What Happens If You Stop Eating Sugar for 14 Days – Dr. Berg On Quitting Sugar Cravings

Some amazing things can happen if you stop eating sugar. Check this out. 
0:10 What would happen if you stopped eating sugar
3:38 Fat-burning
4:05 More benefits of quitting sugar

In this video, we’re going to talk about what happens to your body if you stop eating sugar for 14 days. What you’re doing is converting from sugar burning to fat burning. This can take about three days, and you may feel a few symptoms in the process. Taking B vitamins and potassium can help with these symptoms. 
What would happen if you stopped eating sugar: 

1. Lose appetite for sugar – 
Every time you consume sugar, a hormone comes in there and pushes the sugars down, causing a low blood sugar situation that causes you to crave sugar. 

2. Less hungry – 
It’s the sugar that keeps you hungry all the time. Giving up sugar can help stabilize blood sugars.

3. Less fatigue – 
Especially after eating a meal. 

4. Lose excess water and fat – 
For the first week, you’re going to dump a lot of excess water and more fat.

5. Enhanced mood and improved cognitive function — 
More focus and concentration.

6. Skin looks better — 
Glowing skin with less acne. 

7. Less stiffness – 
Less inflammation and less pain.

More benefits of quitting sugar:
• Build new enzymes to run the body on fat fuel 
• Less inflammation in the arteries 
• Growing brain cells 
• Clean out a fatty liver 
• Better kidney function 

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Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 56, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! You may want to try to stop eating sugar for 14 days and just see what happens.

Dave McKinnon

  • Dr. Eric Berg DC says:

    Happy New Year everyone::)) And thank you for the wonderful comments.

  • Muriel Bailey says:

    This is the first video I’ve ever watched on YouTube that starts immediately with no small talk!

  • Jim Bos says:

    My wife and I gave up sugar in 2004. I am now 51 lbs lighter and much healthier. Still highly active and working full time at age 76.


      Wow. That’s amazing and thanks for sharing

    • Bliss Essentials says:

      sugar ..like table sugar? that you gave up..what about sugar from fruits like watermelons or melons ? do you still eat those ? it’s natural sugar. I’m going to give up sugar too

    • Bliss Essentials says:

      cyril john I try to get rid of sugar or atleast eat less of it now days..I feel like I have more energy and feel better ..less heavy, not weight wise.

    • tamia11 falanna says:

      Jim Bos congratulations! but how do you give up sugar its hidden in everything ? Help me please thank you, Did you do keto? Because I’m unable to do a keto diet

    • ChaosBalanced says:

      Jim Bos how?

  • Dexter's World says:

    Thanks for this. I lost 20 pounds when i reduced my rice intake to one cup a day from four cups.

    • PleasedontfeedtheAI🤖 says:

      Thank you thank you thank you Dr B. Its all true, I have cleaned my entire body so much and reversed so many health issues by following your training. I slipped a little bit recently at 6 months, I just needed to treat myself to my old bad guilty pleasure ” the beautiful Coke 🥤Float”. Now I’m back on track w healthy Keto and I.F.

    • Am De says:

      Nothing spiked my sugar like rice when I had gestational diabetes

    • Miss Mimi♡ says:

      You still need some carbs for some energy but I am happy for your weightloss. I eat 1/2 of a cup when I do weightraining

    • Adrian L says:

      @Miss Mimi♡ You don’t. Or in other words you don’t need high glycemic carbs like rice.

    • Kurtis says:

      @Miss Mimi♡ this is one of the single biggest misinformations in the nutrition industry today. you do not need any carbs but its also very restrictive if you avoid them all since theres trace amount of carbs in lots of healthy food, just keep the carbs low and fat high, moderate protein, lots of veggies

  • George Lewis says:

    Dear Doctor Mr. Berg, you are truly beyond amazing. Thank you for freely sharing your lives work with us.😊

  • johnnie jumper says:

    I actually decided to do keto because of this video. I was ready for change. I been doing keto w intermittent fasting for over 2 weeks. I’m having those leg cramps at night but I’m trying vitamin e . I’m feeling fantastic and can think so much better actually. ❤🎉😊 watching all you videos! 🎉

  • Daniel Zayn says:

    Finished doing 3 sets of not eating sugar with going failure in the 3rd set final 3 reps. Dr berg is absolutely spot on. I am fasting ( ramadhan) and managed to avoid sugar drink and i feel lighter in breathing, better 💤.

    • Dejan Soknic says:

      You need sugar, but from fruits. It is necessary for muscle and organs function.God creats fruits with reason. But refined sugar and artical sweat is harmfull.

  • CJ Smith says:

    I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. I have been in recovery for 4 years. I also have given up smoking cigarettes. Candy was the only vice that I have left.

    However, listening to this advice makes me want to consider giving up my candy habit.

