Dave McKinnon

  • @nathan-qcueparsons268 says:

    Aww man it was one of my little joys i cant ear that either?😔

  • @joyfisher8008 says:

    Most “health” food isn’t once you read the ingredient/nutrition info on the bag.

  • @helenlim467 says:

    Chips ….. huge temptation!

  • @trishaporter2737 says:

    When they first came out, I picked up a bag and read the ingredients. I returned them to the shelf….never bought any!

  • @aprilrosemiranda2901 says:

    About making you’re own chips cut and smash broccoli bake with olive oil until crispy sprinkle you’re sea salt that other salt hemilain or bake kale chips❤

  • @Gr21212 says:

    But chips are a” treat” to meet chips are something I would have maybe once a week or once or twice a month.

  • @ChillinwithRae says:

    💜💜 my favorite information Doctor!!!!!💜💜

  • @fefe9111 says:

    What about the black bean Mango lime harvest snacks

  • @stellachow4529 says:

    That‘s true!! Those are not tasty, texture sucks as all carbs at all! I just dumbed the whole bag! Thanks for sharing the truth!!

  • @user-je4qz5fi4p says:

    I love that he’s just filming in a grocery store.

  • @andrewrubenazcaratemolina1627 says:

    Make it a great day, hell yeahh

  • @aliciakatalina4875 says:

    I quit buying and eating all brands of potatoe chips ! I was addicted to ruffles 😊60 days ago.

  • @aliciakatalina4875 says:

    I also read most of everything I buy ‘ for the bio-egineer ingredients 🤢just started doing this’ and realized I am buying less and less packaged foods and wont buy prego spaghetti sauce ever again!

  • @lovingatlanta says:

    👍🤩💝Yea! Absolutely the truth. 😩

  • @denizalgazi says:

    For crunchy veggies, try genuine freeze dried veggies instead!

  • @-16_ says:

    Oh yes thank you Dr I don’t touch those chips anymore and my bodies living me💖✅⛄️🎄

  • @christabelthomas6257 says:

    Thank Dr Mandel 🙏 ❤️

  • @arlenetorres4248 says:

    Can you give us an advice on which chips are healthy please? Thanks for all the advice you’re always informing us with!! ❤

  • @helenguingab2499 says:

    Why are they allowing such misleading food products? Thanks for your videos doc.

  • @user-xv5wv5dr2g says:

    Thanks Doc ❤

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