Unleashing the Power of Brews: Coffee and Tea Benefits

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Join Gundry MD as we delve into the world of coffee and tea, two beverages packed with polyphenols and antioxidants. Discover the health benefits these brews offer and why they should be a part of your daily routine.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @bilid4128 says:

    Those who suffering from Leaky gut can use?

    • @GundryMDYT says:

      Hi there! Since results will vary with individuals it’s always recommended to speak with your primary physician about any health concerns you have prior to starting a new supplement to ensure it is right for you.

  • @MariaDiaz-pw7jg says:

    I don’t like coffee with water I prefer with milk and with little honey. Does that make a difference

    • @rickd438 says:

      He typically recommends black coffee.

    • @GundryMDYT says:

      Coffee creamer made with coconut milk and minimal sugar is okay, as well as almond milk creamer that is made from almonds without the skins. You can also use organic heavy cream.

  • @mahinsafollahi2261 says:


  • @mshahid2898 says:

    Try not to

  • @Clinicalherbalistnicole-uf6eq says:

    Coffee is loaded with mold as well.

  • @free2ufreefertilizer says:

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