Unleash Your Energy with Gundry MD Power Blues: The Power of Blue Polyphenols

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Discover the incredible power of anthocyanin-rich blue polyphenols with Gundry MD Power Blues. This unique formula is designed to boost your energy, aid in weight management, and promote comfortable digestion. Experience the transformative effects of blue polyphenols and take control of your health today with Gundry MD Power Blues.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @vivianrios6007 says:


  • @alixjean-tg8fu says:

    I believe it does all that he says it does

  • @akshaikk says:

    Dr Gundry, is the Glyphosate in the almonds causing leaky gut ? I had almonds for three days and had a absence seizure which was quite strong . I’m on AEDs already for absence seizures

    • @adaazie2u says:

      it is the skin of almonds that have lectins, creating leaky gut.If you want to eat almonds, eat the blanched silvered kinds

    • @GundryMDYT says:

      Hi there! Due to high volume, Dr. Gundry is unable to answer every incoming question. We appreciate the time you took to write this question, we will submit it to our growing list of FAQs. Thank you!

  • @immortal2641 says:

    I just like Dr Gees blue frame glasses…I have to try out this ‘POWER BLUE’ in my life…😀

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