Dave McKinnon

  • Water says:

    Thank you for helping so many Dr Berg.

  • Aimias says:

    No eating those nuts late at night!

  • Felix The Cat 1919 PSN says:

    I can SEE 👀 the difference when you don’t eat as much or when you don’t snack in between meals..

    The Truth is I feel better when I don’t eat as much & feel good. 😎👍👏😸

  • The Northwest Forager says:

    I can definitely tell the difference once I started “fasting” from dinner to breakfast. Already lost 8 pounds in less than 2 weeks and no more bloated belly in the morning.

  • Amg says:

    Hi Dr Berg. Love seeing you in Short videos again. 😊

  • Nancy J says:

    Also giving up flour and sugar really helps in weight loss. It’s not as hard as you may think. You can make your own flour out of oats that’s allowed. White processed sugar is like crack.

  • String Bender 3 says:

    So true in modern times we are so addicted to frequent snacking and sugar. Even after stuffing my face until feeling like puking on a keto diet I will still crave that sugar and carbs our micro biomes are messed up. Lol

  • Kimberly Gray says:

    This hit me hard and as they say “if it’s tight it’s right” 👍🏽

  • Christy Mylove says:

    I really needed this bit of reminder and motivation. I’ve been in Ketosis for a whole week. Lost a bunch of water weight but that’s fizzled. Got to get better at the whole space without food! ❤

  • Sarah Samuel says:

    Dr. Berg, you are the best! You are my favorite doctor! You are the doctor that all doctors should be! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, for your decency, and for your great help people around the world. God bless you and your family!❤😊🙏🏻

  • RN87_MOM94 says:

    He’s absolutely right. I have been doing 14 hour fasts for 2 weeks and am down 5 pounds. My goal is doing break the fast 20%-OMAD 90% by 11/16 with a the 16 hour fast.

  • Thuy Wu says:

    Thankful dr Berg for all clips you have posted up

  • kokonuts M says:

    As I eat my peanuts lol dammit he’s right !!! Again !! ❤

  • helen acena says:

    Thank you Dr Berg
    God bless you and your team

  • Meena Kothari says:

    So true. . Have 2 proper meals and tea with milk and ginger appr 3 times morn afternoon max ,when U feel hungry. Dont snack. Its bad for digestion. Also U dont feel hungry at meals if U snack.Ginger tea will help U tide over the hunger n perk U up till dinner time

  • Ndwandwe waseNdwedwe says:

    You changed my life in 6 months

  • Aurora Bushati says:

    You are wonderful Dr. Berg!
    A real asset for humanity!

  • Michele’s Tattered Textiles says:

    It’s 3am I just had some nuts then I watched this. I think your right though cut the snacks and more intermittent fasting, thanks Dr berg.

  • Cougar Candy says:

    This has helped me tremendously… lost 20 lbs over the summer… at beginning forced myself to allow 16 hrs. From dinner to breakfast, it was hard, but now I can fast 18 hrs no problem each day, two meals in a 6hr. Span…. thank you

  • Susan Lisak says:

    This is so true! I stayed with my daughter and her family for 1 week and she absolutely does not allow any snacking!😅came home after vacation 6 pounds lighter and even looked healthier and more toned ❤

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