Top 4 Daily Supplements EVERYONE Should be Taking | Ask Dr. Gundry

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We all know that taking the right supplements is the key to unlocking your longevity! There are so many different supplements, minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that it's difficult to figure out what you should be taking. on this episode of Ask Gundry, Dr. Gundry answers the Question "What are your suggested daily supplements". Gundry spills the tea on the top 4 supplements you should be taking daily! Vitamin D, Fish oil, and Vitamin C, and Vitamin B are the top supplements you should be taking. Keep watching to figure out exactly how you should be getting these vitamins into your daily routine.

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Vitamin D

Vitamin C

Vitamin B

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Dave McKinnon

  • N K says:

    1)Vitamin D3 (5000IU)
    2)Omega 3
    3)Time released vitamin C
    4)B vitamins

  • mark robert devison says:

    I’ve been taking 10,000 I.U for a few years now. I also take a fish oil, pomegranate supplement, CoQ10, D-Ribose, Vit-C, and a bunch of others. I also take the vital reds, previothrive and his Bio Complete 3. I’m doing great health wise and super happy in life.

  • Wellness Week says:

    We take vitamins! But they’re only good if we eat right. They enhance a quality diet & lifestyle…they don’t replace it. Great show Doc ! – DJ Anthony

    • Turco949 says:

      If you eat right, you shouldn’t really need any vitamins, then again thanks to agriculture related processes and products changing, soil and plants we eat no longer provide the must-have trace amounts of iodine either which requires most people to take as a supplement. Especially in America, almost all of the old school healthier and better procedures have been replaced with more profitable and practical methods and products that is good for the companies and bad for the people. Now, the normal ways and forms of obtaining the good stuff is gone, people have to spend extra money to remedy their vitamin and mineral deficiency thru less healthier and ideal methods aka supplements. Welcome to 21st Century!

  • Amber Honea says:

    What supplements should NOT be taken together, what supplements can/should be taken together, and what is the best time of day to take different supplements?

    Thank you for all that you do, Dr. Gundry! You have changed my life!

  • FFLL2112 says:

    I would add magnesium. Definitely needed to help absorption of vitamins and minerals, digestion and regularity

  • Gundry MD says:

    Thank you for watching! Visit the Gundry MD Store to get the best Vitamin D to support your longevity:

    • Robert Martyr says:

      *At this Moment I am at 37-Oras on a Water & Nutrients OnLy Fast (NO CARBS, No OiLs, No Proteins)!!!*
      *Am I Supposed to InCLude Fish OiLs, an Avocado, Omega-3, whiLe I am Fasting???*
      *NO Hunger, Used ToiLet BigLy!!! My BeLLy is STILL BLOATED BigLy, . . .->*
      *Showing Trace/small Ketosis on My Piss Keto Stik!!!!*

    • Pesicon Supplements Manufacturer says:

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  • Jakes Yaseen says:

    Dr you are always welcome to share with us the viewer’s the knowledge and wisdom you gain from all the experience, challenge in life . Millions of thanks 👍😊👍

  • cherkaoui fouad says:

    Thank you Dr.Gundry, for these clair explanations and those 3 supplements are the best…🥰

  • William Ortiz says:

    I have had symptoms of blood sugar. I am taking everything mentioned, plus benfotamine, high absorption magnesium, alpha lipoid acid and alternate daily between 1tbsp if olive oil and MCT. I have never felt better AND all symptoms have gone away. No more cracked heels, hair looks 30 years younger, no more cramps and tingling in extremities and sore joints are gone. I limit my carb and sugar intake, but not excessively, as I let myself have a soft drink once a week…hey I’m only human!

  • Get off my lawn says:

    Don’t forget magnesium. Most Americans are actually magnesium deficient. I started taking magnesium glycinate and my muscle spasms and heart palpitations almost completely stopped as well as panic attacks. My anxiety has gone down tremendously and I sleep better at night. I also quit craving chocolate all the time.

    • Ben M says:

      Chocolate has traces of magnesium which helps in absorbing calcium!
      That’s why Chocolate cravings have gone down since you started magnesium intake

    • Pink Flowers says:

      thanks a lot

    • Christian Fernandez says:

      Dark chocolate is the best way for magnesium

    • TheGreenRacoon says:

      I thought I was the only one, thank yyou for sharing! I finally healed from my anxietyy and panic since the pandemic.