  • Suzanne Raymundo says:

    Before Covid, I quit eating sugar for 3 months and I definitely felt better. I stopped eating rice, any chips, cola, any kinds of bread and mostly ate greens, any kinds of meat, some peanuts and healthy snacks for dessert. I also drank tons of water. Only water or ginger tea without sugar. My eczema was gone, i could breathe better, lost at least 10kg of my weight, and my skin got better.

  • Jack Pitman Nica says:

    This video has reached so many people; its almost certain that you’ve saved some lives and helped thousands of people live longer lives. Thank you so much Dr. Berg you are one of the reasons that YouTube is amazing

  • Kathy Beal says:

    For some reason, this exact video changed my mindset. I’ve been sugar free for 2 weeks and have already lost 10 pounds. I feel amazing! The first couple of days were tough but now, it’s easy. I’m also able to skip breakfast and I eat around noon now. I would’ve never thought I could do that. Ever. But look at me now! Full of energy, my waist and stomach are getting smaller, my mood is great, and my arthritis doesn’t hurt anymore. 😃. Thank you, Dr. Berg.

    • Danwilson7p@Gmail. com says:

      Pardon me for writing in your comment section. I saw your comment and i’m really impressed by your personality. I’d like to know you better

    • MrNoki972 says:

      What does he mean by sugar free?
      Does that mean no more rice or pasta? (Carbs)
      Does that mean no more fruit??
      Because I can get rid of industrial cookies, and candy’s, and sugar adding, but I will not be able to cut off carbs and fruits

    • Kathy Beal says:

      @MrNoki972 for me, I stopped eating all things like cookies, ice cream, fruit like bananas and apples, and some items that had sugar added to it. I also did not eat anything processed. Also, I avoided carbs that come in things like noodles, potatoes, toast,. But I did eat vegetables and they do have natural carbs in them so I did not worry about that. The only fruit I allowed myself to have was a handful of fresh blueberries. I think he just means that the body needs to get used to not relying on processed sugar for energy. That’s why for the first few weeks, it’s good to not have any sugar if you can avoid it. It really works. 😀

    • very604 says:

      Eat a fruit

    • Danwilson7p@Gmail. com says:

      @Kathy Beal kathy

  • Bueno Loco says:

    I’m on 13th day of doing keto. Everything mentioned in this video is correct. I started doing keto after I watched Eric Bergs pizza recipe video and that’s how everything started. I intend to do this for 2 months and maybe slightly chance diet after, but mostly I choose to go on with this program. I’ve found this to be the best way to lose weight and feeling refreshed

  • Christine Cook says:

    Dr. Berg. I have ulcers on my left leg. It is spreading. Now on right leg. I listened to you. Vegetables and a little protein. No sugar because your body makes it. The info on absorption of nutrients a plus. You’re saving lives with this truthful informative and understandable information. You have a caring sense of humor too. Thank you For. Berg. I am so glad for your generosity to save lives, even mine.

  • Christine Cook says:

    Dr. Berg explains the HOW and WHY of the body. This helps us to help understand what we are doing and motivates us to help ourselves. Thank you Dr. Berg.

  • theresa lobban says:

    You are very easy to listen to. I am up and down with my sugar “diets.” There is no denying that it really changes things. Everything that you have mentioned is true. I am currently 5 days with significantly cutting down sugar intake, and I feel great. Thankyou for sharing this. I will share with others.

  • PersaTheLabrador says:

    Today is my 9th day without sugar! I feel great then ever. And I am experiencing almost all of the effects which dr Berg explained in this video. It’s mind blowing 😮 I am so happy and grateful that I finally manage to try this out. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • Dr. Eric Berg DC says:

      Amazing. Glad you feel great. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Jose Constante says:

      Really ? I feel like it wouldn’t change anything what’s the difference?

    • PersaTheLabrador says:

      Today is almost 2 months since I quit the sugar!!! I feel amazing and have so many positive results and effects in my body!!! I am done with sugar in this life I swear, I don’t need that thing ever again. (Not even honey. 😀)
      P.S. I eat fruits

  • Franco Quint says:

    Fully concur with Doc’s advice, I cut out sugar 5 months ago and I feel so much better, lost 5 kilos & just functioning at a higher level, ore energy & gone are the days of sugar spikes & drops – don’t miss sugar at all!

  • Franco Quint says:

    Thanks Doc, Im basically on full Keto now, following all your advice. Thanks once again for an awesome series of videos!

  • Donna Nanar says:

    Thank you so much for all this beautiful job that you do for us Dr. Berg. God bless and protect you and your beautiful family always.😄🙏🏻❤️

  • Metal 100 says:

    Thank you Dr. berg for all you have done and everyone you have helped! Can’t believe those demons want to silence you. Don’t let them Doctor!

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