Why Avocado Toast Isn’t As Healthy As You Think | Gundry MD

In this short, Dr. Gundry reveals the surprising truth about the popular dish, Avocado Toast. While avocados are a superfood, pairing them with whole wheat bread might not be the best idea. Find out why in this eye-opening video. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more health insights from Gundry MD! πŸ‘πŸ₯‘πŸž

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Dave McKinnon

  • @eggyzknight7513 says:

    Cuz taste good

  • @KR-mx4nt says:

    Its ok to have bread you like once in a while that’s balance, also if you’re gonna say bad can you also show the remake to what ur healthy version is?

  • @JWG2014 says:

    Taste.. and presentation.. It has to be in a method that is easy to eat / hold. .

  • @MEL2theJ says:

    Thank you again Dr. Gundry πŸ™

  • @carliney says:

    The bread they make in Europe is not as bad as the bread we eat here in America. They don’t but some of the preservatives and other craziness we add to our bread.

    • @Lina_903 says:

      European bread is vastly different depending on where in europe and most of it is unfortunantely not great. A lot of pesticides, preservatives, gmo grains with very high gluten-content. We do have a little bit better than the US bc of regulations but bread is sadly very bad in EU also.

    • @matchamag4279 says:

      ​@@Lina_903what country s bread u think is not affected as much

  • @jamestidd5119 says:

    Where’s the clinical study proof on Lectins’ harm, please do a video on those

    • @GundryMDYT says:

      Thank you for your comment! We’ll add this to our list of growing questions. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well as our other social channels like Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on all things Gundry MD!

  • @vivianrios6007 says:

    True. πŸ™πŸΌ

  • @user-wh5ox3cz3c says:

    Bread is good for you, and in the bible..
    God gave us bread.
    Try doing g a hard day’s work without bread! Sugar is bad but not bread. We need bread. Give us this day our daily bread!
    Jesus took 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish and transformed them into many to feed the 5000

  • @carlyndolphin says:

    Organic sourdough bread is fine

  • @emon01777 says:

    I put mine on ezekiel bread and nothing else. I think that should be healthy 😊

  • @Music-gw4qf says:

    The Doc is Not happy with this one.

  • @angelikakqueens26 says:

    With what to eat better avocado and paper flakes? What kind of bread?

  • @jasimcg.6527 says:

    Because it tastes good why do you think . Da

  • @sexxxes1 says:

    Exactly I eat the avocado only

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