What Would Happen If You Ate Plant-Based Meat for 2 Weeks

What if you ate plant-based meat for 2 weeks? Discover the truth about fake meat.

0:00 Introduction: Is plant-based meat “clean meat”?
0:45 Updated evaluation of red meat and cancer
1:50 The True Health Initiative
3:07 Plant-based meat
5:15 Check out my video on the benefits of real meat!

In this video, we’re going to talk about plant-based meat. Plant-based meat is marketed as clean meat. People are gravitating to these fake meats because of claims that real meat causes cancer and other chronic diseases.

The studies that were used to draw these conclusions were food questionnaires and observational studies. Out of 800 studies on the topic, researchers claiming that meat was bad only focused on 17.

An evaluation of the studies linking red meat to cancer by the Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that the evidence linking red meat consumption to cancer and cardiovascular disease is too weak to recommend that we eat less of it.

New guidelines say we don't need to change our meat habits. No significant link between meat consumption and heart disease, diabetes, or cancer has been found.

Plant-based meat is full of ultra-processed ingredients like seed oils, soy, modified food starches, and GMO ingredients. Claims that plant-based meat is identical to real meat are completely false. Metabolomic studies have shown key differences in 171 out of 190 compounds in fake meat compared to real meat.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 58, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this explains some of the problems with plant-based meat so you can better determine the right dietary choices for you. I’ll see you in the next video.

Dave McKinnon

  • @mahdi7299 says:

    00:00 🌱 Plant-based meats are marketed as clean and environmentally friendly alternatives.
    00:27 🥩 Studies linking regular meat to cancer relied on limited data, with an update suggesting weak evidence for reducing red meat consumption.
    01:39 📉 New guidelines indicate no significant link between meat consumption and heart disease, diabetes, or cancer based on comprehensive reviews.
    02:47 📧 A controversy arises as an organization supporting plant-based diets overwhelms the editor’s email, comparing the article to “information terrorism.”
    03:40 🍔 Ingredients in plant-based meats often include processed seed oils, soy products, and genetically modified ingredients, resembling ultraprocessed junk food.
    04:58 🤔 Metabolomic study reveals significant differences (171 out of 190 compounds) between plant-based and real meat, challenging claims of identical properties.
    05:13 🏪 Consumers are urged to read labels on plant-based meat products to understand their composition and make informed choices.

  • @RunninUpThatHillh says:

    We’d turn into literal vegetables. Say no to fake meat. Say no to eating ze bugs.

  • @marioo.4742 says:

    Dr Berg has the best thumbnails lol

  • @jandljacobsen says:

    It’s not meat if it’s a plant.

    • @elyen1151 says:

      And that’s the best part

    • @christinab9808 says:

      @@elyen1151Sorry but I can’t survive off of soy and a bunch of oil for the rest of my life.

    • @KronikMathsDebater33 says:

      What’s the best part ? Eating plant ? Buhahahaha.
      Humans are not meant to eat plant only, I’ve seen pigeons, deers, horses, squirrels kill and eat meat, you can’t get all your nutrients from plant

    • @imhigh0013 says:

      ​@@KronikMathsDebater33Please post a link, I wanna see meat eatting deer or horse!! Think of the memes!! 😮😂

    • @Leeds71 says:

      @@elyen1151 Good luck, you’ll need it if thats your opinion and you actually uphold it – which many ‘vegan’ mouthpieces of course don’t because its not a healthy and balanced diet which gives humans what they need. Anyway try it for a couple of years and report back.

  • @TheVio888 says:

    We should only eat food in it’s original and whole form. Plants are plants and meat is meat.

    • @NaturalBloom7 says:


    • @mitziburnett975 says:

      Meat and sugar is the issue and not clearing out intestines then it is stuck there and starts changing to something very bad. As always sugar still a big culpret and poison to the body.

    • @SimplyHuman186 says:

      Vegans kill way more animals than a carnivore.

      All the cute mice and frogs and bugs that get sprayed with poison and crushed by tractor.
      But a carnivore only needs to eat one cow. Vegan diet kills animals way more than carnivore

    • @stevecritcheson4067 says:

      Yes but Silly Gates thinks he’s God and needs to change nature! 😢

    • @dawnelder9046 says:

      ​@@mitziburnett975sugar, grains, even the so called healthy whole grains and seed oils are the big issues.

  • @ArchimedeanEye says:

    that Zombie Berg thumbnail tho 😂

  • @jamedraa8472 says:

    I think vegetarians and vegans need to see this. I’m vegan, but I was eating processed foods for years. Now I mainly eat whole foods that I prepare myself. Reading packages (regardless of what you’re eating) is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    • @SimplyHuman186 says:

      Vegans kill more animals than a carnivores. To grow plants means to kill THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS. all the cute mice, cute frogs, cute bugs. THE tractor kills all the fuzzy animals. But a carnivore only needs one cow living in its natural grassland habitat. Eating a vegan diet means the direct cause of animal deaths way more than carnivore. Fact

    • @SimplyHuman186 says:

      So if you care about animals be a carnivore because vegans kill way more animals. This is truth.

    • @NCrdwlf says:

      I sent this to my niece , I expect to get ignored for a week or two.

