Weight Loss Toolkit: Fix These Diet & Lifestyle Habits To Heal The Body | Dr. Mark Hyman

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You may be surprised to learn that your lifestyle and food choices are much better indicators of your health and weight than your genes. While it is true that some genes can predispose you to obesity, type 2 diabetes, or heart disease, predisposition is not predestination. In fact, 90 percent of our current health is controlled by the environment in which we bathe our genes—the food we eat, our exercise regimen, our resilience in the face of stress, and our exposure to environmental toxins.

In today’s episode of my series I’m calling Health Bites, I talk about how your diet and lifestyle influence your genes and my top strategies for weight loss and optimal health.

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Dave McKinnon

  • Sam Nadim says:

    Thank You Doctor

  • opal smith says:

    Dr Mark, thank you for the great info you provided…you mentioned processed food, example cereal which I’m eating while watching this video!
    What is a quick, good breakfast menu you would suggest…thank you

  • Taluta says:

    Completely agree. I’ve out lived 4 of my 7 siblings because of lifestyle. One of my siblings is in nursing home with diabetes & vascular dementia now. He’s 6 years younger than me. Diabetes is supposed to be hereditary but I believe diet and lifestyle could have avoided the disease to my siblings. I’m only 71 now, I know something might jump on me but I’m doing my best. There is diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, liver disease, aneurysms, and on & on in my family medical history. I saw my siblings just accept these as fact. And I have been told I could drop from heart attack and be gone right now so don’t get uppity. It keeps me humble & serious … especially aneurysms. My mom told me right before she passed I would probably have aneurysm like she had, with heart disease. Yikes! I’m just doing my best but I think you can overcome some of these things by lifestyle, diet. I’m just absolutely thrilled to still be alive with all these diseases in my family. But please don’t accept family history like it’s FACT, it’s not a fact.

  • Jim Nilsen says:

    Hi.I am struggling with my stomach..No doctor can find what is going on.This has been going on in 2 years now .And I lost about 10 kilo.I am eating healthy.Don’t drink and smoke.I am starting to se the pattern.But my biggest concern is how to get some kilos back. And on the top of this.I was wit brain stroke this summer. I am 49 years.So my question is it some buddy you can recommend i can go to in Norway 🇳🇴.?

    • Taluta says:

      Not sure if your stomach problem is digestive problems. If you can find a “functional” doctor who doesn’t treat symptoms but finds out why. From my own family situation we found all our painful digestive problems need Gut Microbiome healing. If you can find a dr that understands that you’re on your way to healing. Even the bacteria in your mouth to begin digestion there.

  • Rick Bailey says:

    What about sourdough bread?

  • Forest for the trees says:

    Boo. Animal testing is not only not ethical, it’s cruel and it’s wrong and unnecessary.

  • Jim Rutherford says:

    The reservations have the freedom and right to eat their cultural foods but choose not to for several reasons. One big reason is the processed foods are easy to get and highly addicting. They have the same urges to eat it as other people. Their reservations are not emphasizing enough the importance to eat their native diet or something similar and stay away from European type foods. And stop drinking alcohol!

  • Jim Rutherford says:

    The doc said food has highjacked people’s brain chemistry. True. This means people who lack personal discipline will struggle with gaining weight because of diet.

  • SlingsAxes says:

    Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma: 1 in 3 are diabetic.

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