Upcoming webinar: Should You Get Annual Flu Shots and Shingles and Pneumonia Vaccinations?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone over the age of 6 months get a routine annual flu shot, a shingles vaccine series at age 50, and vaccination against pneumonia at age 65. Data from observation studies on vaccine recipients that show benefits far exceeding the risks are confounded by the fact that people who choose to get vaccinated are more likely to be white, married, nonsmokers of a higher social class, with higher levels of education, higher incomes, and health insurance. You can’t tell cause-and-effect until you put it to the test by randomizing people to vaccine or placebo injections. Join me for my live webinar on March 15 at 2pm ET to find out what randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials have to say about the pros and cons of getting these vaccines.

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This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the accreditation requirements and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through the joint providership of The Rochester Academy of Medicine and NutritionFacts.org. The Rochester Academy of Medicine is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

The Rochester Academy of Medicine designates this live activity for a maximum of 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)TM. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @u-dont-existdotcom4394 says:

    Read the book, Turtles All the Way Down, Vaccine Science and Myth

  • @zzt231gr says:

    Pureblood here!

  • @awizenwoman says:

    Dr G, despite being a serious (white, educated but being vegan unvaccinated ) wholefood plant-based vegan, who knows a lot about nutrition and care of my immune system, six weeks ago, I contracted community acquired pneumonia and was prescribed non-vegan antibiotics by the hospital doctor, despite informing them that I’m vegan, I was shocked as I take great care of my health especially with vegan D3, K2 etc. How can this happen, as despite being 65, I don’t want vaccines? I follow all your advice!

    • @KerriEverlasting says:

      I’d go and get a second, third and 4th opinion until you find a doctor with a brain and a conscience. Good luck.

    • @PlantbasedSilvi says:

      Use more spices, such as black cumin, turmeric, pepper, cumin, nutmeg, coriander, ginger, etc. but always grind them fresh and do not use ready-ground spices. You can add wild herbs to your diet. Nasturtium horseradish camu capsules are great for avoiding a diet, as are black cumin seeds. Homemade sweets with spermedin and essential oils can also reduce the risk of catching a cold.
      Enquire about Ayurveda organic products or go to an Ayurveda doctor, there are certainly even more super herbs.

    • @oleeb says:

      Being vegan doesn’t make you bulletproof. You’re still subject to illness, including serious illnesses that vegans get less frequently than nonvegans. Being flatly against all vaccines isn’t the smartest position in the world. Some vaccines are more important than others.

    • @DivergentDroid says:

      Define non vegan antibiotics. Chemicals are chemicals no matter where they come from. So you might have a life saving drug because an animal died. So what? That animal’s purpose on Earth was fulfilled. What would you rather? Many humans living because one animal died or many humans dying because one animal lived. I assure you, no animal is worth the life of a human.

    • @Horse237 says:

      People 65 and older have a reduced immune system. I take liposomal Gluthione and N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) twice daily. Glutathione peroxidase is very important in protecting your blood. Liposomal is the only way to get Glutathione. NAC recycles it. I also take liposomal C.
      .SHongles can easily be cured with a B-12 lozenga under the tongues several times a day.

  • @benmalek94 says:

    Broccoli 🥦

  • @Joda30088 says:

    Dr. G is going to lose me on this

    • @WFPB_4_Life says:

      He’s presenting facts based on scientific data…not his opinion.

    • @Joda30088 says:

      @@WFPB_4_Life Scientific data from who and what though? A lot of these companies and publications essentially create false information now because of money, bias and influence

    • @oraziohall2969 says:

      ​@@WFPB_4_Lifeand whose opinion decides what science is fit to be peer reviewed? And whose peers are deciding what gets publish? It’s not open and honest. Its dogmatic and deceitful.

    • @Joda30088 says:

      @@WFPB_4_Life When there is money involved the science becomes polluted with falsehoods and manipulation

    • @AW-po7jr says:

      @@WFPB_4_Lifeyou cannot earn big money with healthy food but you can earn big money with Pharma. So science about food probably is honest. Health related study’s are payed by big pharma and they naturally get, what they pay for.

  • @cremebrulee4759 says:


  • @CRM-114 says:

    Just give us the answer please.

  • @lorah3005 says:

    👍 Whole food plant based for the environment and health; vegan for the victims!

    • @KerriEverlasting says:

      Right on! ❤❤❤❤

    • @msflyingfree7 says:


    • @oraziohall2969 says:

      Monocrop plants destroy the earth, and are dependent on industrial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, rodenticides. You can’t farm plants without animal input (manure), or you must use destructive chemicals to replace it. Its unnatural in every way.

  • @juno6 says:

    Two important books to have a wider view on the topic: “Disolving Ilusions” and “Turtles All The Way Down”. They´re full of scientific evidence. They were a red pill even for Dr Robert Malone and many others.

  • @radace8926 says:

    I cant donate because its blocked by my bank. I really want to joint the webinar :/

  • @kittykat717 says:

    Dr Greger follows the best available true science we have.

    • @AW-po7jr says:

      If the science is flawed, we have a problem. Most health related science is payed directly or indirectly by big pharma and this definitely has an influence on the findings.

  • @spiritusinfinitus says:

    Even with the obvious bias mentioned, on the CDC’s official website they show flu vaccine efficacy of an average of only around 40, ranging from as low as 19% up to a maximum of 60%. The way it is sold to the public indicates that it’s pretty much guaranteed, just like they did for something else recently. 😊

    • @piripi40 says:

      A lot of the comments are like ‘I’ll follow the science on diet, but not on vaccines if it doesn’t confirm my bias.’

    • @spiritusinfinitus says:

      @@piripi40  It cuts both ways. Different vaccines have different times and places. The truth is only really revealed when financial incentives are removed from the equation and the true raw data can be studied. I’m not sure, are you suggesting that flu vaccines are more than 40% efficacious on average? The same goes for Shingles vaccines.. It is not a good idea to have a Shingles vaccine at younger ages (which seems to be increasingly common) when the likelihood of serious harm from Shingles usually only occurs in the elderly. There is science that shows that taking some types of Shingles vaccines at younger ages seriously reduces their efficacy at older ages, when people are more likely to need them.

    • @AW-po7jr says:

      @@spiritusinfinitusgreat comment, it’s exactly right. Money needs to be removed from the equation. As long as big money can be earned, we won’t know for sure what science is flawed.

  • @MegaGoddessofLove says:

    Cool broccoli tie!

  • @reaperkollyns6495 says:

    Nope. Hard pass.

  • @richardwilson6496 says:

    This is a failed technology. We need to adopt a different mentality for approaching disease – everything has a cure.

    • @spiritusinfinitus says:

      This is actually an interesting subject.. Apparent short-term benefits of quick-fix interactions over one or two generations may actually end up causing unexpected long term anomalies or even dependencies, basically changing the direction of evolutionary.forces.. Breeding people who are less naturally resilient. It would seem wise to focus on long term natural processes resilient to disease rather than quick fixes.

  • @3cardmonty602 says:


  • @norak5767 says:

    I never get flu or pneumonia vaccines. I did get the shingles vaccine in 2021 because I had shingles once in my 30’s after a severe case of poison ivy, then in 2021 (when I was 64) after a wasp sting! Shingles can be so very painful! I have never had a covid vaccine either. Not going to happen. I am a Registered Nurse. I am not currently in the workforce.

  • @AnHourOfWolves says:

    Love that tie! Looking forward to the webinar.

  • @big5astra says:


  • @elizabethjohnson4748 says:

    Nice tie! 🥦

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