      I found stretching also helped my blood pressure and overall health, not just strettching tthe muscles but the blood vessels etc 🙂 bless

    • Doug Cameron says:

      @Christian Fernandez This is chick think, far from reality

  • Suzanna toews says:

    I had a Roux-en-Y done 20 years ago and it really helped my overall health! Altho according to the scale I am still overweight, i lost 155 pounds and it has stayed consistent all these years. I am now 71 and can feel I need to do more to feel good! Have you addressed your knowledge to those who have already had bypass surgery? Thanks!

    • Gundry MD says:

      We love this question! Adding it now to our list to possibly cover in a future YouTube video. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more exciting videos!

    • Susanne Fitzpatrick says:

      What the hell’s Roux-en-Y???

  • John Wilder says:

    I’ve decided to limit my eating to an 8-hour window daily as per your suggestion. Other information I’ve seen regarding fasting has mentioned acceptable drinks during the fast period, and I’m wondering if it’s okay to drink water, tea, and maybe other liquids during the fasting time without messing up the benefits of the fast. If so, which liquids are acceptable? Thanks in advance for your answer.

  • Barry Sermon says:

    Thank you for all the great information you provide via your podcasts doctor.

    I’ve always been a fan of supplements as I know my diet is deficient in some areas.

    A lot of your guidance I was already following before I found your podcasts, and I am in the process of incorporating the additional tips into my life.

    I thought I’d share some personal info by way of giving back. I’m 60 now and been sick twice, when I was young, once with the flu and once with glandular fever. My mother also never got sick. When I was young I used get tonsillitis all the time; the doctor wanted to take them out but my mother refused as she believed they were there to ‘catch bugs’.

    Apart from everything else there is one other supplement I take that I learnt about to help with autoimmune issues, it is a combination of sterols and sterolins.

    Thanks again.

  • roadstar499 says:

    After watching your show last night i am going to step up my diet and my fasting habits… over last three years i have fixed a lot,but we can always fix more issues…living long is great,but mainly living long being healthy and strong and never needing any meds is my goal… Going to be 64 soon and to me it only makes sense to take the advice of a true expert in this field…Thank you sir for kicking me in high gear.. I am shooting for a healthy 100 now… I will also spread the word to others…

    • Gundry MD says:

      You’ve got this!! We are cheering you on. 🙌 If you have any questions about Gundry MD, please let us know!

    • Alex Shatner says:

      As you can see, no one gets a direct response from Dr, Gundry himself, everyone gets a vague answer, from someone else.

  • Brenda says:

    Dr. Gundry, you had mentioned in another video that we should not take Calcium with a Magnesium & Potassium supplement, I have been taking it for some time & was hoping you would elaborate on this topic as I am like I’m sure a lot of folks struggling with High BP on & off I believe due to high doses of steroids for an auto immune disease & I really don’t want to take anything that will cause me more suffering. Merry Christmas to you & yours & Thank you so much for your efforts to help us live healthier lives.

    • Gundry MD says:

      Hi there! Thank you for your comment! We’ll add this to our list of growing questions. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well as our other social channels like Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on all things Gundry MD!

  • 2coryman says:

    Thank you doctor Guidry for all the good work and for all of the good information you give us, cheers to you

  • Turb says:

    Straight into it, no 10 min intro’s and great advice immediately. Thank you. I do believe also if your diet is all wrong your body can’t process or access these important vitamins which is a complete waste.

  • Mar NOi says:

    1. Vitamin D3 (5000IU or 120mcgs)
    2. Omega 3 or equivalent (at least 1000mg of DHA)
    3. Vitamin C (best with time release): 1000mg, twice a day
    4. B vitamin complex

  • Brian G says:

    What a coincidence, those four supplements are on my essential list as well, plus NAC & creatine. The rest I can get from foods: probiotics from Kefir, zinc from pumpkin seeds, boron from raisins, magnesium from Mg Oil external rub on, NO2 from dark chocolate, beets and watermelon; extra protein from egg white powder & gelatin, and then several herbs to boost testosterone – Fenugreek seed powder, Ashwagandha, ginseng, etc.

  • Dave Jones says:

    Thanks Eric for all your hard work…this program is amazing-Jessica thank You for all your passion and tips…Make My Day from Michigan

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