Treating IBS & SIBO: The Root Cause of Leaky Gut & How To Prevent Disease | Dr. Mark Pimentel

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An all-too-large percentage of the population suffers from poor sleep, achy joints, feelings of fatigue, brain fog, and what I call FLC (“feel like crap”) syndrome. This epidemic has a number of factors, most of which are caused by our modern lifestyles and diets. But one of the major factors of such dysfunction is poor mitochondrial health.

In today’s episode of my series I’m calling Health Bites, I dive deep into our mitochondria—what it is, why it's so important, and what you can do to support your mitochondrial health.

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Dave McKinnon

  • Gerald's Videos says:

    Thanks again!

  • Mo M says:

    Well….just look at all the GARBAGE that’s available for consumption ! No wonder. I listen to a 25 year cardiologist and his suggestion was NOT to buy anything with a UPC code 😳 Doesn’t leave much. Ty Doc ~ have a beautiful day 🍂🌻

  • Brian Ammons says:

    I use to watch lost too, worst final episode of any show! I just had DDJ, duodenojejunostomy, surgery and I’m pretty sure I have SIBO. My doctor has no idea what SIBO means.

  • W K says:

    Can CIBO cause you to feel like you have a bladder infection? Really bad bladder pain? But urine test showed no infection only a small bit of inflammation.

  • Lisa A says:

    Any chance you could shorten this to 5-7 minutes. I 100% guarantee you could….. These repetitive videos where you spend the first 30 minutes, giving definitions of things that been repeated Ad infinitum is truly frustrating. Just get to the point no one needs the definitions and the waffle given each video

  • Adam Pickering says:

    Ginger 🫚 artichoke helps a lot

  • Hex Turbo says:

    Lactobacillus strains are now considered bad? Thats a pretty big deal considering its the main strain weve been told is good for us.

  • Petra Maas says:

    Stopped after 14 minutes. Do you really think it is funny?

  • Karen Aldridge says:

    Our tummys love vegetables, we feed them that & stay skinny, ! 🚴‍♀️ & fish 🐟

  • Narayani Ji says:

    Has anyone figured out if adrenal exhaustion is an underlying cause for gut autoimmunity?

  • Joshua says:

    Thanks Dr. Mark!

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