Dave McKinnon

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    Very important information! Thank you 🙏

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    Thank you for the information

  • @BostonHooligan08 says:

    My orthopedic doctor recommended I should take Tylenol ever day. That was the first and last time I went to see him.

    • @m.theresa1385 says:

      My mother who had rheumatoid arthritis took Tylenol, not for an anti inflammatory but for pain relief . Mum also had various GI issues which made Tylenol the prescribed relief medication. It did give her pain relief over her almost 90 years. Mums hands were quite twisted from her disease. None of her daughters have rheumatoid arthritis, but we all do have varying levels of osteoarthritis and the pain can be quite intense sometimes. I can only imagine the levels of my mother’s pain, particularly in the early morning. R.I.P. Mom. Love you always.

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      But. BECAREFUL how you use whatever medicine you are taking to help get rid of your pain. That it doesn’t destroy one of your vital organs.

  • @Human_on_earth_1 says:

    Thanks Doc for reminding me that rather than medicines available in pharmacy we must have a balanced diet and sound sleep and follow the tips and insightful knowledge provided by you as anti-inflammatory. Thanks Doc for being part of our lives. You are a blessing.

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    Great information Doc thanks for sharing keep them coming ❤

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    I do not take any medication whatsoever for 50+ years. Food, oils, herbs, natural remedies, exercise and proper rest are my medicines. I am so grateful. Will certainly share this important information.

  • @rbelle8 says:

    Thank you Doctor 👍🏾

  • @Live.Life.Present. says:

    My kidneys failed from taking to much over the counter pain meds and I was only 26 years old..I had to do dialysis..at least that’s what the hospital told me it was from! Please be careful! ❤

    • @24carlam says:

      What meds were you taking? I just got diagnosed with a kidney infection that came out of nowhere. No previous symptoms & im wondering if it’s because I take excedrine for my migraines too much..

    • @Live.Life.Present. says:

      Honestly, I was on about five different psychiatric meds for years, and taking Tylenol about three times a day…a lot of it because I was in so much pain…so there is really no telling exactly what meds caused it but they said the Tylenol was the reason! It was the MOST painful thing I have ever went through, I almost died!! It’s worse than childbirth…please be careful…all my psy meds were causing inflammation in my back. I got of ALL of them and I am no longer in pain!!

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    ❤thanks for sharing info😇❤

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    I didnt know Tylenol is for pain only. I want something for inflammation. Very good to know difference thank u❤

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    I pray I don’t need them. Because of what you just taught us, Doctor Mandell ❤ Thank you

  • @brandyboo says:

    My doctor prescribed naproxen years ago for cramps. I stupidly took it and ended up having an allergic reaction. I can’t even look at a bottle of Aleve without recalling when I found out that naproxen was basically prescription aleve. And the idiot doctors that told me I couldn’t have children, told me that the naproxen should be out of my system and there shouldn’t be long lasting effects. However there was! Doctors don’t know everything. But this man has helped me out when I feel a cold coming on. I drink a cup of warm water, Olive oil, cinnamon, honey add lemon and I am instantly cured

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    Thank you for the breakdown Dr. Mandell! ❤

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    You rock doc

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    Good to know! Thanks for the information!

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    Say no to big pharma & go holistic! You’ll be glad you did! Thanks so much for reminding folks, doc! 🙏💖✨

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    Look at You Doctor, taking care of us again!😊 Beautiful ❤! God bless you all back to good health 🙏🏽

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      Thanks doc ! I already knew all of this , but many don’t have a clue…so glad to hear it being said out loud! ..keep on doing this work…you teach me a lot too ❤ thank you .

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    Tylenol killed my sister, I took her to the hospital on a Tuesday two days later she died. This was in 1992 before the warnings were on the bottle. The doctor said to her that her liver was the worse one he had ever seen the day we took her in.

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    Thank you For Educating us. , the world needs to know. God bless you

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