Dave McKinnon

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    Doctor, you are the fountain of so much knowledge.

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    Oh my🫣God Bless you Dr M you are a Champion for us all soo thankful for all you do, plus I will do that it will surely make me jump😃

  • @jedicouncil66 says:

    Gonna direct everyone to Wim Hof, aka The Iceman. Check him out for ice therapy and breathing techniques.

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    Unfortunately my stress tries to get away with me but I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus and now I have another weapon to fight off stress thank you so much people as Sir in the Lord Jesus❤❤❤

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    Thank you doctor I appreciate you I am very very grateful to you for all of your good information 🙏.

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    Inflammation has to be treated with cold and not heat as per my physiotherapist. My inflammation is in my knee so I have to do ice cold compresses.

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    Thank you Dr Mandell for all this knowledge you share for free ❤❤

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    Wow this is awesome Doc thanks so much ❤

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    We love you Dr.

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    Brilliant thank you merry christmasx

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    I’ll try it. Thank you Dr M

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    Makes sense, many high paid (heck, some of my family members do) athletes do cryotherapy. TY.

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    Oh my God I learned a lot ! Thank you so much Doctor Mandell ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

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    Keep up the good work doc love listening to you

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    Thank you Dr M. your messages are very much welcome in our house.

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    Thank you Dr. Mandell!

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    ❤ Dr M is Priceless, Thank U soo much for being such a generous Wellness Blessing.

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    Thank you, doc!👍🏾

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    Thank you Dr. Mandell! I will try it!
    Have a wonderful Christmas holiday! ❤

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