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Discover the amazing benefits of Omega-3 for your skin and learn the best foods to boost your Omega-3 intake for a radiant, healthy glow! 🌟 Dr. Gundry from Gundry MD shares expert tips and insights on how these essential fatty acids can transform your skin and overall health. Don't miss out on these life-changing secrets!

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Dave McKinnon

  • Darlen Papaya says:

    I have at home but don’t know how to take it. Thank you for your answer Doc. God bless 🙏✝️

  • Darlen Papaya says:

    And for how long to take it ? 3 month or few?

    • Gundry MD says:

      Hello! Some of our customers see a difference in 30 days, while others may see results in 90 days. We always stand by our 90 Day Money Back guarantee. If you are still dissatisfied and would like a refund, please send us a direct message or email at support@gundrymd.com and we can start the return process.

  • Miss Nina says:

    and avocado??

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