You Are Eating Unhealthy Yogurts!? 3 Things To Avoid In Any Yogurt!

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Join Dr. Gundry as he dives into the world of yogurt and gut health. Learn what to look out for to avoid added sugars and unhealthy dairy sources that can damage your gut. Plus, get Dr. Gundry's top suggestions for gut-healthy yogurt options. Discover the importance of gut health, the dangers of leaky gut syndrome, and the benefits of a plant-based diet.

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Dave McKinnon

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    After seeing this, I don’t think I will look at yogurt the same way again. Thanks for the advice, GundryMD. I look forward to seeing more videos like this.

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    The fact that we get free videos on YouTube by Dr. Gundry is truly a gift … Keeping education and knowledge alive. 👏👏👏

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