    • @SimplyHuman186 says:

      Vegans kill many more animals in less humane ways than a carnivore eating only meat 🍖

    • @SimplyHuman186 says:

      Vegans harm more animals than carnivore. Fact

  • @NCrdwlf says:

    Dr. Berg’s thumbnail looking like he pulled an all nighter at a Berlin rave.

  • @Original22 says:

    Health occurs the way nature requires ,
    Not the way mankind desires …

  • @monicathomas9075 says:

    Scary stuff 🥺 to some of my colleagues this is a staple diet and their health is not great but they will not hear otherwise. Thanks doc 🙏⭐️

    • @Astral106 says:

      It is not that they don’t want to hear otherwise. It is that their believe/body wouldn’t allow them too. Also, I no longer can eat meat, but I Crave it and I know I need the nutrients from it, but because I can’t eat it. I eat this junk to substitute because there is not a lot of things better. 😢 in our fast pace world being a vegetarian is so not healthy when you have a busy life and don’t have time to prepare meals ahead of time due to living conditions or situations.

      For some people it is a choice to not eat something. For others it is just because their body is different and they cannot eat what others can

    • @Natureoutdoorsyquest says:

      ​@Astral106 , they can also be made from scratch, chemichal free with natural, organic, and healthy ingredients.

    • @Astral106 says:

      @Natureoutdoorsyquest  thanks😊 I know. Eating healthy is expensive. Lol because you need time to prep and then the ingredients itself are more expensive or harder to find.

    • @dontfit6380 says:

      @@Astral106why can you not eat meat?

    • @Astral106 says:

      @dontfit6380  suddenly my body can’t take it anymore. I thought it was just me. But lately more and more people are having that problem. Suddenly, the texture feels different and it smell weird. Lol I was so mad when it first started. I am a foodie. Love eating. At first I used to crave my favorite food. But when I went to eat it. The very thought of putting it in my mouth makes me want to throw up and I lost my appetite.

      Hahaha I went through stages of grief at first 😅 but now …I don’t mind not eating meat. I feel different. I just wish the alternative is not so bad for you and tastes better. Or cheaper lol. It is very inconvenient and a struggle some days when you are so busy and can’t just pop by anywhere and grab something quick and go.

      Lol between a nice juicy drum and a fries. I prefer the drum, I think it is way healthier than a fries. Oh well. It is what it is😅

  • @MarieWilliams027 says:

    The thumbnail picture says it all. Love it, Dr Berg 😅. Your content is always spot on and straight on point. Cheers 👍🏻🌞

  • @sconnz says:

    He didn’t actually mention what would happen if you ate the fake meat for two weeks, like the title says!!

  • @a.williams45 says:

    Dr Berg, your thumbnail images are spot on! Great content. Thank you so much for raising awareness 🙏🏻

  • @skazzwag8 says:

    That angers me that such scumbags would silence truth-tellers through the courts. You can’t undo reality. No matter how hard you try, truth is truth.

    • @WOOOPdoctorFROGhere says:

      they literlly lied about the moon landings and discoveries in texas 87 if they lie about that then yes they CAN lie about election too. WAKE UP PEOPLE

  • @ParagonTheComposer says:

    Thanks for keeping it real doc. The older I get the more I realize that things in their natural, unaltered form are healthier, regardless of what the media or big companies are saying.

  • @mekman4 says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed! Your knowledge has changed the trajectory of my physical health, for the better!

    Therapy could only do so much, I couldn’t love myself without having access to information about what is happening in my body, what to avoid and why and how it all works!

    Bless you, Dr!

  • @jacquelinelam3022 says:

    The problem with plant- based meat is the added chemicals in them in order to let it tastes like meat.

  • @hhaya8964 says:

    Dr.Berg I saw a documentary on Netflix named”What the Health” and it disturbed me because they say Red meat, chicken,turkey,fish,eggs,all dairy gives you cancer, diabetes and many other diseases and only plant diet can save you from these diseases, please can you make a video on it that what should we actually eat because nowadays they also put drugs on plants as well😢, I hope you can understand my English because English is not my first language,thank you.

    • @audiophileman7047 says:

      I don’t believe it for a second. These adverse health claims are based on a political agenda, not sound science and particularly epidemiology.

    • @seattlesix9953 says:

      👍🏼 a deception with a billion dollar marketing plan behind it. Dr Berg has free meal plans on his website. 18 months keto/carnivore and I’m off all type 2 diabetes meds. Doctors are amazed and asked for a vlog.

    • @lilascharmante2712 says:

      Meats don’t cause diabetes. They are by definition low carb. It’s the glucose that can cause insulin resistance. Just eat proteins with veggies and fruits, you will be fine

    • @WOOOPdoctorFROGhere says:

      it’s called inflammation

    • @fairchild1737 says:

      Female estrogen is soylent green meat!
      Man boobies!

  • @patdough7515 says:

    I watched a documentary about these “clean meats” …. Pretty dang scary what “ingredients” are used to make these “plant based meats”, and I am very happy eating grass fed, grass finished healthy raised animals!!! Eating REAL meats!!!

  • @kaylenehousego8929 says:

    Many blessings to you n yours Eric….Appreciation from Sydney Australia .

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