Why Is Our Brain Health So Compromised?

1 in 5 adults are battling mental illness, suicide is on the rise, especially in children, and drug overdoses are at an all-time high. We need to stop and ask why?

In this episode of The Doctor's Farmacy, I discuss why our brains are so broken, including the root causes driving neuroinflammation, how our toxic diet is a key driver of our mental health crises, and how you can eat your way out of many mental health issues.

In this episode, I discuss:
The state of the impact of our Standard American Diet on mental health
Why are we dealing with unprecedented rates of mental illness?
Top inflammatory foods and factors that are setting our brains on fire
What is metabolic health?
The impact of metabolic dysfunction on our brains, mood, and overall health
How is UPF driving poor metabolic health?
The link between leaky gut and leaky brain
How inflammation impacts the brain
Research on the link between junk food and mental Illness
The link between junk food consumption, violence, and aggression
The link between UPF, social functioning, and ADHD
Practical steps to fix your brain

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Dave McKinnon

  • @vaninazalazar320 says:

    Unrealistic societal expectations, bad nutrition, social media, cost of living, inequality., etc, etc, etc!!!

  • @gaelikelso3830 says:

    Food supplies are contaminated 😢

  • @sassylife8687 says:

    Let’s not forget EMF overload, chem-trails, pest-/herbicide, fliuoride,
    heavy metals, toxic tap water, etc……
    Let’s prioritize our healing & learn how to eat/drink/live/support ourselves/families to feed/detoxify/heal our bodies EVERYDAY…Love & hugs🥰🤗🕊❣❣❣

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    It feels deliberate. 😮

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