!!! I have the most fun with your posts!! Bless you!❀️😁❀️

  • Adlih Kristopher says:

    Wonderful. Thank you ❀

  • Asdzaan says:

    This is on point! I do minimal over-all body tweak exercises at every opportunity!

  • TheHandmaidsDaughter says:

    I Love that I can be training my abs while looking like I’m taking it extra easy, lol. Thanks, Doc

  • Variesh says:

    Can you all imagine a USA where every single citizen is fit and tone ? What a vision

  • Max Niederer says:

    Thank you Dr. MANDELL. We threw out our tv 11 years ago. Our exercise is lifting our bee hive boxes…. 😊

    • Max Niederer says:

      We love all your videos ! Thank you so much for your great generosity sharing your knowledge in such a caring way. Blessings !!❀

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  • Celia JN Baptiste says:

    Thanks Dr I will try the core tonner and my body will love me πŸ˜Šβ€β€πŸŽ‰

  • Karyn McDowell says:

    Is there any way to shrink loose skin after loosing weight? I’m a senior.

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