Dave McKinnon

  • @user-tj4in5lt6b says:

    Stress killed me. I worry all the time.

    • @jillmccarty1227 says:

      Worry comes from tha root of fear! When you know how much God loves you, worry and fear will go! Go takes care of tha birds of tha air and you are more valuable to God than a bird!! Have you ever seen a worried bird? No!!❤❤❤

  • @karendevine2827 says:

    Stress. I see it in my face and my hair. I’m 59 and Ive been stressed all my life. I’m so sick and I take 12 different pills every day. Take care of yourself and chill out.

  • @lilia6188 says:

    Thanks for this video!

  • @darendahaun5438 says:

    Thanks, Doc !!!! You got that so right !!!! 🤪🤪

  • @Emlane09 says:

    Stress 100%

  • @JenniferHill-xy6pu says:

    You’re a star, keep shining bright!

  • @EugeneFields-im2ep says:

    Always entertained by your content, it’s awesome!

  • @anastasiacelestine3571 says:

    I recently learned that the answer is stress. 😔 I’m recovering from serious consequences for my stress.
    Be good to yourselves.❤

    • @JbVest says:

      What if any advice have you received on dealing with chronic stress? I’ve been anxious and hypersensitive all my life. Past 5 years I’ve had stomach issues It’s just a mess little things really get me worked up I really want to control this so bad. Doctors are complete garbage anymore So I’m looking to people who have experienced things to gain any insight I can. Any advice would be much appreciated And good luck 🙏

    • @roxannereynolds7829 says:

      I’m hoping you’re in a better place right now. I hope your stress isn’t stressing you ❤

    • @roxannereynolds7829 says:

      ​@JbVest Hello there.❤seriously, I’ve been stressed for years because of trauma. (sexual physical and verbal abuse by dad) My stress made me lose my appetite and lose weight. I sought professional help. Most of them were crap. But prayer and exercise helped me. Please listen to your body. It does tell you things. Sending positive vibes your way ✨️ 🙏

    • @joyetteharris848 says:

      @@roxannereynolds7829 Hello dear. I’m so sorry you’ve experienced such trauma in your life🥺. I’ll 🙏🏼for you. I so admire you’re positivity regardless😊….may God continue to bless & keep you. He LOVES YOU soo much. Keep Trusting in Him. He’ll NEVER leave You or forsake you. Hebrews 13:5 I love you.🌹♥️.

    • @roxannereynolds7829 says:

      @@joyetteharris848 Thanks for your kind words. God is good ❤️

  • @2Drip007 says:

    Overeating and Stress is the root of all illnesses

  • @teresalyle2431 says:

    Thank you!🎉❤

  • @obangmariano6702 says:

    stress ☝🏻i whispered to less stress🙏Amen🙏💪🙏thanks for educating us.God bless You😇❤😇

  • @glacousxx says:

    Stress can basically cause so kany diseases but when your going through it its so hard.
    Thanks for the support doc.
    I hope everyone can recover.

  • @SuperKasper333 says:

    Stress, without a doubt. I had the biggest domestic violence case in my state, and am now being gangstalked. Cannot even say.
    Long, long term stress- totally ruined the health that i had always treasured.

  • @-16_ says:

    Oh my word both is a concern keep strong and well everybody life can be tough sometimes. Thank you so much Dr for keeping us aware is a blessing to us all🙏❤️

  • @mariea2639 says:

    That is the truth Dr M!

  • @guyrochefort9722 says:

    Thank you Dr Mandell God bless you ❤

  • @roxannereynolds7829 says:

    Stress has my attention. I always get sick or lose weight. I’d rather be the one that eats when stressed .Due to finances, I couldn’t get professional help anymore. Exercise and prayer is key for me.

  • @sheilaprogin2272 says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell , God bless you

  • @user-ct6id9es5z says:

    Thanks Dr.Mandell for all blessings 🙌 ❤

  • @user-fr2kh6xi4v says:

    I am a stresshead, but your exercises have helped me in a big way. Thank you so much Dr.Mandell

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