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    Thank You❤

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    Thanks Doc remember baking soda idea thanks for new one put few drops of essential oil to remove smell from shoes💐

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    LISTEN People…PRE-TEEN & TEENAGE BOYS… Feet Has A terrible Smell…I Did Not Know This As A Young Mom… But, Dr. Scholls recieved Soooooo Much Of My Money… Thanks Doc❤

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    I do use baking soda in my shoes. It works very well! I also use baking soda for deodorant instead of that horrible antiperspirant! LOVE IT!

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    This is a good and smart Idea 🙏❤️

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    Thanks for the tip!

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    Thank you, Dr Mandell

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    I take dryer sheets, cut them in half, and stick dryer sheets inside my shoes when I take them off for the day. Replace when needed, for me every month or so. Works like a charm!

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    Awesome information,
    Thanks Dr. for your shorts

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    This guy is so awesome

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    Remove the inserts & throw them in the washing machine with your sneakers. Works every time.😁👍🏼

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    Thank you! GOD Bless!🌞

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    This channel is awesome 💯

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    Each morning, you can also put a drop of castor oil on each toe and rub it between each toe. Then, put your socks and shoes on go about your day. Casor oil will kill the bacteria, causing your shoes to stink and clear up any athletes foot funk you may have. It will also clear any toe nail discoloration/fungus and soften rough skin on your feet.

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    Youre my fav! ❤

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    رحم الله والديك دكتورنا الغالي🤍⚘️

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    Love the Natural Options

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    Yes we like Doc ‼️❤ Thx Much‼️🥰

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    My husband’s golf sandals use to ride on top of our truck. Will try 🍋peel and few tea bags!!

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